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Shyne x Notorious B.I.G. x Bob Marley… (Video)

blame it on Meka July 26, 2010

Prepare your verbal armaments for this impending song…

Shyne is ready to get back in the spotlight and tomorrow XXLMag.com will be world premiering the formerly incarcerated MC’s new song, named after his South American homeland, “Belize.”

Featuring posthumous appearances from former Bad Boy label mate The Notorious B.I.G. and Bob Marley, “Belize” finds Shyne Po rhyming over a laid back sample of the reggae legend’s track, “Sun is Shining.” – XXL

*violent face* at this entire idea. Good grief.


  • Relentless904

    This will only further harm Big’s and Bob’s careers…smh

  • fully agree wtf _
    do you man _ remakes an sequels what happened to the og
    original material ??
    #hit the link

  • Relentless904

    LOL did I just say careers? I meant their image, their reputation..

  • I’ll Wait

    this is some shit. shynes an idiot

  • Grump

    @ Relentless904 – *buzzer sound*. You’re a fool. This will have no impact on the legacies of Christopher Wallace & Robert Nesta Marley. Bring me a beer & some wings.

  • Gribbs

    “that’s Gangsta”

  • Blackaristocrat

    That’s funny Biggie is on this considering that Shyne AIN’T FUCKING with Diddy. YOU KNOW Diddy is gonna get his paper for this. This song better be hot, but I DOUBT it…

  • Fact

    Does C-Section stand for cunt section? Y’all ain’t heard shit and the hate is er’ where. Instead of acting like cunts why don’t u wait until u hear the music before passing comments on it. Get a grip. Shynes done more for hip hop than any of you.

  • phil.i.am

    IDK man….. shyne really has only hurt hip-hop

    so I’d say we winnin’

  • SwishasNKush

    if u look up the sample of the Bob Marley track he will be using…and listen to it…then imagine biggie/shyne flowing on it and youre saying this track doesnt look promising? GTFO. i aint even a shyne fan and i think this might be fire…

  • Why anyone gives a shit about Shyne will always remain one of hip-hop’s greatest mysteries to me. He’s aight, I guess. I’d rather hear Kool Moe Dee.

  • 1234

    why are u faggots such haters, u havent even heard the track yet, i hate this whole bitchmade c section culture, all u do is complain about every fucking thing and hate. i say give it a listen first, it could be dope.

  • Why is anyone who doesn’t like something a “faggot” & a “hater?” It’s also very contradictory & hypocritical when you call everyone that you’re describing as “haters,” faggots?!

  • icon

    @Clint Partie

    learn the definition of both contradictory and hypocritical

  • poop

    Wow, so even on the official press release, no one noticed that Belize is in Central America and therefore part of North America? And this is from arguably one of the biggest, most legitimate publishers in this particular game? The quality of hip-hop journalism continues to shine through.

  • Veraci0us

    Most people from brazil dont even know were guyana is. So im not surprised people think belize is in south america lol

  • Brown Bear

    Dont know why people are complaining! I’m getting hyped as it means getting a track with Biggie and Marley over ‘sun is shining’!(cos you know peepz will cut out the shyne verse and release a version with just those two on!)

  • @icon,
    Huh? How am I not using those words in the proper context or whatever?

  • WeWantLasers!

    Since it wasn’t posted, here’s BMF by Lupe Fiasco


  • Kyle

    why do people keep posting BMF in every comment section. damn Lupe has a hardcore fan base. and Shyne better not blow this is prolly his last chance now. I mean those last few tracks were SOO bad and this 1 all he has to do is halfway show up and its a hit. we’ll see if he can fuck it up

  • SCB

    New Music From Game’s newest artist

    Maad Maxxx (BWS)- Stay Down


  • mmkayy

    ok ….. lol im not gonna lie tho i wnna hear it