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T3 & Young RJ Speak On Dilla, Baatin, Eminem, Jay-Z, etc (Video)

blame it on Shake July 26, 2010


T3 and Young RJ sit down with Ms. Drama to speak about the upcoming Slum Village album, the future of SV, the passing of both J Dilla and Baatin, Eminem being the “rap Elvis”, Jay-Z still killing it and how they think Drake is making moves while J. Cole is dope but has a ways to go. That’s part 1. In part 2 (below) they speak about Slaughterhouse, upcoming projects and more.


  • Fool is trying to milk everything outta SV ’cause he has NOTHING going for him

  • I can’t believe they took some songs, even verses off the album with Elzhi. Fuck this album. That song “Stereo” sounds so sick and they took that shit off.

  • ZeNiTH

    @Chi2LA23 What? they took some eLZhi’s verses off?

  • john stewart

    who has the album link ??? t3 gets no cash from me.

  • frank d

    im sorry but T has every right to “milk” this SV thing. man i dont think illa j is a good look for the better of the group. hope they dont do that.

  • turftalka

    @WeWantLazers I don’t see it on the site

  • @ZeNiTH

    Yeah I was waiting to hear the entire version of “Stereo”. They show a bit of it on this video…

    I notice it’s not on the track list anymore, then I go to Elzhi’s twitter and I see him talking about how they took some of his verses off the album. Fucking sucks.

  • john stewart

    t3 takes elzhi off most of the album. but he’s on every song except one.

  • ZeNiTH

    @Chi2LA23 Well, I found out that stereo, dope man and nitro are bonus tracks on the uk release of the album (that means fuck the regular version), but still if they really took eLZhi off that’s a bitch move and also I found a link on eLZhi’s twitter to a radio show where Phat kat and Dez kinda exposed T3 and his ways… what’s the problem? I remember getting trinity and loving it so much and now this shit happens… man…

  • @ZeNiTH

    I know I heard that radio interview a couple hours ago. I can’t believe all this shit is happening. How can I find that UK version?

  • @frank d

    T3 needs to move on from SV, 2/3 of the original members died and had a bad split from Elzhi who has put in work for SV since ’02. I don’t know about you, but T3 is tarnishing the SV legacy with his actions.

  • ZeNiTH

    @Chi2LA23 Amazon.uk but I think that it will cost more than the usual, counting the currency difference…
    And thinking about it listening to that interview made feel kinda sorry for T3, I mean he probably did some Bullshit but he always held SV down and will always do at the end of the day…

  • @ ZeNiTH

    Yeah you’re right. I mean it does feel like T3 is just trying to keep the legacy of Slum Village in tact rather then let it all go down hill. I’m assuming that’s why he just keeps saying everything is cool and no one is mad at anyone.

    Damn, I can’t get “Stereo” from amazon.uk or itunes.uk I guess they exclusively let the uk have certain songs and the US can’t get them, I tried. I guess we’ll just have to wait for someone in the UK to throw it up to download.

  • david

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nq60MjJrERU heres the link to stereo.
    i ve lost respect for T3.

  • Jazz

    T3 held this shit together. U’re listening to new SV shit today cos of T3. As far as i see it this was a reunion/memorial album, bringing every1 together