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The Diplomats – Salute (rmx) f. Vado

blame it on Meka July 26, 2010

Ah, now this is what I was waiting for. Props to miss info for delivering this package.

DOWNLOAD: The Diplomats – Salute (rmx) f. Vado | Mediafire

  • wooooord, this is what i was waitin on too…

  • s1oop

    made me rewatch the araab mpc vieo

  • This bangs hard! Never been a Dips fan but I gotta tip my hat on this one.

  • xastey

    SLIMMMMMMMMMMMMM, when is vado mixtape suppose to drop anyways

  • Rio$

    vado is wack this is wack, hella overrated only thing missing is lil b

  • Drizzy Dreidel Dreidel

    wow this beat absolutely kills it.. killing in the literal sense.. it’s horrible..

  • David

    DIPSET BITCH!!! lol

  • Zak

    goes innn

  • PACO


  • whizzpup

    Yeah, this is dope as hell man.


  • @Paco,
    Araabmuzik just plain sucks.

  • GOD

    InBe4 Vado dickriders…

    oh wait

  • pro-file

    not bad.. sounds like what i was expecting a 2010 dipset song to sound like..

    NEED BEATS????
    CLICK FOR BANGERS!–> http://www.soundclick.com/xProFilex

  • FaceofNJ

    Haha Lil B stole mah Rhyme book…cuz bitchs on mah dick cuz i look like crack..Slime! Vado had to do it

  • i’m not gonna lie….but vado killed this

  • KB Smoka

    These dudes are garbage, always were garbage and will always be garbage. This shit makes me wanna stab myself in the ear with a rusty screw driver.

  • Cage

    ^^ Lol

  • Thank you, KB.

  • BlaqINK

    you guys must have never listened to old dipset must be like 12…lol nah but this songs ok not gonna download tho

  • 88

    seems like vado gets better and better w/ every verse

  • @Blaq/NK,
    Actually, I’m 35 TODAY. Nothing Dipset is old to me. I’ve never understood what’s supposed to be so special about ’em. Anyone can rap competently. There’s always been so much more better shit out, commercially, underground hip-hop, gangster shit, whatever. Just my opinion.

  • Crenshaw&Man..

    happy birthday

  • jojoba

    yo… why cam and crew waste talent with vado is a mystery to me… keep this classic dipset and be doen with it

  • KetchupBBQLube

    Jae Millz beat his meat to this song… Vado this vado that lmfao fuck outta here

  • stan lee

    vado… im just saying..

  • WeWantLasers!

    Since it wasn’t posted, here’s BMF by Lupe Fiasco


  • DowntownHarlem

    Dipset Bitchhh!!! Myy Sliimee V12 bodied this shit. Harleeeemm^^