Clipse x LA Leakers - Got It For Leaks: The Audio-Biography (Mixtape)

"Got It For Leaks: The Audio-Biography" is here! For those that don't know, we do these projects called "audio-biographies" with artists which is basically a look behind the scenes of what went on making certain records. With this project, we sat down with the Clipse and they gave the history on some of their biggest records. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Thanks for taking the time to download! Shout to Steven Victor and Lulu! -@djsourmilk

Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Clipse x LA Leakers - Got It For Leaks: The Audio-Biography (Mixtape)

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  • I fucks with the Clipse.....

  • chris_martian


  • CCW

    ^ it's basically talking about how they made said tracks...

  • Family Business

    this aint hardwork&hennessy?

  • Lee

    Was expecting a lot more. I already own all their records, I don't need to hear the songs they're talking about.

    These two are so charismatic I could sit and listen to them talk about their career for a long time, yet their input & comments were super limited.

  • Where in the hell is "Gangsta Lean"? That probably the clipse biggest non-single everr.......

  • shadowsamurai

    I would've liked to see Nightmares on here, that's gotta be my all time favorite track they've done...but hey, can't always get what we want, lol