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Kanye West Performs New Songs (Video)

blame it on Meka July 27, 2010


At the Facebook offices, Kanye spits a few verses off his new album (you saw the tracklist) a capella, for the staffers there. Interesting. First verse up top is from Lost In This World, which is followed by Chain Heavy. After the jump is Mama’s Boyfriend and another clip.



  • dope need to hear the beat though

  • this shit was crazyyyyyy

  • JJ

    kanye’s raps are more powerful to me when her performs them like this in spoken word style

  • ck47


  • yep

    lets break outta this fake ass party turn this into a classic night

  • Rafae Sheikh


  • Zuri

    looking at this and checking the track list and features makes me think this will be his best album

  • DayO

    that shit he said about solar elipse??
    i had to rwind that shit like
    “woah woah woah…what he say?”

  • 1 thing that Kanye has over all these rappers is passion.

  • PACO

    man i can’t wait 4 this album

  • mmmmmmm, sounds like kanye is back… A Good Ass Job will be on par wit his first 3 no doubt…

  • Those white people are all applaudin because they’re happy he didn’t give them all an affirmative action beatdown lmfaoo! Good shit though, anticipating this album

  • PineappleExpress


  • Holy shit… Kanye bout to rip the game a new asshole… again

  • brianbrown

    That last verse was ridiculous. Ye is back!


  • T0KS


  • YURP

    this nigga a beast… u can’t front

  • HeartAnemic


  • YaBoyGage

    i swear life’s a bitch on her period
    my god
    good ass job will be a classic
    no other rapper can match kanye’s passion and love for this shit.
    he’s now at his best…

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Holyyyy shittt Ye’ killlllled this shit!

    “Life’s a bitch…. on her PERIOD”

  • Rafae Sheikh

    I honestly need the full version of this track right now lol

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Sooo many quotables in this song…. jesusssss

  • Kanye Went APE SHIITTT !!
    Cant Wait Till This Album Drops .
    He’s At A Lyrical Peak Right Now And He Got A Raw Ass Flow .

  • CZ

    got damn

  • 1up

    Ye did it again..*claps*

  • Micah

    am i the only one that really needs to hear the production lyrics and content werent bad, but i wasnt wowed by this. album gonna be a banger tho

  • nah_dude


  • Felipe

    Well done. Who thinks a Good Ass Job outsells both Eminem and Drake in their first weeks?

  • eb9

    Good ass Job wont outsell Eminem … because white girls living in their basements wont slurp Kanye like that. Although, in musical stregth, it should. If ppl bought albums based on greatness.. then ofcourse.

  • eb9

    Who calls an album “Good Ass Job” and is still a classic regardless. Jus think about it.

  • im a chair


    anyone else agree?

  • the shoster

    Kanye West = Greatest Rapper Alive

  • FredRico

    Kanye is absurdly great!

  • Yipple

    Nobody’s posting the other three or four songs he performed? Ooooookay then…

  • jordan23
  • grill Smasher

    You didnt hear this from me but…


    Sorry but this boy rappin like Graduation Ye…but not like Ye…if that make sense. =|

  • JJ

    @the shostee kanye is not the greatest rapper alive, but maybe the best overall hip hop artist

  • ReleaseLasers

    Wow, speechless…. the goat

  • LauderdaleLove

    cant wait he actually addressing some shit thats gonna be heard by the masses hip hop need this im gettin hyped “they tellin me aliens built the pyramids, i swear lifes a bitch on her period”

  • kidadonis

    Mama’s Boyfriend wasn’t on the tracklist, so is it safe to assume partially newer material?

  • steph steazy

    Damn get em Ye.

  • Damn…he meant that shit. He was sounding truly hungry on that mama’s boyfriend joint. And that Chain Heavy one had quotables for days

    “This is the making of a masterpiece, so I broke out the chains and told the master “Peace!”


  • ghghgh


  • james

    Most of his music is full of bullshit misinformation.

  • apoclyps


    That’s one of the dumbest critiques I’ve ever heard of a rap song, he’s an entertainer not a professor.

  • Mohammed

    Sounds like he’s got something to prove. Can’t wait for the new album.

  • FredRico

    Just to think of the fucking CONCEPT of “Mama’s boyfriend” is at a level of genius that is unmatched in rap, let alone how he addressed it!
    Anyone who’s been a child can at least understand what he’s talking about, even if you were luckier with your parents.
    To go to such a raw, childlike level of honesty and make it into a song is just brilliant! The genuine expression and emotion… damn!

  • james

    Don’t feed me that “he’s just an entertainer so he can get away with making blanketed statements bullshit.” He puts himself into the public eye. If he didn’t want to he’d be behind close doors making music. Everyone is held accountable for their idiot comments they make. Now whether there’s someone there to school folks on why it’s stupid is another matter.

  • FredRico

    @Willie: in case someone missed it! ;) It’s just damn great!

    “This is the making of a masterpiece, so I broke out the chains and told the master “Peace!”


    Willie Allen said this on July 27th, 2010 at 10:52 pm

  • jay

    kanye bout to bring another classic im definitely excited

  • Nitto

    wow the passion in his words and rhymes where crazy I cant wait for Good Ass Job

  • whitemamba

    usually these kinds of performances in office buildings or whatever are awkward as fuck because of the venue and the amount of people.. not here though. it’s pretty crazy kanye can bring the same energy he brings to a full on concert to this little room WITHOUT a beat. crazy.

  • FredRico

    “Most of his music is full of bullshit misinformation.”

    james said this on July 27th, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    @james: then it should be easy for you to name the TOP 5 worst misinformation coming from Kanye’s music. You know, just so that we don’t think you’re talking shit just for the sake of calling attention and not really have a basis. (would be pretty ironic, btw)

  • dreftfrey


  • mal

    kanye dat nigga

  • DreamOn

    my word!

  • @FredRico ‘preciate the comment re-up bro

    And yeah that was freakin crazy…

  • Rafae Sheikh


  • Rafae Sheikh

    He KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLED Mama’s Boyfriend holy shit!

  • Rafae Sheikh


  • bucknasty

    lolol. if i didn’t know who ‘Ye was, based on the reactions he was getting from the crowd, i’d say he was a standup comedian lol

  • cam

    I don’t even care what the tracks sound like, Kayne is going so hard on his lyrics for this next album

  • james dean

    “Don’t get it twisted Baby Boy i’ll Ving Rhames you”

    “If you trip and fall on the concrete…Thats your assfault”

    like….wow……….wtf just happened???

  • james

    I was over reacting to his comment about the pyramids. Just some of his music reflects general ignorance that bothers me. Most people don’t think the pyramids were made by aliens but Egyptian slaves. Him acting like most people think that they were made by aliens = misinformation. There’s been other times through out his music and his public appearances that reflect general ignorance and misinformation.

    I like all of Ye’s music do to his introspection but sometimes his ego and his lack of intelligence is annoying.

  • kno1youlove


    Maybe it’s the people he associates himself with that “believe” that. That is, if you know the people that I speak of…

  • stan lee

    @james.. he’s just saying that he does not believe what they say.. he didn’t say that most people believed that..

  • that was dope, almost sounds like college dropout ye.

  • mmkayy

    chain heavy soundin good…

  • Red

    Yeah, he’s quite immature in my opinion. It’s obvious in the way he interacts with people like Jay. Jay is like calculus to Kanye’s bad arithmetic. He reminds me a lot of when I was 16 but who am I to judge another person. Namaste.

  • Answer Me!

    @james trying to understand your point…. even with all his lack of intelligence Kanye West > ___ .

  • DallasTx_GreedyGrove

    WELL if you check out forbidden archaeology u find out that
    it’s a fact 1000’s of years ago it was more advanced than is today
    humans bulit the shit not UFOS

  • kno1youlove


    Someone’s got an open mind.

  • FredRico

    @james: Ok, now I understand what you meant, but it doesn’t apply to Kanye at all. I mean, how can you go from “They tried to tell me that aliens build the pyramids”, to assuming he’s “acting like most people think that they were made by aliens = misinformation.”, Where is the MOST PEOPLE in Ye’s lyrics?! What’s wrong in him saying that, if at least 2 people tried to convince him of the aliens (just like today, everybody has been tempted to believe the nwo conspiracy theory by some lunatic)?

    Kanye once said too that “they say you can rap about anything except for Jesus”, so that means most people think that or that they actually told him? No, it was just a simple observation of “society”, “music industry” and however it works, and he presented it in a daring, thought-provoking way.

    There is more misinformation in your comments than in Ye’s lyrics (if any). You say so self-evidently that he lacks intelligence, but that is nothing but a misleading, gratuitous offense. And you only pointed out this pseudo-misinformation about pyramids and nothing more, you just say, “there has been…”; yet you go on defending your accusation like you had a strong basis, when you actually got nothing.

  • LauderdaleLove

    @ james if his ego is so annoying why are u checking out his a capella verses of his album thats two months away i think he should address it if its not a concept believed by most but it is a concept that is floated around even by some historians since the physics of building the pyramids as they said in less than 30 years as they did is nearly impossible with out mechanical engineering with the precision that align in the star which is also the exact center of the earth (look it up and not just wikipedia) if its so blanked with misinformation u might as well school all of us with all the misinformation since it seem that u would have to study his music to not like it but still listen to with all its misinformation that bothers u so much not trying to be a dick but i just would like to see u back some of your rhetoric up

  • LauderdaleLove

    i swear kanye gets everybody going so fuggin easily this is probably half of why he acts a fucking ass the other half being his ego sorry for stating the obvious

  • DayO

    MOMMAS BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if i had free time id sit here till i knew all those lyrics.
    “dont get i twisted BABY BOY ill VING RAMES you nigga.”
    O_O… … X_X

  • yea, i def agree that kanye is retarded n his ego is annoyin, but his music is still great… IMO one shoudlnt let a rappers persona (example: the game) effect their judgement of their music, nah meen…

  • kindbuddy

    @Rafae Sheikh

    Where did he go? Some ppl tend to hate on 808s but that album was genius.

  • Rafae Sheikh


    lol true, but I’m just talking in the general sense of actually rapping fully on an album again

  • Lionhearted1heone

    Hes gonna have a lot of people crying on Mama’s Boyfriend…

    Granted I grew up with both my parents there I can only imagine how hard that hits for some of my friends…

    Just the concept of the song along is too tough… :{

  • Dennis

    can someone explain to be what he ment on
    “dont get i twisted BABY BOY ill VING RAMES you nigga.”
    Like He Is He.?
    And What Did He Do..

  • kanye west is an animal

  • vincev

    I wana run over you with my bike you niggas


  • zach

    …Baby boy is a movie watch it, Ving Rahmes is the momma’s boyfriend in it and he beats her son’s ass

  • 214reppin

    Yeah…that mama’s boyfreind song was actually crazy to listen to. I was in a situation like that and he conveyed the exact thoughts of lil dudes in that kind of ish.


  • dopeSir


    whats reeeeeeally CRAZY tho. is how there are NO HATERS on this board. save 4 like 2 little nigas. usually if any post on 2bz has more than +30 comments-its because of a massive back and forth hate war.

    but this is all positive feedback… craaaaazy… kanye is a rap god

    spread the word, this album fina b crazy aF

  • Ryan Antsair a

    If Drake or Wayne spit these same verses people on here would say its wack or too “monotone” fuck outta here. The lines people keep posting aren’t even that hott just buying into the hype. “Life’s a bitch on her period” yea thats never been said before. I guess cause his short ass yelling it shows his passion LMAO. This site is filled with hypocrites. SMMFH…Praising “Power” when all he did was bitch about a problem situation HE CREATED. Like the lynch mobb came for him because he was some sort of revolutionary by taking the mic out the hand of a country singing white girl. Take BOB verse from Nothin on You give it too Kanye and this site will be filled with OMGS!!!!!!!! KEEP DRINKING THE KOOL-AID

  • sik

    hi hater^

  • sik

    this shit got me hyped as hell for good ass job.

  • NiKo

    Mama’s Boyfriend relates to most people, he just lays it out beautifully, He’s straight poetic in all of these, cant wait for Good Ass Job

  • I’ll Wait

    I cant wait for this album

  • “Pardon, there’s a lotta use of the N word but I’m allowed to use it”

    Lmfao, Kanye’s got a good sense of humor. He actually went IN! This album is gonna be crazy!

  • Saga

    Man Ye is GOAT. i had an arguement with two friends yesterday over who’s greater. I chose Ye, another chose Lupe, the other chose Eminem. Now how you think that went down?! Straight facts too. lmao

  • Yeezy

    Yo Ryan why you hurt?
    Cause Taylor Swift ain;t shit and Kanye is music!

  • Damn the Momma’s Boyfriend verse is incredible. This verse sounded actually like sth Eminem would rap…….but he didnt! Kanye is more introspective then Eminem……wtf!

  • PineappleExpress

    [email protected] “they tried to tell me aliens built the pyramids, i swear lifes a bitch on her period”

    I think he was expressing that ppl always have a conspiracy to tell you, and it can make life confusing. he never said it was true. So your wrong.

  • lola mcfly

    what other rapper spits at FB? i love Mr. West!!

  • Clint Chudyk

    “when he leave, he be talking again” hahaha damn good ass Friday reference

  • Ace Julio

    Look at the size of dat kid’s heed.

  • Navaio

    Kanye 1 of the greatest of all time also one of my top idols

  • Mc Persia

    How come you get so crazy over a new BOB song or something but when the greatest rapper in the game right now drops some AMAZING material all you can say is interesting? Come on Shake your supposed to be the expert in this Rap game.

    Theres no way you can hate on this mans music unless you truly are a bitch. What do you have negative against amazing beats and great lyrics? If you dislike his attitude so much that it makes you blind to his music, then your just a bitch ass hater with too many emotions with your girly self

  • dope excited bout his next project!

  • TE

    WOW. Can’t wait.

  • wow

    dammmm…so excited…. :D

    btw, here’s a song my frd did… remix of 50 Cent’s “Psycho”…check it out if ya got time, feel free to leave ur feedback too, thanks.

  • tfdhfthsr

    he smiles now lol

  • MJBanks7

    That Mommas Boyfriend went super hard!

    Ye I gotta feeling this album is about to be niiice. I had doubts but not anymore…. I still think he should push it back to get promo.

  • Rae

    Thank You Kanye for always bringing the ReallyDope shit!

  • sneakaholic011

    “This is the making of a masterpiece, so we broke out the chains and told the master, peace!”
    that line was SOOO DOOOOPE. so syked for the album.

  • truuuuth

    oh. my. God. . . . . .. . . . . . i quit life

  • How I Got Over

    those “My Chain Heavy” rhymes are incredible

  • I Hate Broke Niggas

    i applaud kanye for this previews. great!!!!

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