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Usher – Hot Toddy f. Jay-Z [Dirty/CDQ]

blame it on Shake July 27, 2010

Random Cutie(s) of the Day.

Ciara is lined up to be on the final version that will be on Usher’s Versus EP. Until then we get Ester Dean’s vocals. Radio rip via Rap-Up. CDQ for all, courtesy of Karen.

DOWNLOAD: Usher – Hot Toddy f. Jay-Z (prod. Polow Da Don) | Mediafire

  • who are these bitches on that pic?

    btw. that song sucks, i don´t give a fuck about radio,cdq…etc.

  • PACO


  • OGEazy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was playing in clubs TONIGHT!

  • This joint is smooth.

    Jay-Z has been smashing these feature verses lately and goin’ in on those Mason/Illuminati accusations on wax. Nice.

  • Adi Pre

    WTF is a hot toddy!? LOL fucksake…Hov, no surprise, bodied it.

  • b.

    cdq? ?

  • StrangeFamous

    Man 3 verse from Hov on a this would have been so much better. He delivers on a feature again.

  • think

    the asian girl is hot

  • YURP

    yea im feeling this jaunt ha

  • man these girls are my friends on facebook

  • djaqt88

    its a “computer rip” tho. u can hear the clicks in it.

  • you fucken lames

    if you don’t know what a hot toddy is, you spend too much fucken time on the computer, go to a bar bitch

  • DrewDogg

    I think the asian one might be Jamie Chung

  • Musikfiend

    I’m feelin this. Hov murdered it.

  • Godbody > Illuminati

  • hypeman

    wtf, shake gimme the names of the cuties, especially the asian one

  • AM

    he needs to stop saying hov it sounds like hoe.

  • “They call me KING Hov copy? – Big Balling is my hobby – So much so, they think I’m down with the illuminati” ….. ill

  • red hill

    Hot toddy is a name used in the English-speaking world (originally Scotland) for a mixed drink that is served hot. There are many variations. Many of these ‘concoctions’ are rumored to cure colds, ease flu symptoms and aid in sleeping.

    Red Foxx: “Elizabeth, get me a hot toddy and I’ll be ready for nighty-night. Freddy is ready for beddy.”

    Use the Internet faggots!

  • LOL @ These niggas not knowing what a Hot Toddy is… Maybe that whole line would make so much sense to you. “I’m so cold and you the hot toddy.” It’s a mixed alcoholic drink used for the common cold. How old is the average commenter on 2DBz?

  • Oh what red hill said… LOL.

    I thought that’s what the internet was for anyway? Googlin’ shit you didn’t previously know about and then acting like you did. LMAO.

    Song is dope, btw.

  • Or*

  • lak3rzf4n

    damn, the asian chick is so fine

  • mmkayy

    damn this is trash.. jay killed.. ester dean shud stick 2 writin songs her voice………………..

  • RSX

    HOV killed it.

  • LV

    What ever happened to D.O.A..?

  • mattattak

    Why Does Usher Sound VERY Close To Trey Songs?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • I-an-I “aDifferentWorld.” shot by Fendi Mendi..CLICK 1080p TO WATCH IN HD! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QThwqgVAduE

  • fux wit it.


    This whole day was epic. :D

  • YeaDat

    i dont drink that shit. i smoke

  • J_More

    Its sad, Usher aint even good no mo’ *smh*

  • Staf

    Jay sound almost like Doug E. Fresh on this

  • AMV

    Hovi went in…bodied that…Godbodied that! So he’s Godbody which makes all the sense in the world…Hova.

  • Jay-Z only version made by yours truly:


  • exposetruth

    for all ya fools sayimg all he’s smashing the Illuminati rumors well he’s telling you himself he is dumb fucks wtf you think god body is 5% google there definition it clearly tells you god body is a part of the Illuminati

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