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Ja Rule – Man Down (prod. Ron Browz)

blame it on Shake July 28, 2010

First single off Ja’s upcoming album, Renaissance Project.

DOWNLOAD: Ja Rule – Man Down (prod. Ron Browz) | Mediafire

  • im late…i dont get the symbolism in the pic?

  • OnlyJaRuleFanOn2dopeboyz

    Ja, you still got a supporter right here. I still fucks wit Ja’s music, never left even when 50 came around.

  • Beat’s toughhhh as shit…. Don’t think it mark’s Ja Rule’s comeback though… jaeboogz.com

  • workzz

    idk whats worse, this or shyne’s new music

  • Bank$$$

    Yooo while yall being disrespectful puttin that picture up…smfh tryna set my dude Rule up for failure. smh at yall for that. Didnt know yall was haters like that smfh. So when he does comeback i don’t want yall faggots changing the picture back to him. hahah Clowns!

  • D. $cience

    50 Cent’s “Man Down” >>>>> Ja Rule’s “Man Down”

  • James

    lol @ the pic…ja as stuart

  • Chavo2k6

    He’s got an album coming out?

  • nwaboy

    This is DOPE! Dont hate… Hate is for suckas!

  • Brooklyn

    Not a fan of ja rule but damn shake is the #1 hater on his own website. WOW this is the only blog where the authors of the posts constantly hating on artist, if you don’t like some artist why don’t you just stop post their music up instead of posting it with subliminal messages and hate messages. Shake you need togrow up man, im 19 and i don’t even act like you do, you should be ashamed of yourself acting like a little kid. I’m probably going to get reply from shake saying that im not right or something like always that he is the shit and he’s always right sheesh shake

  • OnlyJaRuleFanOn2dopeboyz

    I agree with you Brooklyn

  • GOD

    Ja, you still got a supporter right here. I still fucks wit Ja’s music, never left even when 50 came around.

    OnlyJaRuleFanOn2dopeboyz said this on July 28th, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    ^ rider of dick

  • 1234

    i gotta agree, its really some advanced faggotry that goes on in this site. basically, if ur not an indie rapper that fucks with them in some way, they hate on u, its really quite funny. what does it take for an artist to get respect, the dude is making music, trying to get back in the game and u silly wanna be industry insiders decide to hate. this is y lupe son’d u LOL, cus ur a bitch

  • LC

    To the haters hating on the haters who run this site: Its their site. They aren’t asking you to visit. I’m sure they appreciate it, but damn, go to NahRight or something haha.
    They post music even though they hate the artist/song/album because thats the purpose of the site. They aren’t trying to sway you to not download it, they are just expressing how they feel about it.
    Them you get to do the same here in the comments.

  • OnlyJaRuleFanOn2dopeboyz

    Ayo “GOD”, why I gotta be a rider of dick? I just said I’ve been a supporter of his music since day one. You arent been a supporter of an artist’s music since day one?

  • glad to see ja back…but isn’t ron browz basically a swizz dickrider? and ron browz was cool a couple years back..just saying ja.

  • the deal

    this song is terrible!

  • rlitt

    someone needs to tell this nigga his career is over

  • prk

    upcoming album??


  • the deal

    also you guys are retarded for hating on shake hating. its his fuckin website, hes allowed to post his own opinion the same way all of you are. if you dont like it go download music somewhere else theres plenty of hip hop blogs out there. he posts the music becuase he knows theres still a demand for it even for artists as bad as Ja Rule. You think Sports Authority is gona stop selling adidas just cuz the guy who runs the store doesnt wear them? smh.

  • Pssssst

    of course hes going to hate. he got faggot ass nigga syndrome running through his blood. CAUTION! stay away from bitch niggas that look like this:


    they tend to run blogs. wheres max b?

  • LC

    ^^@the deal
    I just said that, hahah but I guess great minds think alike.

  • lol cant stop laughin

    ahahahah so meka is rasta mon and shake is im not even going to say it lol

  • Ja Rule & Shyne(to the guy above this that was talking about shine) have ALWAYS sucked ass. “Hate hate hate hate hate…”

  • htowngeneral

    damn this dude just killed a good beat n i mean killed in a bad way

  • lol @ dudes getting ass hurt over a photo.
    its the internet. fuck outta here.

  • Definitely feeling this new JaRule Track. The beat knocks the sox off of a red sox fan walkin in da bronx after a Yankee loss. No one gets caught off guard betta then cats not expecting this from Rule baby. Its Murdahhhh.

  • shadowsamurai

    I’m sorry, this really does sound like a throwaway Swizz track…lol

  • Drutopia

    Hope the pic is reference to “Ja, you Stuart Little, shelves they lift you” off of whichever G-Unit diss that was.

  • LoGiC

    u really think shake is hating on ja? its a picture, wipe the sand out of your vagina.. in the subject it says “First single off Ja’s upcoming album, Renaissance Project.” unless im illiterate theres no shots fired at all. if anything hes promoting his music, he got you to listen to it and see for yourself now didn’t he.

  • stuartlittle

    lmfao @ the picture !

  • d

    picture’s hilarious

  • gk

    this one is hot, real talk. that picture is b.s. ja, do tha damn thing. no sense when people hate like this dude aint better than most these lames gettin money today.

  • Virginia_Rhymer

    anything with ja rule = LOL. its crazy to think one rapper can make another rapper so irrelevant, thats why im hoping 50 will accomplish that with rick ross. ron browz, wrong rapper to give this beat to