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    #Sandwich #okbye

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    It's different for Nina Sky, but I like it. Queens stand up!!!!

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    After all this damn time, they're just dropping an EP? Didn't they drop a joint like 8 months ago, that joint called bull ish or something?

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    do they still got problems with joell?

  • someguy

    @akidnamedb that cd youre talking about went through some bullshit with their label and kept getting pushed back and stuff and then never came out. so theyre releasing this EP by themselves.

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    "can't figure out which Nina Sky is which" Evidence off U-N-I's "Beautiful Day Remix"

  • brown

    I always loved nina sky. i love the tone of their voices. i hope they still have some R&B/Hip-Hop influenced songs on this ep thats what i love hearing from them, but this is cool too.


    Gotta respect Nina Sky's hustle after all these years and label drama. Plus their voices sound better than a lot of these R&B "singers" out now - Well... models with deals + auto-tune. #TEAMNINASKY

  • lonestar_playa

    gooooodaamn dey fine!

  • Pssssst

    i'd let them give me the herps. wheres max b?

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    oh shit, didnt know nina sky was a duo =O


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  • thetruth

    better than the posner track