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Barack Obama On The View (Video)

blame it on Meka July 29, 2010

I’m sure the quasi-political pundits who frequent the site will have a field day on this one.

  • Not The View son!

  • thecollegecurb

    Barack? How about President. What are you, his buddy?


  • he could probably say hes gonna kill all blacks n he would still get invited on the view..we all know whoopie is a total air head anyway.


    go watch the Obama Deception.


  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    This man needs to legalize the fuckin weed already dammit. California is the first step towards federal legalization. After Cali, other states will follow & then the feds will have to listen to the people.

    Any of you who live in Cali register to vote. This November, actually get off your asses & vote yes on Prop. 19 to legalize recreational marijuana. The polls show that the youth vote 18-25 will determine legalization. So the youth needs to actually go and vote.

  • JT

    priceless video. When I want my legitimate news I always look for two things:
    1) For Joe Rogan to factor in as an expert on anything other than how many cockroaches one person can safely ingest.
    2) Ominous voiceover that sounds like someone doing a Morgan Freeman impression.

    Spend your time doing something useful instead of promoting this shit.

  • Walter Red

    Meka, yeah, tell me what you know about politics you koolaid head.

    Obama is a fool who couldn’t be more impressed with himself. And no, sorry, I’m not white, part of the Tea Party, a Republican, a Conservative, a Corporate drone, or a GWBush supporter. I stayed in school, kept my priorities straight, and work hard for what I have today and I pay attention. Obama & his administation are playing the people, keeping the bankers rich & happy, continuing wars Obama said he’d end, funding our enemies, race baiting, talking out of both sides of his mouth while real people in the middle & lower class continue to get fucked. He’s a power hungry elitist and nothing else. Ya’ll have no clue what’s in the ridulously long Health Care Reform Bill or the Financial Reform Bill. The people who voted in favor of them don’t either. For instance, the Financial Reform bill exempts the SEC from the Freedom of Information Act. Say what? It really just grants the government more power and ability to tax. This country is approaching 20% unemployment, but due to the shady way they present & calculate the #’s they can say were at 9.5%. Part of the problem are the American people who voted him in mixed with the opposition he had to run against. No one pays attention. No one knows what’s going on overseas. $59 BILLION more for Aftghanistan while our country continues to suffer & our infrastructure falls apart. RIP USA. Even the liberal media who was in the tank for him without doing their homework are figuring it out. Holla at me.

  • 214reppin

    All yall want him to accomplish is legalizing weed? Really?…..Priorities FTL Lol

  • 214reppin

    And its barely been a fucking year!!! What did you expect for the war to be over and for the economy to be stabilized in a year? FOH wit dat shit.

  • Walter Red

    @ 214reppin – uh, the banks are more than stablized, raking in record profits, and the wreckless CEO’s of said banks who got us in the mess in the first place are being financially rewarded like heros. FOH with it’s only been a year. Obama’s tough talk is smokescreen. And when you’re at ‘WAR’ you know who your enemy is. Joe Biden said today we’re at war with Al Queda. (Love it when Biden talks) Uh uh. An unknown enemy. Could be your next door neighbor. Could be the Pakistani & Afghani public officials. They’re taking the money we give them and using it against us. Jokes on us. .


  • eSo

    Yall bitching bout him not doing anything he promised, and shit. How do you blame that on him? Do you understand he is the president and does not have the powers to just make laws? Thats what Congress does. And when congress has a bunch of Republicans who will vote against everything just because it’s the Democrats’ idea, it’s hard for anyone to get shit done.
    And of course there is bullshit in the health bill and in the Financial Reform Bill. There is bullshit in every bill. They have to add in bullshit otherwise no congressmen would ever vote it in. They all vote for what they want personally or for who they represent. /rant

  • Lebron James


  • Walter Red

    @ eSo The Democrats have the White House (Obama), the House majority, and a Senate supermajority. These three things rarely happen in the US all at the same time, but somehow it’s the Republican’s fault huh. Yeah, they grandstand shit for the sake of grandstanding, but regardless the Dem’s are failing big time right now. And actually, Obama and his cronies are ‘just making laws’ by hiding them in these 1000+ pages of Reforms that no one reads.

    Also, do you know why, for instance the Republicans vote against things such as continued unemployment benefits? Because 1) they want cutbacks in other areas of wasted budget and 2) they’re waiting on the job creation that has been promised outside of the temporary Census worker jobs that have come to and end that decreased the # of people considered unemployed.

  • westie

    Walter Red speaks the truth no one likes to hear. Welfare makes you a slave to corrupt ass Charlie Rangel.

  • @Walter Red It’s a collective cycle of fuckery in politics it’s the everyone’s fucking fault Democrats, Republicans,and the peoples It’s the democrats fault because they can’t decide on shit. It’s the Republican’s fault because they usually try to vote against the opposite party regardless of the issue. And it’s the people’s fault for letting this shit continue. These motherfuckers is playing games while trying to keep the country in a state of ignorance no matter the party, campaign strategy, or race a politician is a politician so bullshit will commence

  • Contraband Jackson

    @Walter, you have a lot of very real concerns with regards to the Obama administration, and it’s really good to hear an Obama critic who isn’t just a FOX drone. That being said, it’s unfair to lump the blame for America’s situation wholly onto President Obama’s shoulders. You’ve probably already heard all this but Obama came into office with a surging deficit, a crumbling economy, an uncooperative minority party, and a short window of time to fix these problems. It took 8 long years to bring our economy down and it’s supposed to be fixed in a year? Economists all over the political spectrum now acknowledge that the stimulus saved our economy from doing a complete nose dive, and it always takes longer to create jobs than to lose them.

    I also am unsure about the war (especially after WikiLeaks) and would like to see that 59 billion going to education or elsewhere. Might as well do some nation building here at home, but he did not start this war. This is the seventh year of the war in Afghanistan, and if we hadn’t gotten involved in Iraq we could possibly have finished there already.

    Now, you said that Obama and Congress are failing right now. I disagree. We’ve seen more legislation passed under this administration since 1965. Health Care, while too weak, will have benefits for so many Americans while also saving the US money because health spending is the highest rising expenditure and something desperately needed to be done about it. Also included in that bill was reform to the student loan industry which has been necessary since the 90s. And do really think that Republicans would have done anything about the financial sectors irresponsible actions except to take more campaign contributions? The bottom line is that while our nation is going through one of its most trying times Obama and the democrats have ideas and are attempting to find solutions to our problems. On the other hand, republicans would rather wait to do anything productive until they regain power in Congress. IMHO I actually think that they want bad things to happen so that they can gain votes in November.

    I also have some disappointments with this administration, but then I think about how it would be if Sarah Palin was our Vice President. If we want positive things to happen in the US then we need to get behind the only people interested in making positive things happen.

  • eSo

    @Walter Red. I’m not even totally blaming the Republicans. Dems would be doing the same thing if McCain was in and the Majority was opposite. I am a republican in every way (minus them bringing their bullshit religion into government policies). All I’m saying is it isn’t easy to get shit done. And it isn’t in Obama’s power. Plus even alot of the liberals in Congress are just voting against everything no matter what.




  • autismswag

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  • autismswag

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  • JD

    I love 2dopeboyz. I get music,laughs,babes, and political commentary. What i do without this site.