eLZhi Speaks On Slum Village

blame it on Meka July 29, 2010

eLZhi finally opened up on his departure from Slum Village…

Let’s cut right to the chase; are you in Slum Village now or not?

Elzhi: Am I in Slum Village or am I not? As far as what’s going on… As far as, like, me not having any say so to any treatments to videos being shot, or me not going to do the interviews to promote this new Slum Village album, or [Barack Records and T3] not contacting me or my management, and… as you can see in the “Reunion 2” video, I would say I wasn’t in the group. And at the same time, them taking me off records, so now I’m on a minimal amount a records for the [Villa Manifesto] album, I would say I wasn’t in the group.

Damn. It was all good just a week ago.


  • RARA!!!

    RJ RICE will ruin a WET DREAM!!!!

  • DayO

    VM is some WEAKSAUCE.

  • YAY

    Unreal…why would you ever fuck up a group by taking the best member (without question) off the damn tracks?

  • physicalform

    GREAT WAY to promote the album

  • Clark

    I can’t believe us hardcore SV fans who waited for a couple year for this Villa Manifesto album end up getting this… I’m right with yall, Elzhi became the best thing about SV and he’s only on about half of the new album. Also, since when did it become alright to say an artist (Phife) is featured on a track when he only raps the 2 line hook at the end? I feel cheated.

  • THEdopeboy

    Dumbest decision ever. Why in the wiorld would you take out the dopest memeber in the fucking group? Its fucking ELZHI not some wack ass dude. SMH just SMH.

  • DayO

    ^ its all good, we all know eLZhi solo >>>>>>>>>>>>>> SV eLZhi
    maybe now ellmatic will drop…

  • dmarks

    Which tracks have Elzhi on them for this new SV joint?

  • TimmWith2Ms

    Whoever thought this was a good idea deserves to get whacked. Elzhi’s sick with it.

  • DayO

    @dmarks “bare witness” “lock it down” “earl flint”<-(the shit)
    "faster" "2000 beyond" "um um" and "the set up"

  • chef

    elzhi > every on slum village thats left so they lost

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  • john

    download only

  • unless T3 has a real good explanation for this (not that he owes anybody one), he needs to get smacked by hex. he HAS to know we all just wanna hear elzhi, and cutting his verses is only going to fragment the SV fanbase even more. nowadays nobody is checking for T3 verses, so why would he do this to HIS meal ticket?

  • Clark

    After hearing Elzhi explain it on the radio, I’m mad I even bought the album, El aint gettin any of the profits. @John yup Download Only!


  • Unxpekted77

    Elzhis wordlplay > Slum Village

  • Kwis

    someone should take t3 off these songs.

  • markaveli

    ELZHI is the only dope one associated with SV that’s still breathing….

  • How I Got Over

    Elzhi should leak his verses, or just put them on new tracks or something… Doesn’t T3 realise the only reason anyone would want to cop this album is for Elzhi?

  • the deal

    couldnt give 2 fucks about the SV elzhi anyway. elzhi solo shit is all i really care about and now that hes out he can focus on that more. good thing for all of us. can i get a Slaughterhouse x Elzhi joint?

  • RyLee

    wtf? takin’ him off the tracks???

  • sterling

    i thought a REUNION meant ALL Parties COMING TOGETHER! fuck that. t3 thats fucked up. g shit. you know us SV fans want to hear ALL the living members on the tracks.. put that personal shit on the side for AFTER the album… not hating but close to it… seems pretty SELFISH if you ask me ..

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