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Eminem – Recovery Cover BTS (Video)

blame it on Shake July 29, 2010

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Eminem’s Recovery album cover. Em also explains the concept and meaning behind everything.

  • milo mc fly

    first bitch, and shake is a fag and anyone who makes a comment after me lmfao…

  • Dj ILL One

    LATER for the LAME up top. but that`s Michigan weather for you. 80 degrees one day,and 30 the next.

  • Jay Cole

    “Eminem is a genius” – Rick Ross before dissin the king

  • DEV

    He’s “Not Afraid” to go to a photo shoot even when his skin hurts “So Bad” when the “Cold Wind Blows”

  • Y3K

    That’s because he “Won’t Back Down”

  • autismswag

    Ross and Em, still dont touch the swagger, extra penis homo swag, flaggin and bag.. IN.. Party in the vagina flow, stupid silly scary hoe, fuckin with the kid n ur ass gone be missin toes. I eat rappers no homo, pause and all the gay shit, my swag is not real son its somethin like a spaceship, fly as a rocket, my vids like crockett, affion, im on some orange teal swag dont know what they be on. ‘i say uhh; i say uhh, i say something like uhh: Barney and BJ, baby bop swag, next to Lil B, who’s the real fag, based and all that dumb noise, with dumb boise and ferrari, after i piss on this ya’ll niggas gonna be sorry…. LMFAO YA’LL LIKE IT

  • Arjmoney

    eminem: he talks, we listen

  • @autismswag your not funny. your rhymes are corny and predictable. nobody is laughing. i hate you more than SHAKE himself. but hes just a little more sexy than you.

    i LOVE this concept tho. the cover with the glass box is DOPE+++. everyone i know hates on eminem now because hes not the same. i like how his music has transitioned. its more realistic. if he made the same music forever i would stop believing him. this makes him human. and hes doing it creatively

  • gooddrinksowassup

    cant wait for this album to drop

  • Busy

    it already dropped you dumbass!

  • eminem: he talks, we listen

    ^^^^^^LOL, shwerd

  • Chuck T

    @gooddrinksowassup I feel that

  • datboijon

    lmfao @ gooddrinksowassup. i still haven’t listened to this album, but the video is kind of boring/depressing, i think its the beat combined with that horrible weather. im from cali 70 degrees is cold we dont fucks with no 32 degrees