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KiD CuDi – Mojo So Dope [Full/NoTags]

blame it on Meka July 29, 2010

Presumably off Man On The Moon II. Props to THI.

DOWNLOAD: KiD CuDi – Mojo So Dope | Mediafire
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  • zookeeper

    this faggot makes me sick.

  • dbovee

    this song better than the last couple i heard from cudi
    zookeeper just a mad hater

  • WTF?


  • WhoDis

    The Second verse was nice as hell! Songs dope… cant wait for Mr. Rager…

  • fred

    Gunna be hard to top erase me… i can play that song 100 times back to back. but still a decent song

  • ReleaseLasers

    Give a fuck about your lifestyle, give a fuck about your mother fuckin lifestyle nigga…. dope

  • polotechnic

    i be tryin to get into his music but i just can’t I don’t see how him or Big Sean have such a big buzz o well fuck it

  • near

    i wonder with that give a fuck about a lifestyle comment and the reference to freshman if he is taking shots at ace hood

  • That shit rolls. Cudder is back.

  • alexandre ruiz


  • A.B.N.

    I like the lyrics but he should rerecord it because mumble during some of his bars and it made the song drag.

  • yeeeah

    Man what’s up with his monotone singing? This shit’s wack.

  • Chuck

    nice. the vibe is a little similar to mr. solo dolo from his first album but this is a slightly more upbeat.

  • Other than the mumbling and the mediocre chorus, the track is alright. Not sure if it should make the album though.

  • ears open


    Im Sure everyone would enjoy this song

  • already had this yesterday

    n its horrible

  • sneakaholic011

    something about his voice just makes his songs that much better.

  • On34

    Give a fuck

  • the shoster

    This shit is dope as hell!!!! Hey zookeeper Eat a dick Pussy. Cudi is that dude and and you most likely are that faggot..

  • bbc.

    its okay, his 1st album blew me away but this new stuff isnt as good

  • sneakaholic011

    “praise allah for keepin’ me away mayne…”
    is he muslim?

  • Ryan

    Dope. Cudi is fantastic.

  • hyeerr

    I think the reason why people is dissapointed in the new shit, he has made, is because before no one expected anything and were blown away. Now they expect a lot, and therefore is dissapointed.

  • ^^ yea i think revofev and all talk was good tho
    but its all starting to sound the same but im still interested to see what the whole album is gonna listen to..n i think cudi is best heard in album entirety rather than random leaks with no context.

    thats y i liked motm it had progression and was a cohesive album.

  • Tevin

    very original and thats what hip hop is

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    CUDDER…Hope MotM2 can outdo the first, cause sequels ususally don’t have luck in music….If shit don’t work out, I hope he bounce back and think of sumthin new…and I think ppl r disappointed cause he STOP RAPPING…it’s only the Wu/Nas diehards who claim so WHOLEHEARTEDLY CuDi can’t rap…The mixtape and the album say other wise…he just singin wit dat extra fast rap NOBODY can understand

  • djSTO

    noooo this album could end up being the best anti-marijuana argument yet

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    I meant NOW!!!! he’s just singing wit dat extra fsst mumble rap NOBODY can understand….

  • Heard way better beats for CuDi. Not really impressed with this one.

  • zookeeper

    this guy is fucking GARBAGE.


    This song would of been really dope if he just STOPPED RAPPING
    The only time you can mumble your verse is if the Chorus is fucking bananas. Now DO IT OVER!!!

  • dj drama

    “very original and thats what hip hop is”
    kill yo self

  • nice, this is the type a cudi i wanna hear on the album… not all that wack shit he been releasin recently…

    anyways, i agree, he should def rerecord this one… he did mumble alot =/

  • sneakaholic011

    i didn’t think he mumbled that much. maybe thats just me.

  • dro

    dis shyts cracc

  • ReleaseLasers

    Shits dope. idk what yall talkin bout. This > the cole leak.

  • the deal

    first song ive liked off the new album so far

  • charlie

    @the deal
    totally agree. this is more like it!

  • this has now grown on me

  • I thought hip-hop is doing you? but if he came out doing what Lil wayne jay-z rick ross etc. ya’ll all love cudi stop hating and let him make his music it’s original so deal with it.

  • SG

    Mojo so dope? This shits is pretty dope too

  • I’m a Cudi fan but is it just me or has his voice deteriorated?

    Maybe all the smoking is getting to it. Listen to his singing lately and then listen to songs like Heaven At Nite.

    The smoker raspiness is fucking with it.

  • sik

    this shit is swag.i feel it good bud music

  • noobammer

    flawless, zookeper sucks kid cudi’s dick

  • g

    Dont listen to any haters cudi this shit is dope haha. Ill rage to this shit all day n nite. Drake is probably commenting on this shit aka zookeeper fuck drake

  • Rodg

    This is so different to MOTM, probably why some people are hating it… I like his new sound to be honest, plus his amazing voice and his way or making the music sound perfect IS still there ;) love itttt

  • Thakidd12

    …and if they hate then let em’ hate and watch that money pile up

  • YipYacWeedSack

    This beat could have been used so much better, Cudi needs to add something to his flow cause hes too fucking monotone and mumblin. Wiz and Curren$y are the best pothead rappers, JETS

  • gustavo

    fuck you zookeeper

  • motmfan

    i think ive read at least 3089543276589028526-0753290-45 comments about cud bein muslim.
    “Allah” and “God” are the same person. look it up. it is the same religious deity in Christianity and Muslim beliefs. How they worship him is wake makes the religion

  • fuckyolife

    zookeeper i will find you and kill you shut the fuck up your a faggot with no music taste