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Drake – I’m Ready For You [Tags]

blame it on Meka July 30, 2010

This sounds like something for Rihanna, or some similarly bad-sounding chanteuse. Still looking for a version of this song that’s longer than 45 seconds, though… Props to MF.

DOWNLOAD: Drake- I’m Ready For You [Tags] | Mediafire

BONUS: Gucci Mane – In My Business f. Drake & Sean Garrett [NoDJ] | Mediafire

  • Breezy

    great song

  • talent

    I 2nd wanting a full version of love & gunz

  • Brutally Honest


  • I like the sound of this one, waiting on the full, no tagged version! Drake YM! ALL DAY!!!!!1

  • lindros

    shit is terrible….his worst singing song

  • Marvelito

    shake why is the hook mixed with Nneka’s “Heartbeat” Remember that joint a month ago?? It had the remix with Nas..

  • nickiminajbuttimplants

    duuuuuude why does this dude keep singing his album was bad enough with all that fuckin singing when is he gonna RAP

  • Jamal

    Drake look like he about to jump in the air and pirouette in that pic. He could get it (no homo).

  • Marvelito

    My bad I meant Meka

  • Y3K


    It’s called sampling…

  • oneandonlyCODY

    god DAMN whens this nigga gonna fall off already

  • nickd

    where’s the stunt on you full version????

  • cj

    @nickd this nigga whole songs never get release after a short snippet stunt on u, fall for your type, love&gunz this will probably b next

  • oneandonlyCODY

    in the garbage

  • Krogers

    i’m a drake fan, but im not gonna even front, im not feeling this one

  • WTF?

    clasic remove those tags

  • yeah, usually like his music but this is a miss.

  • WTF?

    this is clasic remove those tags

  • this is def a reference track for some female singer.
    it does sound like something for rihanna

  • addded a NoDJ version of that gucci/drake collab from a while back.

  • RSX

    That Gucci/Drake (w/o Sean Garrett) is one of my most listened to tracks in iTunes

  • luca

    this is def a reference track for some female singer.
    it does sound like something for rihanna

    no it´s ok, he is a fucking female. go pop fruit cup.

  • cj

    cosign RSX gucci should have save that 4 his cd

  • damnright

    are people fucking stupid? it’s obviously not for drake. did any of you even listen to the lyrics, or did u just press play, hear him sing, and then hate. and btw, if you think rihanna can’t sing, then you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • alex

    where’s full fall for your type

  • obvs a refrence, so yall need to get the sand out ur vagina’s for christ sakes, it dont even sound that bad

  • cj

    @alex he wrote fall for your type for jamie foxx

  • and oh shit!!! finally the full song of the gucci/drake shit is fire (drakes part)

  • and wtf is sean garret… harsh ruined the song

  • marco

    whats the singer and name of the song that is mixed into drakes im ready for you???? (female voice)

  • Pitter

    anybody have a gucci/drake w/o sean garrett?


  • guest

    Of course its a refrence track lol realize that before you hate. The biggest give away is “let my perfume soak in your sweater” and it has a rihanna appeal to it

  • Daddy Kilo

    If a reference track is leaked will the intended artist record it?

  • stan lee

    reference track dumb asses.. im pretty sure drake does not get naked and strut around in his room.. he does not even really have to try singing..

  • timmy

    Nneka’s Heartbeat >>>>>> Whoever’s I’m Ready For You

  • RSX

    I wonder if this is the Rihanna song that they made when they were “dating” o_O

  • b.

    does anyone have that song that drake did that was supposed to be a song for jamie foxx?

  • pffffffffffffffff

    OH HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NAHH!!! You bitin offa Nneka now? Cmon Son! I’m pissed! Unoriginal mofos! Fuck this man seriously.

  • Manxter

    drake is a fucking faggot

  • Ben

    New Drake..

    Sean Garret Ft Drake – Feel love

  • Musashi

    God, stop giving this hack money.

  • Damn

    Lil Wayne has a verse on the Love & Guns song Shake just to let you know if you even care, tho you prolly won’t even read this comment lol.

  • Keens

    Karmaloop.com use repcode ‘russ’ for 20% off!!!!!!

  • js

    hiphop was created from sampling music.


  • the comment section is always full of idiots….it’s extremely obvious that this is a reference track…if you dumb fucks even know what that is

  • bbc.

    and all this time, i thought drake was a RAPPER

  • jimmy

    how do we send new artists to you shake ?

  • jimmy

    how do we send new artists to you shake?

  • MattKern

    fall for your type was a reference track I believe..I think it was for Jaime foxx or something

  • james

    oh god, this is so fucking bad. it’s embarrassing. plus they done fucked up nneka’s classic track. shame shame shame some shit needs to stay buried


    Come to http://www.newjams.net we give you guys that new shit while Shake takes time taking shit from other sites to update he’s site.

  • Jay billz

    This is a song reference (Demo), a female artist is actually going to sing this song.. Drake also Ghost writes remember that.

  • RealTalkVancity

    Drake blows. Comin from a Canadian. Real talk.

  • Jay

    reference track dumb asses.. im pretty sure drake does not get naked and strut around in his room.. he does not even really have to try singing..
    stan lee said this on July 30th, 2010 at 6:09 pm


  • This song is obviously for Rihanna, come on, the way the ab-libs and his vocals sound “put my perfume on”. I guarantee u this is a reference track for Rihanna

  • ya fuckin daddy

    this song was meant for rihanna to sing not drake. the deal got messed up and drake ended up singin it. drake is a man? correct. the lyric baddest woman nd the hrdest out. is not a mans lyric so stfu sayin its garbage iigh

  • Ladi-P

    Sampled used is from a Nigerian artist……Nneka…. Go find Out….love d song…drake wiv is amazing raps…song is dope

  • wolfman

    hate drake but this is by far the best song he has ever made. this is fucking dope. classic song for sure can’t hate on this. displays his all-around talent (singin/rappin).