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eLZhi – Kinda Like a Big Deal Freestyle

blame it on Shake July 30, 2010

During an interview with Detroit’s WJLB Morning Show, eLZ kicks a verse off his ELmatic project (that NEEDS to be release asap) over Kinda Like a Big Deal. He also speaks on the Slum Village break up; T3; his fucked up contract; his relationship with Kanye, Dwele and more. Check the interview here.

DOWNLOAD: eLZlzhi – Kinda Like a Big Deal Freestyle | Mediafire
PREVIOUS: eLZhi Speaks On Slum Village

  • @NeverRunninOut


  • Got done listenin to this earlier.SHITS FUCKED UP.Elzhi needs to drop a classic and become the best rapper ever!!!!!!!!!

  • neezyb

    Move over Fashawn, Elmatic is still dropping!

  • YAY

    Shit is straight fire…unreal. No lyricist can top Elzhi’s ability. Elmatic is gonna be sick.

  • think


  • markaveli

    kinda happy he’s going solo.

  • the deal

    every time i hear elzhi rap i cant help but think that nobody ever, dead or alive, has been blessed with this kind of lyrical ability

  • whatupsucka

    It’s amazing that the label even had the idea that people would be buying a Slum Village album w/ no Elzhi verses. Elzhi is the reason people gave a fuck after J Dilla died.

  • Listen to T3’s side of the story in the left side thingy.

  • ck47

    cosign whatupsucka

  • DayO

    yea elmatic! elmatic!
    n his name is misspeled on the link

  • Patrick

    Jesus. I am just so happy Elmatic is still “in the works” so to speak.

  • Good lookin’ out.

  • t.bigums

    When SV was just T3 and Elzhi..it was equivalent of seeing a hot chick with that average guy. You knew it wasn’t gonna last just a matter of time before they parted ways cause the guy is gay

  • DFEE

    I never heard of dude until (well Ive heard of slum village) he released that last FreeEP he dropped…& that shit was a fuggin classic..Ive been a loyal listener ever of dudes music since then…I hope he drops another classic & wakes the world up..

  • Bruno Honest

    I love Elzhi’s music but muthafuckas talk like they’d eat his shit if they had to. The brother is super talented but let’s not make him out to be the 2nd coming of Christ.

  • dalek

    @the deal

    Funny you say that. I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now. When I hear an Elzhi verse, I have a hard time thinking of anyone better at that moment.

  • Hiphopjudge

    The dude is amazing!!! Top 5 of 2day…Hands down. His flow, His Delivery, his voice…and most of all his lyrical ability. Very Very Dope EMCEE. eLZhi!!!!

  • MistaIzza

    straight Crack!! eLZhi>>>>>Slaughterhouse

  • ChRiS.

    Not A lot of emcees better than elZHI.

  • bigswoosh

    I gotta see what the fuss is about. I may have been hiding under a rock for way too long…I have to look for some of his stuff and bump for the weekend….

  • Supahighme

    whens that Elmatic dropping?!?!?!

  • Phunk
  • YURP

    Ive had Fashawn’s album since it dropped and id say it only has 3 or 4 hot tracks… Elzhi is on different level than that cat… He can’t touch Blu let alone Elzhi

  • AM

    The hood is like a glass house the devil throws stones thru

  • dont care

    he needs to release this song

  • uzi

    elzhi gotta be top 5

  • DtilIDie

    Elzhi is the best rapper alive.

  • cbanks13

    you guys gotta listen to his album The Preface. Now that sh!t is hella dope. He got this song called D.E.M.O.N.S that literally left spechless, I thought that was one of the best songsof 08 and there some good songs that dropped that year anyways purchase the album it’s 2dope yall won’t be disappointed.

  • griffin

    Hopefully this turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

  • JP

    Elzhi is one of the dopest out

  • elzhi > your favorite rapper

    elmatic is insane

    Detroit runs shit

  • Jack

    Elzhi is too nice