Planet Asia - Trouble (Video)


Featuring Tristate; off Asia's Black Belt Theatre project, coming soon.

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  • PineappleExpress

    nice nice nice

  • Gooch

    I Love the back & forth flow, they smashed the old school break beat style!

  • Mike

    Hip Hop right here! nice version of Jay Z - trouble too!



  • chronwell

    These went at this beat like West Coast Tek and Steele!

  • Unxpekted77

    real hip hop

  • Musashi


  • Approach

    This was shot in my city! Kansas City that is!

  • Approach

    Props to the homie VaShon!

  • billmurray

    asia and tri.......this shit is fire!

  • Epic

    Goes hard.

  • komplexx904

    Crack belt Theater fa sho