Wale - AmaruDon Interview (Video)


Wale speaks with Amaru on his childhood fear of not making it as Professional Footballer (soccer for the rest of us uncivilized folks) and what caused him to drop out of college.

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  • Chris

    I think he means American football, considering he was a Division 1 football player in college before he dropped out.

  • qp

    yeah, he had a scholarship for football not futbol.
    i think almost every young person has those fears of having to do monotonous work but in the end you have to do what you need to do, and lucky for him, he was able to find success with music.

  • CP

    yeah i was going to say that, i've read that he was a RB at a pretty good high school in Maryland.

  • Keens

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  • wadduphoe


    never dropped out of school, graduated w/ a bachelors w/ magna cum laude

    renegaded wale on his own track

  • @wadduphoe so? they're both good musicians, and they're both very knowledgable. J.cole went to college, whoopty do.

  • Purp

    ^^^^ exactly, A degree has no bearing in the world of Music especially Hip Hop.

  • Idris

    But it has baring on the world. If shit folds, better have a back up plan

  • DtilIDie

    He definitely meant American Football.

  • Mikael

    What does J Cole have to do with this? smh @ wadduphoe

  • BobbyJames

    how many kids graduate with bachleor degrees and work at mcdonalds after they get out school because the field they got there degree in isnt hiring? exactly college degrees dont me shit nowadays unless u got a masters

  • money!

    j.cole even said i was gonna plan to go to school for less than a year then get my deal and become famous. he didnt plan to go to school for 4 years

    and wale is as good or even better than j.cole

    so wadduphoe?

  • D39

    Yeah fa'real. College degree or not, Wale doin' great for a nigga who quit college, as he once put it in one of his songs I just heard a few hours ago. J. Cole a beast too(lyrically), who just so happens to have a BA Communications degree.

    Anyway, no shit? American Football tail back huh? Never knew that! That's too hard!


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