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Wale – Mixtape About Nothing (Trailer)

blame it on Shake July 30, 2010


Third and fourth preview trailers for Wale’s upcoming Mixtape About Nothing, dropping August 3rd.


  • FlyBoiTay

    Looks Dope

  • From da go-go

    The entire DMV is waiting on this one

  • AHHHHH! (drake voice)

    *More About Nothing

  • whatupsucka

    Ol girl ain’t even wash her hands, hahaha. I’ll support this mixtape

  • Drizzy Dreidel

    I wanna buy this.. I wanna give him money for this.. SERIOUSLY

  • if your not excited about this u need to take awesome lessons

  • er…that was funny…and damn sexy too.

  • hiphopzpop

    @whatupsucka forget not washing her hands, the bitch didn’t wipe her ass!

  • high_s0ciety

    mixtape of the year?!?!?!
    b/c back to the feature was #EPIC

  • Snuffleupagus

    Aug 3rd?! hellyeah didnt think it was droppin that soon

  • Cant wait!!!

  • Rafae Sheikh

    lol *More About Nothing not Mixtape About Nothing Shake

  • Those chicks were laughing when they were running out the bathroom though. What a fight. lol

  • Daboss

    wale is garbage now.. after mixtape about nothing he fell the fuck off, unless you like that wack bubblegum shit

  • Tevin

    #moreaboutnothing gon’ be classic

  • Musikfiend

    ^I got faith that this tape is gonna be dope.

  • Kidd Izzo

    Wale never fell off…

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Most people didn’t like Wale’s debut and I don’t know why, but I
    fucking loved it. The first half to many was eh, but the second half everyone loved. I loved both halves to be honest. If Interscope had distributed the copies properly, he would have sold more smh

  • ovechkin yo

    the song at the end of the first video sounds like it will be dope

  • DP

    someone tell me the definition of bubble gum rap. because what I take from that kind of statement is rap with EMOTION. I might be wrong but someone inform me please.

  • SomeGuy817

    @Daboss eat a dick sucka wale ain’t fell off #moreaboutnothing august 3rd

  • Keens

    Karmaloop.com use repcode ‘russ’ for 20% off!!!!!!

  • This is gonna be fuckin wicked

  • @DP not at all
    thats emo rap
    bubblegum is that chillin lady gaga track

  • maybe shake’s reminiscing
    @ppl pointing out its more about nothing

    i kinda wonder how many ppl are gonna dl that shit and never listened to mixtape about nothing

  • blam

    none of the girls washed their hands, grime

  • Atomic

    Shouldn’t that girl have wiped?

  • TajMerrik

    @Shake I hate how you screwed up the title of the mixtape dude…at least correct that shit. That’s so disrespectful to mess up the name when it’s clearly displayed in the videos…u had two times to get that shit right.

    and the mixtape is going to be dope…Wale is creative and a nice lyricist

  • Gotta love our man Wale – shoutout the new mixtape dropped and it’s ill. Check out http://www.whattherap.com for rap/hip-hop stories and an exploration of the outlandish side of the rap game.