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Yelawolf – Looking For Alien Love

blame it on Meka July 30, 2010

So it has to be something in their water which compels Southerners to resemble the characters from Men In Black. This track is more spoken word than rap, but it doesn’t make it less dope. Props to Karen.

DOWNLOAD: Yelawolf – Looking For Alien Love | Mediafire
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  • This is a different sound from the Yelawolf I’m using to hearing, but I like it.

  • jssd

    YelaWolf is a beast real tlk!

  • sik

    wtf is this??? and wats the hype about this guy.he’s nothin special.

  • Ricky The Rican

    Yela is cool…something different Sik, you gotta evolve.

  • Sorry this is nice and original..cant hate on it. thannk you Yella, man imagine if he had a feature on just 1 song on like aquemini.

  • RSX


  • LiCKS

    seriously left but all the same great track.

  • JP

    Yo this shit was different and super dope. Yela is bringin somethin thats been missin.

  • JJ

    yelawolf is more like andre 3k than he is eminem

  • that water taste good down here too..and it mus make us stronger and run faster than any other conference in the country to i guess!! (#SEC)

  • Tevin

    New sound no fake shit, rappers now arent doing that they want to be that same trend thats been bullshit. Got track YelaWolf and others like J.Cole, Wale, Drake, CuDi and others are changing the game in the right direction. P.S. shout to Freddie Gibbs putting that fake ass nigga Rick Ross aka everybody in his place and Khaled “WE the Best my ass” how are yall the best making that same trendy shit Rick your album sounds like your last one[beats that is] but what do u wanna say in records because ur 100% fraud, and yall that listened to it. Fuck Yall cause thats not how Hip Hop should be. He was a fake when that Hustlin track dropped talking bout he was Noreaga man if Pimp C was alive right now he would’ve told you to quit a long time ago but it good cause u album flopped faggot and u fucking wit that bitch P. Diddy, u in a trap now cause u aint 50 or any nigga establish out here so dont front, ur broke and now ur broke again after that disastrous album. 176k like thats something les than 500k on all ur albums nigga and none of them are GOOD. And dont thnk LBJ, Wade, and Bosh gon get rings cause Kobe on top [not dickriding] but aint noway they can beat on them wit Artest and Barnes [lockdown D] three 7 footers. HAHAHHAHAHAHA CAUSE u a SUCKER and u KNOW IT!!!

  • DaRichKid

    There is plenty of shit like this if you look around. Hell, white people been making music like this for years.

  • oh wow. this shit is soooo left field and yet crazy. the ending killlls it!

  • kingdarius

    this is absolutely retarded, even the andre 3k ending was mentally challenged

  • Rite now no ones rappin like Yelo niether is any1 fuxing wit Khalifa these two did a tour together im sad i missed out on..anyway

    the beats RAW he breaks down love and the rap game clearly
    “I treat ppl like fat ppl treat shoes when their joggin” , I like “Originality” thats why i really fuck wit it…

    “Dont be so *** damn easily impressed, In 93 u had to rap wat the fuck ever happened to that?”

  • Justin Herschel

    Fuck That, all i want to no who did the beat cause it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tha Phantom

    can’t find this anywhere else, can someone re-up the dead link?