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[email protected]!n$ – The Dissertation: The Wu Thesis (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka July 31, 2010

Dope Boy C drops his Wu-inspired mixtape in conjunction with his collaborative shirt and hoodie with BLVCK SCVLE Clothing. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: [email protected]!n$ – The Dissertation: The Wu Thesis (Mixtape) | Mediafire

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    Never heard of dude bout to check this shit out….

  • Ceezy


  • Ceezy

    Great seeing a new project by one of thee best up and coming ny rappers

  • Pops

    I’ll be snatching this up when I get home from work. Dope Boy C never disappoints.

  • Drudgery

    if you never heard him before… check out http://highsocietylife.blogspot.com/ and you can get his other music…

  • Its all about Jamieson!!!

  • updated with a properly tagged .zip

  • .anth

    .nice project here .i need me one of them Free World hoodies hahah

  • rUSh

    Yesss Dope Boy C = Dope,@ DallasTx_Greedy u wont be disapointed

  • Iodine

    10 songs and two look to be interludes…… Still have high hopes for this though

  • Rare Air

    Dope Boy C did it again… He went off on this one…

  • D’troit

    “Letter to the People Pt. 4″….nuff said.

  • Kyle Richardson

    he could kill the game if he really wanted to.

  • lol @ curtains

    dudes basically a joke

  • KdubfrmCali

    #6 on this shit is fuccin fire…wow… dopeboy C goes bro

  • Denz

    just bumped this in the car three times through.
    every track on this is fire.

  • Fucktthemalls

    Cosign Kyle Richardson
    Dope as Fuck, he’s slept on…

  • just sayin


  • Man, Where The Fuck Yall Been At? He Been Puttin it down since like ’05. Yo, If anybody got that The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C(1st one). Email Me That Link.
    Good Looks Cousin.

  • Highstandard

    Nahhhh….Average at best, those are classic wu beats!!! He is a functional rapper, never gonna be anymore than that. Seen dude at Canal Room in like 06′ happens to rap, there is no allure or passion in his vocal, average rapper!

  • cali

    Where’s that co$$ x numonics tape at?

  • cARTer

    curtains is weak as fuck, all hype and trynna take dom from me yeeeeeeeahh

  • RealTalkVancity

    @Highstandard: Doesn’t it make this more tape impressive considering he’s going over legends like Wu beats? Hahahaha. Real Talk man no one should be touching Wu beats unless you can spit.

    [email protected]!n$ did his thing on this. Don’t be a hater sucka. Sorry he spitting like no Drake.

  • JonesDeini

    Pretty dope project, He manages to do these classic beats justice

  • CASH

    underated ! just need to get around some better producers, he can out rap most of these new comers dude been in the underground for atleast 8 years, paid dues

  • DallasUCMR

    MIKE POSNER IS MAKING ALOT OF NOISE WITH HIS SMASH SINGLE “COOLER THAN ME”!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT EXCLUSIVELY HERE>>>>>>> http://www.vevo.com/watch/mike-posner/cooler-than-me/USJRV1000013

  • wanna hear a real mixtape, listen to me. fuck curtains bitch ass hipster nigga. sdf

  • DB
  • hell yeah!

  • does this guy have a bandcamp? 2dopeboyz uploaded zip files wont extract correctly

  • @Highstandards yo i seen dude perform at SXSW twice this year and both times he shut the shit down!!! he has plenty of passion when he performs. he controls the crowd like crazy and i feel his passion in his music. DON’T SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!