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Kanye’s Next Stop… Rolling Stone (Video)

blame it on Shake July 31, 2010


First Facebook, then Twitter, now MySpace (haha… just kidding) Rolling Stone. The promotional tour continues as Kanye stopped by Rolling Stone to played about 12 songs from his upcoming album off his laptop.

West says the vibe of his new record is positivity, acknowledging that he’s made mistakes in his life. Adding that he believes great art doesn’t have to come from dark places, he said, “I feel like [now] I can be a vessel for good will and energy.”

He played the full version of My Chain Heavy, which was anchored by an old-school beat with a spacey whistle hook. Other songs featured some of Kanye’s most adventurous and experimental music yet: heavy beats, cellos, sparse piano lines, fuzzed-out electric guitar solos, and spooky sci-fi melodies.

After the Rolling Stones visit, Ye grabbed some dinner with his big brother.

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  • yeezy!


    Wth so he’s basically saying that artist who
    don’t sell out are failures???

  • james

    y’all hear him talk? haha this duke is something else

    i love dukes music but damn he is so full of himself

    i guess he’s got to be

  • word

    “the hipster justification of failure”.. well said.

  • “heavy beats, cellos, sparse piano lines, fuzzed-out electric guitar solos, and spooky sci-fi melodies.”

    sounds like Graduation Part II. I can dig it.

  • k.gaines

    look at 1:37 and watch the guy with the glasses non_verbal respose to what kanye is saying hilarious

  • haithere

    last 5 seconds was weird. he stopped talkin and stared right at me wtf!?!?!

  • Idris

    only part I like and completely dig was “artist either take their life too seriously, or don’t take it serious enough.” that was real shit.

  • 2dopeboyz WAT HAPP?

    mad weird comment and random…but i was looking back at old posts cuz i been wit this site since it started and i saw how much shake responded to everybody…and how different it was back in the day….the artist who started all the hate on this website was lil wayne but every1 fucked with him for the most part…this website WAS the shit…now every1 just hates on every1 -_- ridiculous

  • yaboy

    An insider told me that the Im Beamin remix is goin to drop at the all city chess club blog, theyre just waiting for the time to release it but “ITS DONE” http://theallcitychessclub.blogspot.com/

  • word

    um no he said “its cool to have people knowing your shit anymore” is the hipster justification of failure. not that they dont sell out its the mentality that “yea im glad i didnt sell or its good that i didnt sell because less people hearing my shit is somehow good”. i dunno why you would record an album that you wouldnt want as many people to listen to and be effected by as possible.

  • cant wait for this lp

  • kazzo

    shit this cat is bigheaded and figuring his own shit out but that last bit was TRUTH DROPPED.

  • NYC22

    I don’t know why he continues to insist that he is at all even a pitch in the “voice of our generation” HE’S A RAPPER/ENTERTAINER. He’s done nothing. He proclaimed “George Bush does not care about black people” when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, but then he goes out and designs his own LV shoe. Are you kidding? Quit buying designer clothes, and send money and support to those in need OR SHUT THE FUCK UP. You can’t do both, and expect people to respect you. With all of the money he’s making, why can’t he donate it? Why can he sit back and blame other people for the world’s problems, but then put out lines about ‘hitting up Jacob The Jeweler’. You don’t need more “ice”, “dawg”, you need a lesson in hypocrisy. The world would’ve been better off if you would’ve stayed in college. We’d have one more doctor, and one less asshole.

  • RappishWayz

    ^^^^^Ah yeah and you know ‘exactly’ where all of Kanye’s money and time is spent huh?Talkin out ya ass..go make a change ya damn self and stop looking toward other people to.Or better yet..put your self in a position of power to do so first.Smh

  • dddirk..

    I won’t listen to any of his new songs, yet. I will buy the album and then listening to it the first time. I also won’t download the tracks when they leak 2 months before it’s coming out.

  • Jared

    NYC22 He said on the Katrina show he donated $500,000 what the fuck are you talking about?

  • word

    he said george bush doesnt like black people while on a fundraising show did he not? and i suggest you learn to use google, start by typing “kanye west foundation”

    nyc22 loses..lol.

  • 88

    “heavy beats, cellos, sparse piano lines, fuzzed-out electric guitar solos, and spooky sci-fi melodies.”

    i can get jiggy with this

  • tdotraza

    @NYC22: LOL. He donated 500k to that very incident you were talking about. He has performed for free multiple times to support a foundation supporting kids to go back to school. In fact, it’s HIS foundation: http://www.kanyewestfoundation.org/

    A LITTLE research would take you a long way…. Kanye has a long history of donations, foundations, charity efforts, and conscience material.

  • tdotraza

    ^On top of that, Kanye West has pitched in and been a spokesperson for Doctors Without Borders, The Lunchbox Fund, Food Banks, Oxfam America, and Human Rights Watch. And that’s just after a single google search.


  • dopeSir

    @JAMMIN -your an idiot.

    dudes basically sayin “hipsters” think its cooler if you don’t reach a broad audience and if no ones hearing your shit. so wen they don’t sell any copies they say that they didn’t want to or someshit like that. basically “justifying their failure”

    ye’s an interesting dude. i wanna hear the rest of his lil speech


  • mtrx

    You guys see his twitter tonight? That shit was hilarious.

    Anyway this album is gonna be a classic. Power is legendary. Hate him as a person all you want but the guy knows how to make good music.

  • Kanye West shares my view at life and that all I care about.

  • Im gonna just wait till the album drops, dont wanna hear ne leaks personally. I agree with that bit about people think you have to have pain to make good music when they dont really.

  • C-Damage

    omg stop teasing us already ye and drop some preview to new songs damn Ye im here going crazy to hear some new from u

  • NYC22< feel ur pain but. kanye has a charity foundation that does alot of help. also u have noidea if he gave to the foundation. also him having a lv shoe has nothing to do with poverty in the world if anything ur complaints should inform you and ask urself what have YOU done, or what are you going to do YOURSELF to change the world. peace.

  • james

    In general he carries a holier than though attitude. I respect where he’s coming from with the hipster information but to act like him or eminem is carrying some huge cross. Your entertainers, nothing more nothing less. That’s what I was trying to get at with my comment on misinformation. Kanye is dope when he keeps it personal or some minor social commentary but when he tries to be political he’s full of bullshit.

  • C-Damage

    yo someone we need to go and steal kanYe laptop to hear that dope shit he been talking about lol

  • Peter Piper

    I hear what you are saying about Kanye and Eminem being entertainers, but they surpass that simple label in my view. They are both influential on pop culture. I know it may be a trivial thing, but something as simple as the Stronger glasses. People would not be wearing those now if Kanye had not first. He does an album in autotune, all of a sudden everyone else is trying to jump on the bandwagon, until Jay steps in. He also did more than any other artist to kill off gangster rap. I would put Kanye as the most influential artist of the last decade.

  • TheREALSlim64

    album sounds like real ear food..bout time this faggot came to his sense

  • YourBoyAl

    dopeSir said this on July 31st, 2010 at 4:07 am

    lmfao, i’m sayin

  • mine

    WTf is worng with him … He just can’t be anything but an ass – he takes his yes men too seriously, and Kanye you didn’t take a sabbatical – they kicked your ass out *remember how swift it was?
    Too bad he is a great Producer though ….

  • guest

    ^Word? if uve been paying attention in kanye news n shit ud know his new stuff is about killing his ego

  • Gordon B.

    If it’s about killing his ego, I say: Assassination failed, target still alive and kicking.

  • ventley

    haters suck. kanye’s album is gonna be album of the decade….that is until his next album “mid life crisis” comes out. lol jk

  • Gordon B.<lol..
    but seriously tho..his album is gonna be sick
    i dont care what ppl say about 808s but he hasnt released 1 bad rap album yet. cant wait.

  • TheJamaica420


  • will

    yea kanye yea is a real soulful dude he always tells the truth and hes one of the greatest ever and he changed the game def gunna cop his new album

  • Is MySpace dead?

  • if i had a pussy. it would be wet after listening to all that.

  • mR

    Ye is fucking BACK. happy to hear dude excited about his music again

  • DallasTX_Greedy

    @Truth ahhhh…….I would have keep that to myself.

  • AM


  • ^^negro say wat?


    if i had a pussy. it would be wet after listening to all that.

  • sik

    i got a feeling this is gonna top graduation and late registration.best album of the year in the making and prob the last 4 years.shake or meka please drop chain heavy when it leaks.i just want tht track dont leak none else.



  • kno1youlove


    You remind me of someone I once knew on kanyelive.com
    An ex-admin perhaps? :problem:

  • Ha

    For everyone that hates on him and 808s seem to miss the fact that Drake has said that album was his inspiration for So Far Gone…Drake also still sings with AutoTune on his voice…JustSaying.

  • EMac

    10 years from now 808’s will be viewed as a classic and groundbreaking (not his best album tho). I think this album has the buzz to be his best tho I’m a still a big LR fan

  • fyadub

    I like Kanye’s music but he should just stop talking otherwise…his train of thought makes no sense. His music is good because he has a witty/unique/humorous reflection of popular culture but that’s about it.

  • stan lee

    Late Registration is his best album thus far.. He put too much work in..

  • ^ Late Registration is definitely his best album. I wish he would go with that sound for this album.

  • eurythmick

    sounds like kanye is biting RZA’s style.

  • james

    when wasn’t kanye influenced from RZA? welcome to his career.

  • thats my nigga i love kanye cauase hes able to be so real and not hold back and be passionate about what he loves.

  • DallasUCMR

    MIKE POSNER IS MAKING ALOT OF NOISE WITH HIS SMASH SINGLE “COOLER THAN ME”!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT EXCLUSIVELY HERE>>>>>>> http://www.vevo.com/watch/mike-posner/cooler-than-me/USJRV1000013

  • eurythmick

    lol @ james. Now that you mention it, you’re completely right. He’s always been heavily influenced or bit off RZA’s style since day one…. With that said, he’s still up there with some of the best producers ever. People can’t deny that.

  • john

    Ye wins.
    You Lose.
    That is all.
    Sept 14 bitches.

  • CDNG

    Yo I got so much respect for this man I’d just punch him in his nose and take his laptop instead of robbin him at gunpoint…then I’d still buy a copy of the album! where’s his next stop?? I want that fuccn album!!