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Young Jeezy – All White Everything (Trailer)

blame it on Shake July 31, 2010

Obligatory trailer for Young Jeezy’s upcoming movie music video.

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  • word

    i bet he got a real problem with stains.

  • DayO

    this song is TEWWIBLE.

  • tHEiNKReDiBLe

    “i bet he got a real problem with stains.”
    LMFAO oooo i can’t wait. A bunch of close up shots of him in all white with women dressed in all white with all white cars and an all white back ground…SO EXCITING!!(sarcasm)

  • Chuck

    hmm this is song is wack… why does he continue to promote it when its gained him no buzz for his album?

  • who dat

    he looks like bun b now

  • What happened, just before jeezy droped TOD2 he was the hottest thing out..then all of a sudden he seems all alone.he was ridin with jigga doin all black everything, so the all white now? is there sumthing going on we dont know about?

  • Denz

    hes trying to stand out, when the gucci thing resurfaced with guccis popularity\, that threw ‘jizzle’ off.
    so instead of making my president is black, or put on or anything of that caliber, he does this instead. its not his fault, its probably his yes-men that didnt call him out for it.

  • daveesq

    ^ dont kno what these dudes talkn bout.. i was diddy boppin thru that whole hook. HAA HAAAAAAAA *jeezy vocal strain*

  • Denz

    plus i think he’s trying to show some love and send some money shawty redd’s way, which is fair enough, but at the same time he could be making better music.

  • TimmyGee

    I’d rather watch Lemonade by Gucci…

  • craigRmani

    all white everything but jeezy is black therefore it cancels everything out. fail

  • J

    This just comes back to the theory that the average industry artist has the lifespan of 3 years. Jeezy dropped big in 2005 with TM101, reached a peak and went platinum in 2006 with The Inspiration, then dropped The Recession in 2008. He can’t stay relevant unless he evolves from talking about the same thing he’s been talking about. Rozay can stay relevant still talking about cocaine because he’s put in way more collabs. and his style is has evolved.

  • dunk

    Jeezy sucks ass

  • RSX

    Is he TRYING to dumb down to Gucci’s level????? ToD2 was mediocre and this and Jizzle are straight ass.

  • DB
  • Micah

    Yall are some HATTTTERRSS, wait till the single get the radio push, you will not be able to deny it, yo gurl gon be dancin through the house listenin to it,the album dont drop till sept 28th so thats plenty of time, def jam hasnt even started the promotional runs yet, the internet just gets stuff faster be patience internet fools

  • Dotree

    @micah i hear what your saying but what has that got to do with the quality of the music. Are we not allowed to be disappointed in an artist we actually respect (disappointment in someone you respect is not hate)
    everytime someone expresses an opinion its countered with ‘haters’, its getting boring, whatever happened to being able to discuss things intelligently?

  • AMRI

    The “all white” single is an embarrassment. R.I.P.