T3 (of Slum Village) x XXL (Video)

One year after Baatin tragically and unexpectedly passed, T3 of the original SV on his memories to XXL.

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  • word

    fuck his very existence

  • word

    I was talking about T3

  • Brother

    I've to say it's a perfect album.......and it's a shame that SV had to end like this.

    BTW all of Baatin verses were very good on the album

  • THEdopeboy

    T3 is a bitch.

  • hmmmm

    Had the opportunity a couple of times to have conversations with Baatin and what T3 is saying is true. He was a deep deep dude with lots o' ideas(good ones) and I was bold enough to ask him wat the fuck he was talking about on some of his verses and he broke down some shit and it made a lot of sense... creative, a different style and perspective that will sorely be missed in this game of which nowadays is follow the leader stoopid. SMH

  • loxy

    fuck this lame! elzhi>>>>>>>>

  • seanjon

    anyone who says fuck T3 should only be able to listen to weird al

  • ZeNiTH

    I don't get why all this hate on T3 when the real one who killed SV is RJ Rice, he's the bitch here. T3 only blame is letting RJ Rice using him and actually covering him, but I think he had no choice...
    Bottom line: SV forever and Fuck Barak Records.
    PS: T3 ain't wack, he's good but he's surrounded by geniuses...


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