The Boondocks – The Fried Chicken Flu (Video)

blame it on Meka August 2, 2010

Fack… I ended up getting chocolate wasted last night and completely forgot that last night’s episode was new. There’s only two more left now…

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  • Ryan

    this episode didnt even make sense like whats the point or premise this season has really sucked unlike south park which is reallly progressive through the ages….BORING ON TO THE NEXT FUTURAMA

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    This is my favorite episode ever….
    Bcuz they hit on some real topics like “swine flu” and how the media hypes shit up
    like the swine flu it turn out it was just all 1 big hoax for the medical company to get money from
    the vacicnes they where making

    & I like Obamas part on here cuz it’s true u think the goverment gives a fuck about yo ass ??? Hell
    naw when not if but when shit goes down they gonna be just fine while we have to find a way to survive

    Marshall Law is coming soon u gonna learn now and get y’all info now cuz they got that Internet kill switch
    when something goes down they hittin that hoe and u will be forced to get
    your info from the news which is all a lie Peace

  • Meka, I fucks with you and the site.. but as a grown man, you should never say “Chocolate Wasted” ever again lol.

  • Lebron James

    %10000 right

    @Ryan your a dumbass futurama is wack that’s why they cancelled it and then brought it back
    and u just don’t know what’s going to go down it the world that’s what this show was all about

  • didnt really like this episode neither…

  • trayday

    wow the internet kill switch….TMI???? NEI(not enough info)

  • prk

    this has to be the highlight ep so far from the season.

  • @this episode didnt even make sense like whats the point or premise this season has really sucked

    Umm the point and premise ( there were multiple ones made as usual) in the episode was pretty clear – dont hurt your head trying to think about the obvious especially and this season has been off the chain so far. Futurama which I have love for as well doesnt scratch the surface when comes to stuff that actually makes you think…

  • MchizY

    Does anyone know the name of the song that plays everytime Thugnificent shows up?

  • Yeah if it’s actually hitting relevant topics it’s not a good episode. SMH.

  • silence

    its not a good episode because it structurally doesn’t make sense. Also its hard for me to believe that Huey being the kinda character that he is, would buy into the fried chicken flu hype at all. The message felt tacked on and the ending was terrible, and to top it off it wasn’t even that funny.

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    Obama ‘Internet kill switch’ plan approved by US Senate panel
    there doing this bcuz they know the net has been a great tool used to relay info & expose
    the Govt Letting people learn about this NWO take over nshit

  • Cage


    Meka, I fucks with you and the site.. but as a grown man, you should never say “Chocolate Wasted” ever again lol.

    Atlantic Records said this on August 2nd, 2010 at 11:46 am

    ^^^^ Applaud that man.

    That episode was just “aiight” to me.. Mr. Medicinal knocks that one out the box…

  • D’troit

    dead @ the chicken dance commercial…”Eat A Old Dick, Old Bitch”….

  • someguy

    “now riley, theres no need to be homophobic. EAT IT. YOU PUSSY PUNK BITCHES.”

  • King Geezy

    I hate to say it, but there is only so much I can watch of this and I see why it’s going off the air. It’s getting to the point that Granddad’s stupidity is becoming more and more irritating every episode. It’s not funny anymore. Riley being ignorant is even starting to get old. This show will be missed, but it’s time to call it quits. If it went on for another season it would just make it corny and lessen the full effect of how great these stories are. They are gradually watering down. It’s like how Jay-Z should’ve stayed retired after The Black Album and his return was just corny.

  • Nun.Hyer

    what made me laugh the most is that the whole running out of chicken idea is based on an actual thing that happened bouta year ago check it out here.


    lmao i swear this show makes me look at my people and just die laughing.

  • Idris

    Remember when they had the KFC Special Day? Niggas was out of fucking chicken that day! Then around the same time there was Swine Flu.

    This is a relevant episode.

  • jay

    I’m sorry, the relevancy of an episode’s plot doesn’t necessarily make it a good episode. It was decent, yes. But the messages Macgruder has been trying to send have been outweighing the jokes this season. It was the balance he struck that made it such a good show. There have been a few genuinely good episodes this season, but this was not one

  • goose

    calm down folks…this episode was prob made around that kfc time it’s just that it takes awhile for boondocks to come out therefore doesn’t seem relevant…as far as how funny it was ehhh it was okay

    by far the highlight of the season came in 3 back to back to back episodes: hateocracy, smoking with cigarettes, and the fundraiser!

  • Nuri


  • Brainwashr


  • cdoakes

    Should I feel bad for eating KFC while watching this episode? Well I don’t!!

  • gracee

    this was hilarious. <3 this. only wish another episode was coming out.