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Vado – Speakin’ Tungs f. Cam’ron (Video)

blame it on Shake August 2, 2010

Three words. Eye. Fucking. Candy.

  • Yes there was EYE CANDY, Alot too… and they LOOKED even better in person….

  • Three words, This is krazy

  • fenelli


  • djayare


  • yerr

    ugly bitches

  • JuGo


  • gwannin


  • Miami’s the spot
    glad i live down here

    Song not so good
    but the video was LIVE!!

    – Johnny Ciphe


  • YURP

    so when is that slime shit gonna catch on? i dont see it happening…

  • qwan

    its blood gang slime, but i parlay wit snoop – Lil Wayne ^^^

  • #mekagetsnopussy at all haha.

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    A lot of ugly faces, but a lot of big asses. A few had the whole package, but I wish I was there.

  • sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmeeee

  • I jog in Lanvin

    the new onsmash video player is giving me the shits, keeps lagging and when you pause it doesn’t play anymore

  • G

    these niggas like bald bitches ha

  • GOD

    This reminds me of 03 dipset..they were average then and average now lol. Still beats listening to lil wayne or gucci mane tho. I only watch cuz of the babes

  • Ske-G

    Vado been killin it

  • chris_martian



  • Unxpekted77

    Saying these are ugly bitches = you have never been surrounded by more than 5 girls exuding sex, shut the fuck up gayness

  • who is the broad with the shaved head? aye!

  • KU

    U Go Slime its Ur Time..Sliimmeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • KB Smoka

    I guess when you make shitty music it helps to have half naked bitches in the background.

  • SLIIIIIME… Cam wit that DMX shit still makes me laugh…

  • FiveNine

    Someone knows the clothing brand of camron blue polo?

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