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T3 x Slum Village x XXL (Video)

blame it on Meka August 3, 2010

After eLZhi aired some dirty laundry exclusively with XXL last week, now T3 speaks on his version of events, working with Little Brother, why eLZhi was never supposed to be on “Reunion 2” and why fans are always the one that makes great groups break up because they always pick favorites.

That last line… you believe that T3. You believe that.

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  • All this beefin is the one of the reasons I stopped listening to rap music, although the main reason is that Jesus saved my soul! God bless!

  • PACO


  • Ya Grandpa’s Back Hand

    Fools should just stop airing out their dirty laundry..this shit coulda been avoided.

  • YourBoyAl

    rofl @ blaming the fans

    if that aint some of the dumbest shit i heard in a while

  • whadup

    honestly, he is just bitter he has no solo career and hes going to fall out of our conscience forever unless he either becomes a better emcee or he assassinates someone. i dont know. the group split up because they were always fighting over what litle money they made and now elzhi will keep getting that paper because we actually care for him. ELmatic COMING SOON

  • i recently did an interview with elzhi. check it.

  • Wwhat kind of weak shit is that to say your really gonna blame the fans for you begin shifty?!?! #killyourself. #nuffsaid

  • T3 either needs to step his raps up, or just help Elzhi promote his shit.

    It seems like T3 is being overly dramatic about the whole situation and is on a power trip about who is and who isn’t a part of the group. Plus, he’s clearly jealous of Elzhi’s talent and the attention he gets as an MC, especially since he’s the one that brought him into SV.

    If it’s a group, then the members that are alive should be on every track on the album. There’s no need to exclude Elzhi from anything. That’s who the fans want to hear anyway, and that’s why T3 is so bitter.

  • TheCOOLnikJ

    damn T, stop all that bitch nonsense. jealousy aint a female trait, it’s a BITCH trait…bitch. Either stop rappin with cats that are better than you or step your motherfucking game up…blamin’ the fans and shit,I guess i should apologize for people being able to recognize that El is THAT much better than you? or maybe you should be apologizing…to yourself fool

  • FortapacheGeneral

    Haaaaa!!!! T3 can’t handle the pressure. Elzhi will destroy your favorites rapper’s favorite Rapper!

  • BoogieFields

    wooow really T?

  • Jealousy.

  • disappointed

    T3 Pleeeease just stop. just stop saying anything at all. Your making yourself look worst, and worst everytime you even address the situation. Every fan in the world at this point is now aware that the label and RJ Rice is shady, and you have not stood up for your own rap partner! FYI I’m a promoter that has booked yall in the past. Just stop! Shut your mouth. And Leave illa J out of it, before you guys totally destroy his career also.

  • skricNimbles

    shut up marta, nobody wanna here that shit .. corny ass

  • Tupac Shakur

    T3 did some pretty shady stuff…but i bet half of yall niggaz who commented havent listened to the first 2 Slum albums. T3 could rap circles around these wack emcees. Detroit is so full of talent that even the “wack” emcees u think are wack (T3) are better than most rappers out now. anybody compared to Elzhi is not fair at all…lol

  • I’m a big fan of Slum Village, I trust that things will work out. I’m fan of every member in SV. I’m anticipating the new cat to see what he can do.