• flip illson

    i want a video for "Exotics"

    ---a dying metaphor---

  • http://vimeo.com/user677428/videos Chi2LA23

    Danny Brown is the shit!

  • YURP

    i remember hearing him first on a trak with Elzhi and thinking he sucked compared to him but i now know this dude is talented... gotta look out for more of his shit though

  • Bic

    this hybrid album is incredible.
    and is that yayo i see?

  • markeith504

    yea was that yayo?

  • http://www.masterchef.com surgicalgloves

    Yes that is yayo, Danny has been doing shows with him. He even posted a pic on his tumblr of him, yayo and lil b saying they made a classic song. Can't wait to hear that.

    Oh and he also released a bunch material on his tumblr too. About 3 mistakes worth

  • 1

    one of my favourites off hybrid. Danny's always been dope. period.

  • Unxpekted77

    Bullets jersey = John Wall status

  • BrownGirlWonder

    @ yuurp are you reffering to Contra? Cuz Danny def rapped the most memorable verse of that ill joint.

    Danny brown is so ill!