Slang Editorial: Rap Albums: An Obsolete Format?

In today's post I talk about whether or not we need rap albums anymore.

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    In today's comment I talk about whether or not Mekas editorials provide any insight at all.

    The answer is no they do not

  • You can keep your ignorant opinions to yourself and go listen to your Gucci Mane collection

  • bon

    I wouldn't call that opinion ignorant.
    Not one bit.
    Do you type these up mad quick while you're dropping your morning deuce?

  • AJ

    Why all the hate for 50 and G-Unit Meka?

  • JuGo

    i think we do need albums. gives us something to look forward to. for example, i want that J. Cole album to come out ASAP. imma buy it and leave it in my whip to jam to. it's traditional. and i know artists enjoy the fact that their fans take the effort to go out and cop their albums

  • slicknick

    lmao @ MFDOOM. Most of them are alright, but this one is a little out there.

  • i think you said it yourself:

    "In many ways we’ll always need a rap album. There’s really nothing like having an entire body of work from an artist, especially when – if they hit a creative groove so to speak – they’ve created a dope work of art that will stand the test of time."

    It just cant be the ONLY thing an artist does anymore. Media content and what fans expect these days is broader than ever.

  • indie

    *Unraps eminem recovery album, *peals that annoying sticker from the top, *five minutes later *opens the case, *pullss out the cd
    procedes to scans album booklet *puts cd in cd player and reads lyrics to song thats playing. "(Cuase somethings just don't change, its better when they stay the same, although the whole worlds knows your name)"
    Doesn't get any better than those moments, yes we need cd formats, though some artist should retire to just selling mps's for obvious reasons. Just saying.....

  • GR

    You can't lose faith in albums because would you rather watch the hip-hop industry and your favourite artists flood away with an irrelevancy of constant mixtapes? It takes a level of professionalism to drop an album.

  • M.E.A.N.

    yes the artist do.

  • Look, if you got nothing good to say, don't say anything or I'll report you to the police. Got it?

  • How I Got Over

    The day they stop making albums is the day I stop listening to Hip Hop.

  • bon

    Meka does stunts in gay movies for Little Richard

  • That's it bon, I'm reporting you.

  • Cloud 9

    lol Meka u need to put somethin up about ur opinion on wack rappers. like a list of rappers who u think that shouldnt be allowed to drop a album at all. im jus curious

  • ZeNiTH

    Even tho record sales are fucked up and there's so much free-digital shit to fill a C drive we still DO need hip-hop albums. I wouldn't even raise the question... Probably because I'm a dinosaur. And if I have a doubt about album being obsolete or not I just have to stare at my constantly expanding collection.

    And well, since we talking about needing albums:


  • null

    Is this what is passing for hip hop journalism these days? "50 cent's album didn't sell well. are rap albums dead? jadakiss made a good mixtape once." Compelling points.

  • RM

    How do u not need rap albums? thats som corny shit man where music meets the mind. finally, hip hop without the bull$hit

  • wack rappers?
    soulja boy
    lil b
    waka flocka... they are all uniquely dope

  • chronwell

    U Right! at the end of it all it’s up to the consumer .
    Check out how Ras Kass got his fans to pay upfront for this new A.D.I.D.A.S. album, just to convince him he wouldnt lose money doin a physical CD album and the nigga winds up turnin a profit. It even surprised him at how many supporters wanted a CD!

  • Cloud 9

    lol oj tha juice man too meka

  • the real mccoy

    meka gets butt hurt

  • Thats a really good question. Honestly rap albums are like self licking ice cream cones; they only exist to satisfy themselves...The Artist with the biggest chunk of my hard drive is Charles Hamlton followed by Curren$y,and I ain't paid a damn red cent for none of it. So what is the point of albums? So rappers can tell you how many they sold...right, right???

  • red

    I don't know the last time I was blown away by an album...I prefer a stream of leaks, mixtapes, music videos, interviews & tours. CDs seem like a waste of time these days unless you're looking for another genre of music.

  • Kandice

    ^^^does that make u feel better about stealing albums broke ass nigga

  • red

    In the past month I've purchased Pilot Talk and Son of Chico Dusty...I'm also going to Rock the Bells in NYC. Not to mention all the merchandise/posters I have.
    Suck a dick Kandice

  • Gordon B.

    I definitely need albums, physical ones, vinyl ones.
    If you don't release an album on vinyl you don't want my money and it's your own fault you aren't getting paid.
    The reason why people aren't getting paid in this day and age with record sales is because they don't adapt with the time. Independent is the only way to go unless you get 100% support from your major label, and if you're not called Marshall Mathers it's not really happening.
    If Fat Joe is independent at gets maybe $9 per album sold, he just got $150 000 last week, if that doesn't pay the bills you need to adapt your lifestyle.

  • Mondo

    ALBUMS are needed and will not be obsolete. Just because record sales suck for certain artist means nothing. At the end of the day MOST of these rappers are making GREAT MONEY. Just not ENOUGH money to buy maybacks & aston martins. Even if you dont have a huge fanbase. you can sell 5-10k records. And then tour regionally to small venues of 500-1k. I think MOST hard-working rappers easily make over 100k a year. Now if they are trying to live like million dollar rappers that is on them. If the rapper has some sort of follwing they need to go the independent route. i dont wanna hear rappers cry bout their labels messed up their album (wale,drake). you are on a major thats gona happen. If you are good enough to get on a major. Use it for what's it worth then go back to independent.

  • If the leaked singles are good and the album is something to look forward to, the consumer will buy.

  • Guttersnipe

    Kandice is the genius who once tried to say Drake is better than Black Thought and got shit on. Straight goo'd.


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