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Petey Pablo – Go (prod. Timbaland) (Video)

blame it on Meka August 9, 2010

Aside from that broad from that bad girls reality show who makes my laptop smell like it’s been infected with an STD, I still fucks with this song heavy.

DOWNLOAD: Petey Pablo – Go (prod. Timbaland)

  • I fucks wit the song too. Video could’ve been better though

  • Your Father

    @ meez – This is the official unofficial video. It’s not the actual vid. This was a random clip filmed during the filming of Timbaland’s bro, Sebastian’s music vid for his latest single, Wobbley Remix.
    This ain’t Timbo on the beat, BTW.
    Produced by The Machine.
    Check out http://www.thetimbalandbuzz.com/ for the info.

  • jeff

    remember how this video would look like in 2000 or earlier? im miss those old kind of videos

  • Lotlan

    I most definitely fucks wit this song also, this shit has been gettin crazy replay on my ipod.

  • natialie nun if her jaw werent so big wud be aiite

    great beat

  • tatties

    since 2dbz posted it, its got fair spins

  • Dope i fucks with this, PB use to fuck with my nigga MokeOut sister son official.

  • craigRmani

    petey pablo used to be skinny wtf

    songs a true banger though.

  • computeruser

    This fool just did a quick as hell video with some girls from another shoot, lol! He ain’t spend one damn dime for this shit. Now that’s how you make a video.

  • ADP

    Man, that’s Miami, they just ran up and down Ocean and Collins on South Beach and were shooting the video…. LMAO, all they needed was a high quality camera lol…. Timbaland has his studio and crib right by…. lowest budget video of all time… Official Unofficial video— SMH

  • I saw that natalie chick in the city a couple weeks back. Tried to get in the club, got rejected. Funny shit.

  • RMMM

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    where music meets the mind. Finally, hiphop without the bullshit

  • Musikfiend

    I’d take Natalie Nunn down, lol.

  • tatties

    oh, and this is possibly the worst vid ever.