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Young Jeezy – Death Before Dishonor

blame it on Meka August 9, 2010

It was only a matter of time before Jeezy jumped on this track. Off his upcoming 1000 Grams tape, dropping this Thursday. Shot fired at 1:09? Props to Young!

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  • I feel like behind the scenes jeezy is getting black balled or something..jeezy was hot for ages and messing with both jay and diddy (ciroc advert special) then ross creeps in ..and jeezy gets no love n starts droppin duds like that all white business (when everyone is on jays nuts with the all black). and his real bmf didnt even get any attention.

  • joshchrome

    did not really do much more than the original… yeah for sure shots fired..

  • From da go-go

    this song is absolutely dissing Ricky

  • mars blackmon

    wow i guess jeezy gotta get his name out there some way!! trap or die 2 was hot mixtape he just didn’t market as well as he could hv and “all white everything” is ok but not a banger. when in need of buzz/record sells just start a rap beef lol. bad thing is he too late hands down Ross had most hyped/played album of the summer already, while jeezy has no buzz leading up to TM103, good luck with that jeezy!!

  • Your Father

    It’s so crazy how this is much better than Jeezy’s singles for TM103. Every singles been subpar thus far.

  • A.B.N.


  • cj

    this shit bangs..im lookin foward 2 this mixtape..this mixtape droppin kind quick after trap or die 2

  • I hope Ricky doesn’t respond. I mean, RO$$ & The Snowman could make good cocaine music if they really wanted to.

  • cj

    he went at him more than the 1:09 mark..when he said self made it sounded like let me get another listen

  • cj

    @this riot life that would b a good battle jeezy vs ross??i think i might take jeezy and ross has 2 respond u cant get diss on ur own beat and maybe 1 of ur best singles of ur career

  • bic

    whats with jeezy taking these baby steps? I thought he was a real dude. EIther say what you want to say for real or dont say nothing at all.

  • whizzpup

    Damn, this is tight. Would rather get the album, but this mixtape is gonna be hard.


  • bic said this on August 9th, 2010 at 6:35 pm < i think jeezy knows everybody is fukin wit ross despit his past /image etc its all about money n ross is money to diddy n em rite now and Jeezy cant really compete with that. Even tho i wud love to see Jeezy go at Rick ross.!!

  • town

    this sucked. “look at me nigga, im what you used to be” Bawse

  • spooky

    I fucks with Jeezy, but I’m not sure if he should go the beef route.

  • Aaron THe Great

    The original can’t be outdone.. I don’t want to see a battle between the two but I would like to see Ricky fire back a little.

  • Jay Cole

    HA HA…

  • jojoba

    Jeezy has that realness to his voice… that gravely pained blues shit going. He SHOULD kill Ross… Should but Ross has summer heat. Interesting to see how this goes down

  • dirtysixchambers

    every where i move my fuckin mouse on this site a pop-up comes up.

  • Actual/Factual

    oh yea, Jeezy definitely getting at Ross on this shit. Think it’s a little late though to really get at Ross and his background and shit though. Dude has basically gotten a pass for that shit and his claims just keep getting more and more wild, and when you got Jay-Z dropping some of his dopest bars in awhile on your album and Diddy basically calling you Notorious B.I.G. reincarnated, fucking with Badu and shit, don’t see Ross getting knocked off right now…even 50 hasn’t said nothing about Ross’ new shit…I fux with Jeezy heavy but unfortunately he may come off looking like the 50 of recent years with this kind of move

  • 1977


  • yadida

    ^ gona have to respectfully disagree..jeezy would eat ross’s cornbread

  • Digitek

    Shots? ..is there any question?

    ‘God Damn ho/you got them massive titties/mine as well roll wit me/to Magic City’ …umm yeah, I would say shots definitely fired.

  • JonesDeini

    For what it’s worth Ross is a more lyrically/technically gifted rapper. Neither have real street credibility in my eyes, just two guys who play their characters well

  • Carl Montgomery Jr

    yeah definitely shots fired at ROZAY!

  • Digitek

    @ JonesDeini

    I’d have to agree with ya … and I know this issue has been beaten to death, but anyone who’s spent time in jail or a correctional facility know what a violation Ross’s life is .. not to mention you can’t be a fucking CO without a squeaky clean criminal record ..so sorry officer, but I don’t believe you.

  • JonesDeini ?< Wat makes u say that about jeezy?

  • Pac-16

    agree with “your father” and yes sounded like a shot. Jeezy goes hard though

  • ReezyAlejandro

    How is Ross money and his album flopped? 180,000 copies first week is pitiful when u think about his last two albums… I think “Lose My Mind” was a dope single despite the Plies verse… all Jeezy needs is another banger like “Put On” and he’ll be in there

  • PACO

    jeezy still going at ross proves that jeezy is real.

  • jeezy still goin hard

  • uzi

    jeezy affiliated with the real BMF dont think he got a credibility problem like rawse

  • mystalkerisfat

    The fact of the matter is that Jeezy is certified in Atlanta. He’s real. What he speaks is real. And while Ross is definitely becoming a living legend as the days go by he wouldn’t win on a 1v1 in ANY aspect of this game (in real life). But in the music industry scheme of things Jeezy should slap whoever’s mama told him to beef with Ross. You about to take a L dog. IF he responds.

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Ross is trash iono wtf ppl talkin, but jeezy gotta get bak on his TM101 shit nd recession shit. He way betta then ross

  • DEV

    “all im hearing is coking rapping with no passion,
    from dudes getting fucked like something Chris Stokes imagined”

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    & lyrical dnt let jeezy fool u with dat trap talk he got bars both on the same level really but jeezy up on him by ah lil bit.

  • @

    ross is not a great rapper he has great features and beats jeezy is sub par but atleast what he says has credibility ross is just empty drug talk while his boys snort cocaine in his mansion lol also jeezy seems like a genuinely cool dude he opened his house to katrina victims what did ross do


    jeezy did the chorus better

  • james

    Jeezy, 50, & Banks should work out a track together.

  • Micah

    Jeezy > Ross aanyday of the week year 8/9/10 – 2000/2000/3000 any fuckin day. but anyway jeezy didnt have the promotion behind him its his turn to drop now, def jam decided to drop ross first and his album flooped second week sales said it all, now that jeezy bout to get the promotional run you will see the difference, did yall not here the track with 3 stacks and jeezy omg shit is gonna be hot.

  • RMMM

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    where music meets the mind. Finally, hiphop without the bullshit

  • Musikfiend


    Jeezy just came off tour w/ Jay-Z & Trey Songz. This track is definitely is a shot @ Ross as was the last one but damn Jeezy stop sneak dissin & say the man’s name otherwise STFU, lol.

  • djSTO

    I dont think any of us REALLY know how real Jeezy is with his yay talk. Rick Ross may be a little fake when it comes to that but its good subject matter to rap about, and he does it over sublime instrumentals…

  • 206grindin

    I don’t care about street credibility. If these two get in a battle, a straight up rap battle, on wax only, Jeezy is getting torn a new asshole by Ross. No homo. Ross will eat him alive on record

  • SK

    I think 50 and Jeezy should get together to do a 2010 version of Pac’s Hit’Em Up to bury this fat pig/fake coke dealer.

  • Grump

    Ross isn’t great, but Jeezy is entirely fucking wack. Shit like poop.

  • MilkManNick

    “you got them ass and titties” idk if this is at ross but lmao

  • damier

    idgaf bout that weak ass coke rap shit…real kingpins in jail or in the ground…i love this rap shit like i love scareface great entertainment that at its best points invokes emotion…

    o sidenote if ross and jeezy get a strictly wax battle…ross will eat his ass up with one solid 16 and a fire ass beat and prolly have trey songs singing on the hook…in other words jeezy doesnt have a shot in hell

  • jerome

    @SK LMAO – and Jeezy is a real coke dealer? All these rappers are actors. Rick Ross was a C.O. This is not the same as a pig. It was a bad look for him to deny it, but a C.O. isn’t a NARC, CIA, FBI out busting people. And look how many crooked ass people are pigs any damn way. When it comes to rappin, Ross over Jeezy any day. What Grump said.

  • How I Got Over

    @ReezyAlejandro, 180 000 is pretty much what his other albums did as well. Deeper Than Rap was only 150 000. All his other albums went gold in the end. So his album wasn’t a flop you idiot.

  • @How I Got Over sounds like a flop to me lol sounds like his ass been floppin all along… his singles just been hella good… anyway who cares? If we talkin album sales Jeezy bodies Ross all day long… Recession > Rick Ross’ entire discography lol… Ross is more lyrical, but I’m rollin wit Jeezy

  • dr0

    he killed officer riccy an if riccy responds he’ll wrecc dat nicca juss like 50 did except now adays u can be fake wear thongs suk dik an have belly ring an niccas will still support u if u have decent music lol pathetikk exspecially when derrs plenty legit artists dat make real music not fairy tales

  • XYZpoint

    2010, Viewer’s Choice Award (“Hard”) with Rihanna [Won]
    With this shh Not! a
    Lil J,
    if someone had ever loved you did you felt? Am I Blue?Was it right or wron? What kind of video would you like to have Tash or High End CGI Art?? Well First you have to do some Great sonn that swim bellow serfice and salf serviced friends..Man if I would have all that money I be somewhere like on Havai ore something to clear my mind and sole (Bodiguard) What was that song about..how informed am I? … I am at so many things I enjoy to do and then I did some rest from all shit you know when it become to fill like shit and then I get in touch with your and Bun songs..and was thinking that it’s about some shit so was writing something like I’m watching for you Lil J as When what you do ain’t honorable to mention then i ain’t say it…but it wont stay empty maybe you really need some brothers to tell some truth about thin or 2 you do like Bun B and all others as say THAT’S ANOUGH Lil J..LOL (not niggas who will kill echother over peace of Dishonor Man!nobody love to be hated nobody wan’t to be a damn niger pore grave digger) Not that..
    I don’t know about other people here but I ain’t for scorpios that represent shit. I love scorpio as my feminy sign and yes I lamin here for You me probly Young Jeezy becouse I Love Bun B & gettin to love U 2 after hours of Agony and hope..have some loughts hope lol

  • cj

    i think we can all say jeezy has more street cred since he is affialiated wit bmf

  • dboyacexx

    no we can all say.. we dnt kno if they are bout what there saying

    they both grown ass men talking bout pushin keys!!

    why cant they just spit some real stuff..

    why they gotta sale drugs for.. the millionares!!

    grown ass men got kids and everthing SMFH!

  • mmkayy

    Get em Jeezy.. much better than his single too.. wheres the reply ? i guess since Ross aint promoting anything theres not gonna be one

  • Coopa

    This beat fits jeezy more than it fits ross.

  • solid

    i beg this nigga Jeezy to diss Game for kinda using his voice,n see if he dont get blown the fuck outta the industry like the Unit

  • oomzee

    50 already killed ross and he still doin good. this aint gonna hurt him

  • 50 Kill Officer William! [ everyone know that ] !!!
    Now Jeezy Re-Kill Him. [ because he CAN!

  • Clifford

    Ross would take jeezy down!

  • Rite now Ross wud put up a real good fight against jeezy cos everybody in the industry pussy n dont care about authenticity n wudnt dare speak against ross rite now.

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Did this nigga really say game would blow jeezy out the industry!? Nigga you fail!

  • BlindsidedXIX

    You guys are delusional. Ross take out Jeezy??? I’m not even gonna touch on the credibility battle people know that Jeezy is certified. I’m from Miami, niggas don’t fuck with Ross like they do Jeezy lol. Even with no real single buzz other than Lose My Mind if his album were to drop in a month I bet he sells more than Ross. This mixtape is only the beginning. Jeezy is coming back to take the streets

  • OK lets get over the fact that yall “hate” Ross..NOW lyrically do yall really think bar for bar that Jeezy nicer than Ross? REALLY?
    both are not advanced lyrically but jus between them 2 Jeezy cant fuck wit Ross! Jeezy has stepped his bar game up from his 1st joint but Ross always had flow… #beefindasouth

  • me

    i see carol city cops is going in on jeezy on they twitter…

  • JonesDeini

    @ BiereSpeciale
    As the illustrious Chad Butler said, “Yellin’ out fake dope prices”. I grew up around the dope game folk (never dealt myself though). That 17.5 bujou Jeezy was spittin’ don’t fly once you do that math, folk. Listen to Pimp’s interview and do the math on them numbers…

    At the end of the day very, very few of these trap rappers is keepin’ it trill and kickin’ that concrete conversation, folk. Rappers be on some WWF cartoon ish. Rappers have been lying forever, everybody tell stories, embellishes, etc. but there’s a big difference between the flat out fabrication that goes on these days. Ross plays his role well, as does Jeezy. If they battle I’ll be watching like I would Stone Cold & The Rock in the ring. Bar for bar, Ross’ stepped up heavy, so much so to the point that he’s able to hold his own against (an albeit aging) G. Rap. Jeezy’s NEVER been a lyricist or anything beyond an capable (at best rapper). To me the outcome is obvious, Ross would walk the dog on ol’ boy.

  • Gd up

    Ross is wack!! He needs guest appearances on every track to make his shit bang

  • Yatti

    I rock out with the real nigga instead of the lying C.O.

  • jay

    jeezy sptting fake dope prices. Jeezy still free and bmf is locked up???? Sounds like another T.I. move to me. HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM