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k-os – Faith f. Drake

blame it on Shake August 10, 2010

Off k-os’ new project, The Anchorman Mixtape, which is also available below. I would’ve just made that the title but I have a feeling having Drake’s name involved will bring more eyeballs/ears. Even though that shouldn’t be the case.

DOWNLOAD: k-os – Faith f. Drake | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: k-os – The Anchorman Mixtape

  • PG

    K-Os is pretty underrated. I suggest people stop leaving and check this out.

  • PG

    Meaning stop sleeping. Lol

  • NorthernTouch87

    K-Os >> Drake

  • k-os and kardinal.. hottest MCs outta canada

  • RSX

    uhh this song is amazing.

  • Shake’s girl left him for me because she walked in on him jackin off to Drake in old episodes of Degrassi

  • Insert Name

    …I was just listening to some k-os songs…I only own two so I must of had premonition or something damn

  • Insert Name

    *must have
    * a premonition

  • Steezilla

    Shake’s girl left him for me because she found naked pic msgs of drake on his metro pcs phone

  • damn shake, you do lurk on the comments section, huh? you posted this right after i dropped a link for it. i like that though. a lot of websites are lazy and only post during certain times in the day and only during the week. you’re up on shit, Shake. that’s why i keep visiting this site on the daily

  • kk

    what song is sampled on this

  • haha did he actually record that intro for this?

  • kk

    @Marcus No They Took It Off the end of anchorman. he says that right before they do the afternoon delight music video

  • bobbychalkers

    Best Drake verse I’ve heard in a minute. k-os never disappoints though.

  • amc

    Was it me or did K-Os seem offbeat for 90% of his verse?
    @MC Scatterbrain Kardinal is best out of Canada period.

  • T

    Drake switched up his flow? Holy fuck..it’s a miracle

  • Zak

    k-os is so talented. good to see him gettin a little love on here.

  • I don’t know why this immediately reminded me of a Nas joint when it came on (after the skit part), but it did. This was pretty sick. I’m definitely glad Drake switched his flow on this. He kind of had to, since it was 3/4.

  • OneBluntWonder

    K-os deserves mad props, he’s been puttin it down consistently here in canada for years. One of the most respected canadian artists, not just in the hip hop industry. T.dot!!

  • mtrx

    This mixtape is incredible def deserves more love

  • OneBluntWonder

    Also good looks to 2DB for showin love to canuck mc’s, especially my man JD Era who I went to high school with. Kardi & K-os are only scratching the surface, the hip hop scene in canada is actually huge. All the way back to Saukrates and Maestro, the rascalz, to classified, camouflage (aka ganghis khan), can’t forget about shad. Muthafuckas need to stop sleepin on the north for real

  • Will

    dope tape

  • mmkayy

    Drake switched up his flow? Holy fuck..it’s a miracle

    T said this on August 10th, 2010 at 1:43 am

    ^ this.. it took me a second to realise that was Drake HA!

  • DwapDwapPow


    I’ve been up all day on Shad, Saukrates, K-OS and Kardinal…I feel like some of the best music these days are coming from Canada and Seattle…

  • token

    First off, I’m a Drake fan, TML and most of his shit is dope. But didnt any1 else see how he straight jacked Hov’s flow from ‘my 1st song’? He definitely did his thing on this shit, but yall needa run these tracks back to back before u throw props for “switchin up the flow”. Makes sense with that blues guitar rollin and sliding on the beat, but c’mon man, that’s classic Jay. call me crazy…

  • T0KS


  • GR

    Any real Canadian knows k-os holds it down for Canada, not Drake. Or Justin Beiber, hahaha.

  • StrangeFamous

    @token Your spot on.

  • this is DOPE!!!!!!! DOPE!! DOPE!!

  • 12 Step

    I’ve seen k-os live a few times over the years and he’s one of the best performers I’ve seen in any genre.

  • New k-Os??? awwwww shit!

  • @token

    I don’t think he really “jacked” Jay’s flow in this case man. The beat tempo wasn’t in traditional format; it was in 3/4; just like Jay-Z’s “My 1st Song”. Usually, you have to rap that same way every time on a 3/4 beat. It’s just going to come out like that. That’s probably why this immediately reminded me of Nas, because I was thinking about that joint he did called “If Heaven Were A Mile Away” where he had to spit in 3/4 due to the beat and how it was structured. Another famous 3/4 songs have been like Kanye West’s Spaceships.

  • Thanks for posting it this way Shake. More people need to get up on K-os.

  • Soneerokz

    K-os is pretty sick. He’s been doing his thing for years and now he’s starting to gain some attention cause Drake is backing him up. I don’t know why he hasn’t blown up and gone mainstream by now. All his albums are dope; he’s got a style like no other. I hope he starts getting the props he deserves.

  • Meka Gets No Love

    this nigga MURDERED IT

  • Dblack

    K-Os is soooooooo fucking ill. Atlantis was a great album!

  • straightkillah

    You guys do know K-os is very well respected and well known in Canada, right (better known than Drake)? he hasn’t “blown up” in the U.S.A. but, he’s known in Canada…

    holy shit, @token, WOW….he took that flow verbatim….but, then again, the beats are very similar to each other…

  • kay-nuck

    CANADAS IN THIS BITCH!!! K-os always held it down in Canada im downloading this as soon as I get off work!

  • LV

    K-os is the fucking truth. I’m from the USA and I know that.

  • craigRmani

    k-os is ill, made good music since day 1

  • ThatKidRawr

    Drake went in on this shit. K-os > though

  • dz

    I have all of his albums. One of my favs

  • W. J. Rice

    I’m not feeling this kid K-Os’ delivery at all. Does he always flow like that?

  • eastsideplaya69

    @12 Step you’re on point when you say that K-Os is an amazing performer. I’ve seen him 3 times and he never dissapoints.

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    K-os > anything wheelchair jimmy

  • sir fu**ing left foot

    one of my favorite artists besides 2stacks and janelle monae. all of his 4 albums are great. joyful rebellion is a classic. I liked his sound back then more. YES was a good album but def no classic like his first three.

    I hope he can go back to that point. mixtape is dope though.

  • sir fu**ing left foot

    ah, 3stacks of course.

  • JaySole

    This song is (2)Dope and drake surprised me with his flow in this joint. Nice

  • Ryuk

    cant wait for the K-Os/ Shad show. Canada stay winning.

  • Jake

    @DwapDwapPow I feel you on that Seattle/Canada call out. Drake had a Macklemore-esque flow on this song too.

  • Onederin

    K-os ftw

  • 33-

    Drake doing WORK

  • TrollN

    mixtape is ill

  • sir fu**ing left foot said this on August 10th, 2010 at 5:06 pm <<< Totally agree with you (bar the janelle mone part she is dope just not in my roatation)

  • vis

    With this mixtape, I got everything that k-os put out. Thanx 2dope. And yeah…stop sleeping on K-os!!!

  • From da go-go

    k-os is the shit. fuck drake