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Jay-Z x Nike “All Black Everything” Air Force 1

blame it on Shake August 11, 2010

As you can see, Hov has joined forces with Nike to create a pair of “All Black Everything” Air Force 1’s. One of five different designs created for the collection. Only two pairs of each design will be created though. One for Jay and the other up for grabs through a charity auction that’s going down tomorrow at 9am EST on Ebay. Hit the jump for more shots and start prepping your online bidding game if you’re looking to take these home.

Shouts to HS on the heads up.

  • gbreeze

    ALl Black AF1’s?? Obviously he’s in the masons………

    Just fuckin wit y’all LOL

  • Rashad Grissett

    These hoes weak ass fuck.

  • Google

    I’ll wait for the Chinese knock-offs.

    I keed.

  • TrueStyle

    AF1’s in 2010?

    We off that. (J’s too)

  • Chantz

    Let me tell you, truestyle, you are obviously a homosexual and that’s bad. You’re bad.

  • them shits is fresh… to the guy who says we off af1s and js… you must be on the gay shit

  • hmm?

    Uhh what you talking bout nigga? J’s WE ON THAT

  • bennyblancofromtheBX


  • Co-sign @ Google

  • dwd

    Kanye West Feat. Beyonce – See Me Now.mp3
    (the new talked about leak from Kaynes album)

    Just leaked

  • uckyalife

    Yup, we off that.DOnt get madd if ya sneaker game aint graduate .who really tryna drop a good sent on sum weak ass Air Forces? dont answer dat .

  • uckyalife


  • uckyalife


  • djSTO

    sweet you can barely see what they actually look like…

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    I dont get how its an upgrade if you move from $70 AF1’s to $20 Vans slips… jus sayin

  • Bolverk

    LOL at the dude saying “AF1’s in 2010? We off that. (J’s too)”…. he’s obviously DUMB AS FUCK….

  • riv

    damn took you 3 times to get cent…but i agree with you^^

  • kofstar

    AF1’s aren’t that cool anymore, but it is for charity.

  • Jason

    Nigga we’re never gonna be off J’s. Real sneakerheads wouldn’t say that shit.
    only niggas off em is the ones that can’t get they money right.

    Olympic 7s August 13th bitches

  • Method Man

    dr seuss ass niggas wearing vans and shit

  • Em is GOAT Drake is awesome too!

    AF1s and J’s still the shit I can see why guys wouldn’t like them with their skinny girl pants though.

  • I agree that AF1’s aren’t in anymore they crease super easy and kinda give out over time but idk know what he’s talking we’re always on J’s. And to the guy that say van slips aren’t a upgrade I dnt rock those but I do rock chucks and Vans authentics because they are cheaper and look better with the more fitted clothing I rock. So it’s not really an upgrade just my preference because even I never really liked the baggy clothing that much anyway because I’m not skinniest dude but it looked bad on me

  • markaveli

    hahahaa stupid young’ns in skinny jeans and vans….AF1 and Js are classics, not trends and fads that pass with the seasons.

  • eSo

    AF1’s still fresh and always will be (hopefully). To bad I’m broke as fuck so I’m rockin some Van’s ha. Half the price. Maybe when the Gov give me some tax money back next year I’ll splurge again on some *all white* Air Forces.


    Never been a fan of AF1’s to big and clunky. they are fresh but not my shit. Jordans are not out that shit is absurd who ever thinks Jordans are out are fucking re-tar-ded. Vans are easy to wear cuz they fit good with all jeans and there a comfortable, kinda cliche but its true. If you are a true sneaker junkie you would have AF1’s and Van’s in your closet…

  • i agree with nahmeen. i always thought the overall look (and fat-ass sole) of the air force 1’s made them look mad goofy. i’ll take dunks or blazers any day

  • AF1’s? Time machine to 2001 when Hov and Forces were both dope.

  • crack

    with so much talk about j’s and af1’s. anyone know where a dude can get an affordable pair? lol

  • stan lee

    damn.. i cant wear these with my skinny pants.. and btw i wear jordans, vans, and chucks.. you can’t wear big basketball shoes with fitted pants -____-
    there’s this thing called proportion..

  • Unxpekted77

    fucking ugly… they should call em shit shoes

  • dwd

    PHOTOS: Birdman Bought a New $2.1 Million Bugatti Veyron 16.4

  • Cage

    ^^^ Lol he kept it 100… AF1’s crease when they get old and beat up.. If you own more than 5 pairs of kicks you shouldn’t have that problem… I’m still a Nikehead, vans and chucks?? Nigga please… we were never on that, those were always for broke niggas, gangbangers, or broke ass gangbangers…

  • Cloud 9

    lol AF1’s are classic…they never fail

  • I dont wear forces anymore but Hov my fav rapper i’d cop jus for that! and J’s will never die….EVER!

  • Kennyis22

    I always rock AF1’s and Air Max 90’s for casual wear. I’m not really a fan of J’s though. And Fusions are just nasty. Fuck you Van-wearing kids though.

  • random

    been a nike head since day 1 vans chucks them shits is horrible yall some skateboarding in sears parking lot ass niggas

  • There Actually Called “Camel Toes”! J’s And Air 1’s Are Classics! Vans Them Shits Weak!!! Get Your Kick Game Right!!!

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    If you own a pair of Vans and skinny jeans, but made fun of the white boy in your class for doing the same shit take them mawfuckas off RIGHT NOW.

  • dboi

    I had to comment. Nigga said we off J’s. Nigga you either wearing some Giorgio Brutini’s or dem gay ass moon boats if you don’t wear J’s cuz.


    fuck jay z and his lips **pause**
    fuck beyonce!! (literally)
    fuck roc nation!!
    and fuck them shoes!!

    Killuminati bitch!!!!

  • Simms

    Its all in what your style is. Skinnys are out there but its better
    then bright ass coogie and fake oversized polo assin(if it aint real just get somethin without a logo). But, these aren’t for wearing anyway. they for heads lookin to get somethin you aint got.

  • no bueno. they’re have been plenty of “all black everything” Forces in the past when ppl still ROCKED them. Now they put them in the back of closets.

    eh, whatever. collector’s item.

  • Hampton Forces > Hov Forces.

    but real talk forces aint as heavy [& consistant for that matter] this year because nikes trying to up the demand on em. Retros will always be in if your a true sneakerhead, or is even the least bit knowledgeable about basketball

    ////supra ass mother fuckin space shuttle lauch strap up shit no laced moonboot i seen people wearin now is wacktastic and ill laugh at anyone i see with those on there feet.

    ….. but real talk the penny foamposities are the truth

  • Jordan

    def still on J’s lame nigga!

  • GuRiLLA

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  • kid_intellect

    AF-1’s and J’s bridging the gap between 5y.o. up to 50’s even 60 y.o.. and to the queer who said in we off of af’1 and j’s in 2010 is either broke for he cant afford both, or well as others have mentioned, you is gay/homo/queer..

  • wase

    oh so NOW, you jumpin’ on NIKE lol what happened to those S.Dots from Reebok lol

  • riddlah51

    Ummm… All black 1’s? Seen ’em before. Oh, They’re leather and OSTRICH?! My fault. They probably don’t crack on the first night, then. Oh, they do? Surprise! Fuck these and Fuck Forces! Dead up. And yeah, I am a sneaker head, just not a sheep.
    Don’t tell niggas bout ForceFields and heel cups in the toe cause it don’t work for these shits!

  • mmkayy

    those are the shoes Jay be rockin lately ?

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    C’mon son you KNOW niggas ain’t wearing Reebok’s….

  • Goopy


  • dwd
  • 1244245

    Professor Green – I Need You Tonight ===

  • Kennyis22

    anyone cop the Infrareds?

  • EZWiderroller

    lmao at idiots wasting money on SHOES…of all things…ill get a 70$ pair of DC’s and use my money on COOL SHIT…like a front-mount intercooler on my sti…but yall can keep talking about SHOES. lmao

  • kingphano

    af1’s will get you no bitchs at all walk in a club or a mall with some all black or white forces watch you get laughed at and embarrassed quick..(dunks/creative rec/yeezies/blazers/pf flyers) all day..

  • Beezy

    Who the fuck wears them ugly ass yeezies? nigga GTFO

  • kingphano

    wtf u wear rocawear shoes gtfo u wear dat cheap 60 dolla shit get some money den mayb you would actually be able to wear some actual 120 dolla shoes

  • aye u mite not get bitches in regular forces but I bet you’ll get em in sum limited edition Hov forces….u know how much these jaunts gon run u?

  • sneakaholic011

    I like sneakers that are (for a lack of a better word) smaller.
    I’m passed the baggy jeans phase.

  • Bliziit

    AF1`a FTW

  • GOD

    Idk where yall from but nobody out here in Cali has AF1s. I got hella Js but I dont fuck with em anymore. Too many lames out here with Js so i fuck with Alife, Supra & Vans.

    The pricetag doesnt determine your steez…

  • wtf u wear rocawear shoes gtfo u wear dat cheap 60 dolla shit get some money den mayb you would actually be able to wear some actual 120 dolla shoes
    kingphano said this on August 12th, 2010 at 2:02 am <<such a gay post. just cos their 120 dont mean they look good lol. wat r they??

  • kicksmaster

    if yall really want bitches yall should cop some salomons bruh

  • ^^^not really.

  • house boiee


  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    Everybody saying AF1’s are still dope…HOW OLD ARE YOU?? not a diss…literally wutz y’all’s age range…J’s kinda can NEVER go out…But in the end…the man make the shoes..I’ve seen PLENTY of niggas pull bad jawnts in some Basics n New Balances…I wear Yeezy’s Ato’s and J’s so….I’m secure bout my closet lol

  • Relentless904

    LOL @ all these fuckin homos judging other dudes for what they wear on ur feet…if u don’t like it, find some other dude to try to fuck! =P

  • kingphano

    who is this dude Greenjacobs tryin to have a internet fight with me lmfao..only bitchs fight over computers…you aint getn paid for ur opinion so STFU n go bitch with sum1 else

  • mac DIESEL

    The way you nerds going on about these shoes it sounds like you sticking your dicks in them because you’re too busy worried about slave-made leather footwear to get some pussy.


  • J.Are

    Lots of people still rock white on whites and blacks but they dont force em like everyday like you bum niggas it’s called variety. As for different types them shits is played. J’s will be passed on from generation to generation and who the fuck cares about a shoe preference, this is a hip hop website.. back to the music pussies

  • You want bitches.. Buy some motherfuckin Tubes!

  • Jordan

    I’m thinking about coppin tubes for the gym, those shits are fire!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jones

    who ever said we off Js is foolish


    black sneakers cooooooooooooooooooool

  • Delonte Mckinley

    Only New York niggas still wear that dumb shit. They still wear Timbs and all that lol. Nah not in DMV.

  • Nigga plz

    Off AF1’S AND J’S This can’t be cming from the FAGs rocking the skinny ass girl jeans!
    …..nigga plz

  • kicksmaster

    ay greenjacobs i bet i take yo girl on a hike in my salomons bruh

  • Ca$h!

    Jay-Z is my favorite artist but i will not be wearing these….ever

  • KirbyTheAlmighty

    Lol @ ya’ll dudes commenting on what shoes other dudes are wearing.

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