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Slang Editorial: Sometimes, There Is A Dull Moment

blame it on Meka August 11, 2010

In today’s post at the house of Harris I talk about the non-rap things I do to keep my mind from devolving into something resembling some of our loyal c-section scribes.

READ: Slang Editorial: Sometimes, There Is A Dull Moment

  • Pssssst

    my dull moment comes when i spend time reading your bullshit insight on the many corny things you like to discuss. i do find enjoyment in your horrible writing though. maybe you should write about the new age paypalola & the way the music industry is trying to navigate content in a certain direction that they could control. you fucking tool. wheres max b?

  • P.S.A

    good looks Mek.

    keep on sonnin’ these C-section marks…haha.

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  • Bon 4 ever

    When it comes to homosexuality Meka goes full throttle. When it comes to pussy he pumps those brakes. When it comes to Prince-esque androgyny, in Yeezy fashion he drives slow.

    Dude got a 350 on the SAT writing section.

  • Don mcCaine

    I don’t wanna comment over there, that site has a super virus on it right now, but if any music lover doesn’t know the info you wrote in this blog, you lost.

  • Chuck T

    “I hate you Meka, but I still come to your site, post comments, go to your read your xxl blog and help you make money. Fag.”

  • JT

    word to Chuck T. Haters need to do it better or quit the nut sweatin’. Dude takes time to visit your blog….then visit your OTHER blog, read it, come back to this blog….and hate. Sweet free time. Go stick your hand in a blender.

  • Tunnawhat?1?

    @ Chuck T – did Meka really say that in the article? I didn’t read it, so I wouldn’t know. That’s fantastic. Meka catches feelings from the ‘haters’. You’re welcome Meka. And, Chuck T, you’d know that Meka dishes that salty shit out all day (Ex. “Thanks for the clicks, they’re paying my bills”, setting himself up, asking for the very feedback he receives. Child’s pay homey. Take (another) English class ya’ll.

  • Bon’s impostor

    Meka’s big, ungainly mouth could engulf an entire dork. And it does every Tuesday when he sails out on the seas to find a Moby Dick that will satiate his thirst for dork.

    Dork=whale cock

    P.S. Meka does a dork nut swap with Chuck T and JT, his salt loving yesmen.