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CyHi Da Prynce x G.O.O.D. Music

blame it on Meka August 12, 2010

The ATLien recently joined the house of Kanye, it seems…

Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music has just added another talent to it’s already strong roster. XXLMag has learned that CyHi Da Prynce is the latest artist to sign with the label.

“I just affiliated with Kanye,” the September 2010 Show and Prove rapper told XXLMag. “It’s been a beautiful journey for me.”

I’m going to bet that his album will be released before Act II and Detox

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  • @D_A_double_N_Y

    I never heard of this guy.

  • ChrisfromtheA

    Decatur, Stone Mountain & Redan Rd…….Stand da fuck up shawty!!!

  • AD

    Damn, unexpected & dope!

  • Lars

    i gotta check his stuff
    i always glance pass his shit never clicked it

  • good news dude is a problem, kanye been pushin his music on his blog.

  • YouNeeK

    Check him out on I Wish remix with Yelawolf.. he’s mad decent.

  • Seriously I’ve never heard of this guy other than the few times I’ve seen him on here, and didn’t listen to him.

    But I’m guessing if he’s signing to the best label, he’s gotta be nice. So I guess I’m anticipating music now from someone I’ve never heard of.

  • Knew This Would Happen .
    Ever Since Kanye Was Gettin All Hype On His Blog About Him And Posting His Mixtapes A Couple Months Back

  • NYC_AD

    he’s decent. but ya’ll are dickriders.

  • CannonsMcFly

    Still waiting on that new mixtape he was gonna drop

    ‘The Royal Flush’

  • mtrx

    Royal Flush was supposed to drop early this month.. I wonder wat happened to that….

  • Shank

    Cyhi that nigga and his music really is gud so listen to redan rd we in here ShankofDaSiC-RedanRD

  • chedda

    this guy isnt even dope, bad move kans, bad move

  • Jay Brown

    I have one of his songs on my iPod…
    …and he shares it with Donnis and Mickey Factz.

    But let me look him up. Must be some sort of good, it’s in the label.

  • Yeah he’s all right. Never heard of him before this.
    Follow Realizme on YouTube @ http://www.youtube.com/user/RealizmeTV

  • NYC_AD

    SMH @ the dickriders

    “It must be good if he’s on GOOD music” the same label with consequence really doe glc big sean (who is decent) Fonzworth Bently and a bunch of other weirdoes

  • @NYC_AD

    If you don’t think Consequence is good, then you clearly don’t know anything about hip-hop. CyHi is decent and has a ton of potential.

    SMH @ people who don’t realize that G.O.O.D. Music is where its at.

  • Tiiz

    Hopefully he doesn’t get thrown in the Really Doe/GLC bin.

  • MeLo-G

    whats act II?

  • sik

    this nigga suk get yall ears checked! bad move yeezy! sign me nigga!..its opinion i guess but this dude is average at best and doesnt fit in with g.o.o.d music. he’s gonna be dropped by next summer. its all good though DN/Be entertainment up^

  • JL

    Google Relevant Mindset. A Place where Music Meets the Mind. Finally, Hiphop without the bullshit.

  • yooo I just remembered I had one of his mixtapes on my old ipod. He has that really chill laid back flow right?

    yeah this dude is dope.

  • VL85

    Wasn’t Cyhi signed to Konvict?

  • robertTHEallen

    meka, people will stop hypocritically hatin on you and shake before act II and detox drop

  • youngscrew

    i guess kanye needs new ghost writers

  • Jonas


  • Unknown

    good for him!

  • 7

    WTF is Act II????

  • Nicholas
  • Sea Herbs

    I thought CyHi were signed to Def Jam? :O

  • I think this is a good look. Dude has potential.

  • respect, ATL. Congrats to Cyhi