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J. Cole – Blow Up (prod. J. Cole)

blame it on Meka August 12, 2010

New Grown Simba is always a good thing. His own as-yet titled debut album drops in November.

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Blow Up (prod. J. Cole) | Mediafire

  • Mr. Bimbo


  • T

    straight CRAACK

  • Cole world no blanket

  • shieettt. Set of horns and a halo.

  • asegtwe


  • Solroc21

    “B!tch I’m About to Blow UP!!!!!”
    Cole World Mayne!!!!!!


    This man is not only an ill rapper but an ill PRODUCER too.


  • GOD


  • Mohammed

    Love this. It grows on you too. Hope it’s the 2nd single.

  • edmond draper

    Simba did his thing as usual. Not a banger but a good track already.

  • ILLEP15

    New Nipsey too!

  • red

    This shit is (2)Dope fuck the J. Cole Haters

    Where’s NYC/BROOKLYN!?

  • 1Dopeguy

    o sht where is NYC/BROOKLYN ATT ….

  • Wu Tang

    thats what im talking about
    im hearing cole dropped song dedicated to NYC/BROOKLYN?
    is that true

  • Fat Boy

    Shit sounds to sick

  • Steve

    This shit is tough.

  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cole that nigga man

  • stop

    Terrorist anthem

  • NYC/Brooklyn

    damn you A.Hole..even I cant hate on this

  • Adi Pre

    DAMN! Dis is NICE! Production is dope too.

  • B1RdM4N5150

    damn this shit is ill

  • NYC/Brooklyn

    this track is so good I just blew my load in A.Hole

  • DooN



  • spencer

    is this on the album? its sweet also is premeditated murder on the album? can someone answer that

  • Young Mo Fo

    Nigga is the best rapper of 2010

  • Andoi


  • Mohammed

    Gotta admit tho it sounds like something Kanye would tho. But it’s dope nonetheless.

  • jarell910

    NYC/BROOKLYN i like that :) J. Cole plllllzz make this the next single n lost ones afterwards.

  • Young Mo Fo

    And I am pretty sure that this is on the album. Sounds too good to let go, I dont think Premeditaded Murder will be.

    Stick to his fuckin script and he WILL blow up!

    If he sells his soul…he better keep makin this good music

  • yo meka, i made a single cover for this.. check it out http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/4632/jcoleblowup.png

  • L.Smalls

    NBA season AND a J.cole album? can’t wait for october

  • J. Cole Top 10 D.O.A. real talk.

  • TrollN

    ^^^ pretty good artwork

  • BAM12393

    Dope track. My speakers are about to BLOW UP too.

  • 1Dopeguy

    all I could think of right now is sucking J. Cole’s dick while listening to this. if you ever think of having gay sex J. Cole I’ll be right here for you.

  • yo meka, i made a single cover for this.. check it out http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/4632/jcoleblowup.png

  • BAM12393

    @drewbnice Nice work, I like it.

  • Stephanie

    So very nice. J. Cole never disappoints.

  • fulltimeboss

    wow youre even gayer than i am

  • Complacent

    shits wack if you ask me all his songs sound alike
    but on the good note new mac miller kids and frozen pizza
    drop tmw


  • Young Mo Fo

    That looks like he should use it for his actual single. But idk how that works. Nice art though

  • Mr. Bimbo

    shit yo, that single cover is fuckin sick, thanks i was looking for something to put on my itunes.

  • Will

    It’s aight. Not his best. Can’t wait for the album.

    The Come Up
    The Warm Up
    The Blow Up?

  • jay

    nyc brooklyn cant even hate on this hahaha this track is fire cole world niggas

  • AudioCzar

    @drewbnice I Need Ya contacts fam i need some free work real talk

  • olugbam

    Yo didn’t he say the album was dropping october? why meka saying november?

  • :P

    shits wack if you ask me all his songs sound alike
    but on the good note new mac miller kids and frozen pizza
    drop tmw


    Complacent said this on August 12th, 2010 at 2:50 pm
    ^^who fuckin’ cares about your opinion?
    its all about Cole man!!! Whoo!

    J. Cole>>> new Mac Miller Kids, Frozen Pizza, “Taylor Gang or Die” Jokes, & your name.
    now take that, take that! haha

  • mtrx

    Un fuckin real.

  • whizzpup

    J. Cole is gonna be a problem real soon.


  • 1Dopeguy

    I heard this song already seven times and the taste of j cole dick puts shivers down my spine. I need j cole right now to place his massive dick inside by hairy tight butt.

  • WhoDat

    La, La La La La, La La
    This is a song for my haters
    Y’all got me feeling like the greatest, yeah
    This is a song for my haters
    Ya’ll got me feeling like the greatest, yeah

    Bitch im about to Blow up!
    Bitch im about to Blow Up!
    I came up, I warmed up, the next up
    Bitch im about to Blow Up!

    [Verse 1]
    Now don’t it sound legendary,
    Live’n up you’ll resurrect the dead and buried,
    This for niggas who ain’t satisfied with secondary,
    This for my sisters who ain’t satisfied with secretary,
    I’m blowin up and bitch im still me,
    But whats the cost to live your dreams, do you feel me
    Everything glittering ain’t what you think it will be
    Funny how money changed, The whips make me feel free
    I’m starring in this bitch and yeah I write the show
    Fuck the haters im headed to that place you like to go,
    They say what you fightin for,
    The games on live support,
    Ay Gary Coleman just passed, Life is short

    Bitch im about to Blow Up!
    Look im about to Blow Up!
    Got to the club early,
    Just to get in free, And wait for hoes to show up
    Man, But now theres bottles at the tables
    Bring the models boy im about to pour up
    Uh huh, you know what?
    Bitch im about to Blow Up!

    Left side Life side eh,
    Right side Right side uh huh,
    Left side Left side eh,
    Bitch im about to Blow Up!

    This is a song for my haters
    Y’all got me feeling like the greatest, yeah
    This is a song for my haters
    Ya’ll got me feeling like the greatest, yeah
    Bitch im about to Blow up!

    [Verse 2]
    Mama say I should reconsider law school,
    That means ill wear a suit, and bend the truth, and feel awful,
    Hell naw, gotta degree but what’d that cost you
    Your makin good salary, Just to pay Sally May
    That’s real as ever,
    Duckin bill collectors,
    Like Jehovah’s Witness when they showed up at your door at Christmas,
    Was broke as dishes, Tryna let it go
    Hit the club, She drop it low
    Lower than my credit score,
    Account overdraft, What I got this debit for
    So much debt it got me drinkin, Thinkin bitch I better blow
    I better blow,
    These hoes aint checkin for no nigga with no vehicle,
    You border like Meh-He-Co
    Ay baby girl what it look like,
    Ay where your head at, Ay what you cook like
    She say where your bread at, Or whats your whip like
    You aint got one or the other, Well baby goodnight

    Bitch im about to Blow Up!
    Look im about to Blow Up!
    Got to the club early,
    Just to get in free, And wait for hoes to show up
    Man, But now theres bottles at the tables
    Bring the models boy im about to pour up
    Uh huh, you know what?
    Bitch im about to Blow Up!

    Left side Life side eh,
    Right side Right side uh huh,
    Left side Left side eh,
    Bitch im about to Blow Up!

    This is a song for my haters
    Y’all got me feeling like the greatest, yeah
    This is a song for my haters
    Ya’ll got me feeling like the greatest, yeah
    Bitch im about to Blow up!

    [Verse 3]
    Praise god, its hard to stay spiritual,
    How they got these niggas on the TV sellin miracles,
    You mean to tell me everything gon’ be fine,
    If I call your hotline, and pay $29.99? shit,
    Well damn, Why aint you say so,
    Take this shaking ass, Got to multiply all my pesos
    And ill raise my number out the phones of these fake hoes,
    Ill take her number just in case, but now its case closed,
    To you niggas bitin my flows and my subject matter,
    You’ll never be me partner, So it dont fuckin matter
    You try to be and your career will see funerals,
    Ay Be You, That what its sounds, Be-You-Tiful

    Then maybe you can Blow Up,
    Ay maybe you can Blow Up,
    Shit, But, You Know what?
    For now, Bitch im about to Blow up!

  • Dan

    Lyrically and production wise he is too sick. Not long before he’s on top

  • VR

    Did my nigga just say…
    Everything glittering ain’t what you think it will be
    Funny how money changed, The whips make me feel free


  • Nicholas

    i never thought i would see the day NYC/BROOKLYN would like his music there is a future

  • whosaskin

    love it!!!! if all the hood was to blast this song, it would be legendary and would have best soundtrack.

  • yo meka, i made a single cover for this…. check it out http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/4632/jcoleblowup.png

  • B ups on the lyrics booboo

  • Funny how money chains, The whips make me feel free. Get it? Dopeness

  • In all honesty, I’m disappointed. The beat is ill but the hook gets repetitive quite quickly and we’ve all heard him come a lot harder than this. Seems like he tried to be too single conscious which is kinda funny after he went off on Who Dat. Still looking forward to coppin’ the album though.

  • Shiro

    J. Cole is that shit… can’t sleep on this nigga

  • @drewbnice

    that cover is quite sick, sir. good shit.

  • paperchase

    Dude just dropped a FUCKING ANTHEM! SICK SHIET!

  • yeeeeeeeeeah bitch!

  • THEdopeboy


  • B-rown

    Sounds like he took a page out of Drake’s book making a song for “all his haters.”

    I never understood the Drake comparisons until I heard this song. Pretty average if you ask me.

  • but who is asking you? GTFOH this is 2jcolefanboyz.com for a reason booboo

  • Gepetto

    @ b wet – top 10 DOA?????????? Bwahahahahahaha. Off the top of my head:

    Jay Z
    Andre 3K
    Big Boi
    Big L
    Ghostface Killah
    Big Daddy Kane
    Snoop Dogg
    Sean Price
    Freddie Gibbs
    Bun B
    Mos Def
    Method Man
    Pusha T
    Big Pun
    Jay Electronica
    Ice Cube
    DJ Quik
    Sean P
    Jean Grae

    …all better than J.Cole. This guy is a more lyrical Will Smith. Kids…

  • J.Cole is defiantly a rapper that more ppl should look into cause this niggas music is just incredible top 5 artist right now of a lyrical tip Eminem, Joell Ortiz, Lupe Fiasco, Lloyd Banks and J.Cole

  • scarface weak as shit tho…scarface the movie did more than scarface the rapper to me lol

  • Gepetto, stop it. Anyway, this song is tight.

  • prkgfx

    This a new drake track? Drake jacking kanyes 2008 flow?

  • I retract my previous statement, after a few listens this has actually grown on me lol.

  • yaboy5134

    @ Gepetto
    DJ Quik, Ice Cube, Bun B & Jean Grae are not better than J. Cole, the rest i agree with.
    You cant really compare him with them anyway because they’ve all been around and hes a “new” rapper, and hes probably the best of the new rappers.

  • hmm?

    gepetto, cool list and all… if you’re doing only rappers who are damn near 35. literally, outside of of Jay elec and price all those dudes have been in the game for like 15-20 years. get over your 90’s crush bro, change is good bitch nigga.

  • BlackFriday

    Yo Drewbnice you think you could do some artwork for me ? That single cover you made is SICK

  • Gary Coleman just died, life is short…

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    I feel you on that Sallie Mae shit

  • KennyD

    This dude never stops killin em damn i liked how he said Be you Beyoutiful.

  • D. $cience

    This sound like what Kanye should be putting out instead of that Beyonce/Charlie Wilson sh** he just put out.

    Anyways, this is a decent song from J. Cole. His music doesn’t “wow” me like when Lupe and Blu first hit the scene, but J. Cole is better than 95% of the new n***as in the game, including Drake. Lyrically, he’s sharp and on point, and the beat isn’t bad either.

    Oh, and @ Gepetto…that’s actually a good list minus Z-Ro and Trae. Not into Houston hip hop, but it’s all good. Let these muthaf***in’ kids know. LOL!!!

  • Strange Famous

    Fiyahh! He should just call his album The Blow Up already.

    His production is getting better better.

  • Cloud 9

    Lol I kno NYC was gonna bring his hatin ass up here. And I wouldn’t be surprised if cole did a diss track too him lmao that would be some funny shit. Nice track tho

  • Nicholas
  • QNA

    Google ReleVant Mindset. A place where music meets the mind. Finally, hiphop without the bullshit

    J cole and Drake COmparision in the reviews section

  • Ca$h!

    this is tough…definitely goin on the ipod

  • Bobo50
  • Bobo50
  • Juan Time For Your Mind

    @ hmmm. Analytical much? Dude said J.Cole is top 5 DOA. Regardless of the age of the MC on the list, they’re all either Dead or Alive + better than J.Cole, right? (Trae & Z-Ro are true to the Houston sound which alot of people don’t like, but definitely solid, slept on MCs). Oh, and you obviously don’t know shit if you think Sean P hasn’t been in the game since the 90’s too. To focus on age is missing the point.

    And to expand on D.Science point, being one of the better new MCs doesn’t mean shit in today’s over saturated, watered down game where payola, co-signs, too many mixtapes, albums with too many features, ‘big name’ producers, XXL/MTV lists, and flavor of the week celebrity current event bullshit reign supreme.

    LMAO @ people who think 1) that’s the real NYC/BROOKLYN posting 2) thinking J.Cole wrote this song to him, a guy on a blog. /rant

  • Juan Time For Your Mind

    *Top 10

  • b wet


    haha Trae?!? gtfoh. Some good emcees there but any list that excludes Masta Ace is no good in my book.

    I know it’s early, I’m just sayin’ J. Cole has put out nothing but fire. His flow and wordplay are ridiculous, and ol boy produces his own shit (most). If his debut album ain’t a classic I’ll be disappointed…dude’s the real deal.

  • mtrx

    Funny how money changed(money,chains), and whips make me feel free.. wow

  • b wet


    But you’re right, he’s not Top 10 DOA at this point, got a ways to go. He’s got the potential to be, though.

  • kingkicks23

    beat so sick

  • Kerma

    “Gary Coleman just passed – Life is short.”


    Oh my.


    Seriously though, he’s not TOP 10 anything, but he still makes great music, can’t hate.

  • Static

    “Man Gary Coleman just passed….man life is SHORT”

    that was fucked up but this is too dope…lol

  • Joe_So_Blunted

    Dope sample

  • this sounds like an anthem @ drewbnice wasn’t that a mixtape cover?

  • bee


  • apoclyps

    This has got to be the intro track to his album which will be called The Blow Up. That makes too much sense to me right now.

  • @m.e.a.n. na its not a mixtape cover.. i made it myself http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/4632/jcoleblowup.png

  • Yas

    This is just TOO DOPE

  • M&M

    ^Don’t you mean 2DOPE!!!!!

  • Kanye East

    Need more educated rap:

    “Mama say I should reconsider law school,
    That means ill wear a suit, and bend the truth, and feel awful,
    Hell naw, gotta degree but what’d that cost you
    Your makin good salary, Just to pay Sally May”

  • That shit was fire. Hella dig everythinggg he says about college cuz im bout to have my bachelors soon too, that aint mean shit tho if u cant get a good job out of it, or nevertheless…. cant even fuckign pay back sallie mae or whoever ur lender was for loans…

  • best song ive heard in a while.
    his album will be classic i can feel it,

  • sadffasdafsd

    BLOWWWUPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you still not a fan of J. Cole, then you never will be!

  • How I Got Over

    its pretty good, but i don’t see why there’s so much hype. he’s NOT FUCKING TOP 10, not even close. the subject matter of this is basically “I’m really good”, which is just some Rick Ross type shit.

    and also @yaboy5134
    J. Cole better than Bun B and Ice Cube?? Seriously?? GTFO.

  • mtrx

    Im surprised this post isnt blowing up with comments. This song is unreal.


    LOL! Looks like ya’ll niggaz is still BSing using my name up in here. The fake NYC/BROOKLYN posters can catch a dick in your mom’s mouth! Ya’ll think I’m gonna have a change of heart for this A. Hole wack nigga with this shit He’s gonna have to come through spittin’ some next shit than what I’m hearing right now. Why all of a sudden a song for the haters? I thought niggaz loved this over-rated bum. How the hell is A. Hole gonna “blow up” when every single of his songs just >>> blows. This is another one of them weak songs where he’s all over the place saying a bunch of nonsense. There’s no meaning or message behind this shit. You got one fool up there that took the time to write the complete song like that will do justice. You must be the dude that’s making A. Hole feel like he’s the “GREATEST”. A. Hole is down right scared about the position he’s in. it’s do or die time, and he sounds more desperate for attention in every song he has released. You can tell his confidence is SHOT and in broken pieces. now he’s talkin’ bout poppin’ bottles at the clubs. This hypocrite nigga went from private nerd rap to intoxicated demon social behavior routine. Who the fuck is he talkin’ about biting his flow and subject matter? This nigga just jacked up Nas flow acting like he on some original shit. hey A. Hole, I know before you sit down and throw words on a paper, you get all mentally charged up listening to illmatic. You wanna pay homage, that’s kool. You just got to remember, you never was that original from the start. A. Hole, your problem is originality, you’re not convincing enough to gravitate to the real hip hops heads. We see right through you homie, you think your little catchy pre-school wordplay are above every MC right now. You need that false energy the same way these fake niggaz on here do when they have to use my name. A. Hole, YOU WILL FAIL!

  • nito

    wouldn’t Andre 3k sound dope on this?

  • Slaughethouse1123

    Beat is simply stunning

    Lil Wayne – The Outcome



    the yodeling beat jus got me high

  • jordanyroc

    The song is dope man, Jermaine is a GREAT talent man… Can’t wait for the album

  • lyrics dont come close to how crazy the beat is REAL TALK

  • cmore

    nyc brooklyn
    man your a fuckin hoe dog your jus mad cuz my nigga j cole copeed himself deal in nyc n you cant do it yourself! lol im from texas i bang screw all day n even i know this nigga the truth.. if anythin you the one ridin his dick the most committin yo time to put a nigga down thinkin n researching idead n ways to call him out lol your a straight clown

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pth_Xq95Oa0

    A-MAFIA – Children of the corn

  • ne….~

    horrible hooks……… ( Who Dat, We On , now Blow Up ) overrated

    Beat on point.
    Lyrics on point.
    Hook nope.



  • Hot track!!

    wasnt feelin it until the beat droped

    – Johnny Ciphe


  • bz0

    i predicted the name of his album to be ‘the blow up’ a couple months ago

  • the beat is transforming my mind

  • wtf


    Boy are you bitch made, all that hate in yo blood, THE ONLY TIME I EVER see you on this site is when its a j.cole post, SOON as shake or meka post something j.cole related on here your hate radar goes off like crazy. I bet j.cole fucked you bitch thats why you hate on him so much.
    And I dont even like this song these niggas overrating this song to hell and back but you are still the definition of a hater.

  • wtf

    damn i was a jcole hater but i cant front the beat and lyrics are blowin my speakers down

  • Slaughethouse1123

    this track and the who dat track made me bang this dude more he on some heat for real no bs

  • Cloud 9

    ^”made me bang this dude more” Pause homie lol

  • Cloud 9

    “I Came Up
    I Warmed Up
    The Next Up
    I Blow Up
    If You Aint Get Tha Trend By Now
    With Each Rap
    I Go Up”
    -J. Cole

  • Amp

    I like this song. Lupe, if you readin this (which would be both extremely unlikely and random) then tell Atlantic to release your album!!!!!!!!

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    Brooklyn be making some hatin ass niggas.

  • truth

    NYC / Brooklyn you need to expose who you really are, its evident you have somethin personal against Cole. Your prolly a rapper in the industry that he wont do a song with.

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    Drizzy, im callin it.

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    lol bitch ass nigga

  • 12344use1123

    ”made me bang this dude more” comment of the thread

    also – Argueing on the net is like winning the special Olympics UR STILL RETARDED
    This track + Lil Wayne – Overcome Track + the new Professor Green Track + Wale – Number Won = Killer Week


    for all you newjacks coming at me, tell me which one of my opinions is not valid. see, I came out here with the 100% proof of truth, word to my 40oz. this blow up trash, or as I call it the blow job is horrendous. everybody is gettin’ pussy wet and teary eye about my opinion on A. Hole. just read on down, and see how ya’ll already got this nigga on legendary status, fuck,,, A. Hole is stating the same shit himself now. you know why? because ya’ll fed him the BS of him being on another level. dudes on here, got him top 10 of alltime, top 5 right now, best MC overall right now. re fuckin diculous, for someone to be ranked up that high and hasn’t even delivered an album yet. I offered the debate forum if any of you heartless faggots had the balls to respond. I get the typical retard responses, which I already took it as I was always right from the jump. ya’ll eat up everything like very simpletons that you are when it comes to anything A. Hole spits on. A. Hole has become the M. Night Shyamalan of rap. he talks a good game on every interview, but when he actually drops a song, the shit is flat out garbage. I’m not hating on the sucker, I just not buying his act. cause that’s exactly what he’s doing right now. acting like he’s a rapper. now everyone is in a twitter frenzy talking about his album is going to called “THE BLOW UP”. niggaz please, the album should called “THE BLOW JOB”, by the way some you guys are already on all fours waiting for it to drop. A. HOLE YOU WILL FAIL!

  • 124553

    ^ these bored ass niga been on this thread refreshing the page all day , pretending people read his novel essays dude everyone here be high we aint readin ur internet beefs maybe go out side and find someone tto talk to NYC/BROOKLYN



    “” Arguing on the net is like winning the special Olympics UR STILL RETARDED —–

  • QWAN

    i don’t know why you dudes buy into this nyc niggas character. that nigga role playing, and you gullible muh fuckas are worse than him for actually believing his shtick is real, and feeding into it << which is most likely the only reason he does it…

  • Ayoooo

    “Drizzy, im callin it.”


  • Ty

    This is hot. His album needs to come our already.

  • Shy

    [email protected] feeding the NYC/BROOKLYN troll


  • FredRico

    There’s nothing wrong people can say about J. Cole’s rapping skills, and that says a lot these days… he’s just great!

  • This dude says he aint hating…then insults him repeatedly

  • Samurai-p

    J Cole is talented, but he has to make better hooks. If he can do that dude will be unstoppable.

  • bdub

    haha this dude is a beast! and has been, since day 1. do yall hear this beat?????? sickest producer in the game RITE now behind like khalid, maybe..

    its awesome to see this dude go from having fans comment saying go peep that warm up! to sooo much hype, and as everyone should know the ONE thing that ALWAYS come when you “blow up” is HATERs

    recall wayne, a sick rapper, then he started getting so many haters and he blew up.
    take drake, first two mixtapes raw, sfg was sick, started seeing haters and he has blown up.
    man i could go on for days… ima have a degree jus like Cole in due time!

    “if they hate then let em hate and watch the money pile up”

  • meezy b. wavy

    I got 3 words “buy his album”. I know yall got props for dude but I would hate to see him drop and go wood. With that said if I support him I don’t want him to go all kanye on us and stop bein real. With that said all his songs are sick but he needs a banger with jay or t.i. on it.


    The only good thing about this Drake track is the beat.

  • WAGZ

    this man has yet to make something that hasn’t set my damn ears on fire.
    dope squared three times over.

  • Dammnnn!

    yo meka, i made a single cover for this…. check it out http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/4632/jcoleblowup.png
    drewbnice said this on August 12th, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    That’s tough as shit!

  • D.Nick

    I don’t understand how someone can hate on this dude.

  • 2dope

    MAN, this needs more comments than premeditated murder!

  • timmy

    where was i when this dropped? damn hot shit

  • Tevin

    Had two heard twice to get it and no flaw whatsoeva

  • Dr. Greenthumb

    ……………I never repeat songs over and over anymore first time i hear em…hasnt happened to me in a WHILLEE…til this song.


  • Amazing

    ^ Agreed, shit is fuckin fireeeee. This is what I wish Kanye would produce like (except with with kanye’s old heavy drums). I really think that this would make a good single too (and add like 2 other songs as singles). It wouldn’t be topping the billboards, but in this the lyrics are clear enough and slow enough for the mainstream to follow.. I NEED THIS FUCKING ALBUM NOW

  • youngscrew

    wasn’t big on j.cole music but this goes


    YES YES yes this is a certified banger. And i do thing top 10 d.o.a. is a bit of an overstatement but he has the drive and production is gettin better. This should be a single. Blow up > Who Dat

  • nasir

    didnt like it at first but it grew on me no homo

  • hmm?

    ^^^ faggot

  • coleworld

    it grew on me too, pause

  • hmm?

    ^^ faggot

  • Pyrex stirs to Cavalli furs

    Hmm even though I agree with you you’re the faggot here. You post some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. Look into cyanide pills

  • JERZ

    hmm? your a faggot

  • hmm?

    it’s you’re* you stupid fucking idiot.

  • :P

    ^^ faggot

  • Cloud 9

    “Made Me Bang This dude more” comment
    aint nobody arguing wit nobody (except NYC) i was jus sayin that shit was kinda homo lol not callin tha nigga gay or nada. jus pause on tha comment

  • yowzers

    just slapped this shit at the gym and lemme tell you, IT GOES.

  • hmm?

    ^ faggot

  • JuGo



    this shit goes!

    Jay-Z, Kanye and J. Cole? The ROC is in the building

  • Cloud 9

    ^and Wale nigga

  • mtrx

    Song of the year, so far

  • EZ Widers Double stuffed

    j cole will have album of the year for sure

  • XYZpoint


  • Brendan Malone


    You’re a fuckin’ idiot. You’re entitled to your opinion and everything but in this it seems like you’re stating facts here that are irrelevant and also completely made up. If you’re not feeling it you’re not feeling it but then, why are you here? Why take the time to come to this page and post your hate? Just let him do his thing and show respect to the people you like.
    Secondly, Illmatic flow? Really? Nas is one of my favorite artists and Illmatic is my favorite album by far and let me tell you, because clearly you obviously haven’t heard it before, his flow is nothing like Illmatic and nothing like Nas. Trust me, i’ve heard close to every single song Nas ever released and have literally hear every J. Cole song. Obviously Nas is and inspiration to him and he’s gonna have some elements of Nas in his verses, but to say he’s biting Nas’ flow is completely fuckin’ ridiculous. Fashawn is way more similar to Nas then J. Cole but I wouldn’t expect you to have listened to Fash yet.
    Next, You say he has kindergarten rhymes or something like that? (i’m not taking the time to scroll back up and re-read your comment) Please elaborate on that statement because the way I see it, that’s a fuckin’ retarded statement. How do you explain Talib Kweli claiming that J. Cole and Jay Electronica are the best out right now at “pure spitting bars, no hook necessary”? Is your opinion of J. Cole more valid than Kweli who is one of the most respected MC’s of all time by any real hip-hop head? Fuck no, so shut the fuck up. Look up J. Cole’s verse on Just Begun from Kweli and Hi-Tek’s “Revolutions Per Minute (You probably haven’t heard of it).
    Now i’m not saying J. Cole is top 5 or Top 10 DOA because he’s not. He hasn’t even dropped one album yet. But he definitely has potential to be there at the end of the decade. Also, I just wanted to make it clear that i’m not a hip-hop expert, just a big fan and my opinion is not more valid then yours. I’m not mad at you for not being a J. Cole fan but when you make ridiculous claims and present them as facts in when I have a problem.

  • kingkicks23

    he definitely gonna blow up!!!

  • MoeBrad

    well as for the NYC comment
    hope u guys kno he moved from NC to Queens(Borough of NYC)
    which is where he recorded all his shit from The Come Up till now
    so,,,yea hah

  • Tiniak

    Im hellalate, but Yeeeeeeeeah. Shit too hot!! Cant wait for the album and mixtape!! btw is there a mixtape called the Blow up?!

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