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Slang Editorial: It’s Cheaper To Keep Her

blame it on Meka August 12, 2010

In today’s post at the house of Harris I talk about trying to keep the future of my family away from working at Sue’s Rendezvous.

READ: Slang Editorial: It’s Cheaper To Keep Her

  • mac DIESEL Plus bON

    Meka aspires to be the DJ at the NY Chip ‘n’ Dales but right now he’s just a fluffer. Tragic.



    yo shake

    Lil Wayne – The Outcome


  • illwill

    ayo Dr. Phil, nobody gives a FUCK! shes probly gonna be a whore anyways. quit cryin u pedo

  • DK

    Thats some real shit

  • Edward Nygma

    good article. been enjoyin these

    any word on when the Madden thing starts?

  • JL

    Google Relevant Mindset. A Place where Music Meets the Mind. Finally, Hiphop without the bullshit.

  • james

    you should’ve mentioned montana fishburne. what the fuck went wrong there?

  • Nicholas