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Vonnegutt – I’m a Mess & You Love It

blame it on Shake August 15, 2010

Something new from the homie Kyle Lucas and Purple Ribbon’s Vonnegutt.

DOWNLOAD: Vonnegutt – I’m a Mess & You Love It | Mediafire

  • aHometownHero

    chill out to this dopeness. Kyle/Vonnegutt is hit and miss but this one definitely flows well. Northside Atlanta stand the fuck up!

  • realtalk101

    i cant even classify this as hot garbage, that would be a compliment.

  • Kwis

    Damn, this shit is terrible.

  • JaySole


  • Justin

    Woah, pretty old Shake. Pretty sure it came out in march. Check the youtube link below:


  • mac d

    Um. Not to hate or anything, but I really just don’t understand why you’ll cover awful wack shit like this, but completely ignore Lupe. Who despite being a little butthurt over his music leaking, is still one of the best rappers out there right now.
    I mean c’monnnnn

  • Chris

    This is classic

  • purple tape

    all the black folks in here are hatin
    c’mon its not that bad compared to lil b or waka flocka and oj juice man

  • KSEE

    preciate ya shake for the new Vonnegutt!

  • guessimahater

    are you kidding? for an artist to come out the south, and put out music like this is a breath of fresh air. living in the dirty south myself and all the BS crap that fills the radio and clubs constantly, you have no idea how much respect this dude deserves. 99% of the artists i listen to are from the north, and Im from atlanta. if big boi co-signs, im about it. in the south not everybody and their momma is a rapper like the north. the dude is legit get real. far greater than mac miller who is gettin nothin but love which i do not understand (although i think he will (2)dope in the future.

  • : Reminds me of Gym Class Heroes

  • Tupac Shakur

    what PURPLE TAPE said ^^^^^ this is some smooth good shit.

  • ?

    this aint something that i’ll listen to but this def aint wack its cool yall niggas trippin

  • all the black folks in here are hatin
    c’mon its not that bad compared to lil b or waka flocka and oj juice man

    purple tape said this on August 16th, 2010 at 12:07 am<<< please fall down a flight of stairs, how u know the posts are from black ppl u psychic? and lil b waka and oj get dissed 10 x harder whenever posted so shut up u ignorant shmuck.

  • MaddMidwestrepresenta

    Vonnegutt Rocks! i got an idea…lets stop all the “black vs white” talk and focus on the music!

    These dudes are talented…Big Boi found a fresh new sound!

  • southernBUTNOTcountry

    The ATL has done it again.Vonnegutt kicks ass!