The Boondocks: It’s Goin’ Down (Video)

blame it on Meka August 16, 2010

And with that, the season (and hopefully not the series) of The Boondocks comes to a close. Thoughts on the entire thing? Was it worth the years-long wait?

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  • Downloading as we speak but I hope this isn’t the series finale. Boondocks Bootleg’s got this as the “Season finale” and is still taking fan ideas for new episodes. Hopefully McGruder and Adult Swim came to there senses.

    Stiil, Huey needs to be give more show time and attention. They moved away from him a lot this season for whatever reason.

  • purple tape

    damn my balls started to hurt after that testicle beat down in the begging

  • T0KS

    hahah U cant retire its like jayz coming back after a few months later!


  • vis

    how do you download the vid?

  • purple tape

    yo this episode was so random and a bit confusing.
    they better come up with season 4

  • 3l

    A fond farewell. This season was great; hope they stop there while they have the belt.

  • i think the right channel audio is a bit off…it echoes after about 30 seconds.

  • not what i expected really for a season finale… for this kinda episode it should be like an hour special but oh well… it didnt really make me laugh that much a couple really good chuckles

    this season was alright.. it was nice, not thrillinggg but nice
    good job to the creator and i hope to see a better season 4 :)

  • BrokenEmpires

    Your fucking soundcard is off boi.

  • BrokenEmpires

    Aaron Mgrudder is a fuck boi. how you leave us all dry after 3 short seasons? which took you half of my fucking teenage life to deliver. I been on this boondocks since 2005 wuz it? then the show in 2006-7??? anyway. fuck you pussy. But I think he hinted at us there might be more shows with that JAy z reference about him being a ho ass nigga who cant keep his word. Jus like GAME. Aaron should ignore the death threats and keep dropping killuminati type messages till they pop his head off or claim he died of natural cause or a self inlfected gunshot would like that Nigga Puffy beatup for dating his wife ex def jam nigga? yeah him. anyway. I’m off these norther lights you feel me out here in the 209

  • This episode actually sucked hard. Fuck the 9/11 inside job references and what not this has to be the worst Boondocks episode I’ve ever seen.

  • BrokenEmpires < y come in here and speak such utter garbage.

  • Tay

    Yeah for a Season Finale it was weak, I mean it was confusing and too much going on foreal. No Riley or Grandpa. And if this was a Series Finale, it was a fuckin terrible way to end it. I’m hoping for Season 4, especially after last night but all n all, this season was pretty good. Fundraiser, Tyler Perry episode and The Story of Jimmy were my favorites

  • DahStoryTella

    Liked the episode, a lot.

    That beat playing during the explosion is niiiice, too. Liked the season as a whole, as well. Really picked up after a few episodes.

  • TheJamaica420

    Is that nigga BrokenEmpires that young boy Diggy? Hahahahaha FUCK OUTTA HAAR! fo a nigga call yo daddy tell him you cussing.

  • Fat Boy

    I thought this episode was dope. Mgrudder should keep pushing the illuminati to the forefront. The whole season was epic to me. Smoking wit Ciggarettes, Booty Warrior, The Obama episode, The Chicken Flu, Rukus’ family, Jimmy Rebel = Classic episodes in my book

  • ad9esr

    the point of this was that huey represented the show itself, the jay-z reference was most likely foreshadowing

  • Clint Chudyk

    this was probably my favourite episode ever, it was such a good spoof of so many things

  • Shy

    dope season.
    Red Ball >>>

  • Don MEGA

    “Allah, make my testicles strong against the boot of the infidel!” LOL!

    This season was especially good, maybe the best since season 1.

  • Vito

    …Bravo..Excellente..all that good [email protected]
    McGruder speaks!
    ..looking forward to what he does next,

  • NotADumbAss

    this episode was confusing? really? you were confused by a cartoon? wtf is wrong with folks? This was one of the funniest episodes yet…the allah makes my nuts strong, classic, the iphone jokes classic, the 24 references classic…hope this isn’t the last season, sadly this show is the closest we have to social and political satire that is relevant to our people. good sh*t McGruder

  • freshyboi

    bitches would be coming up to you like
    let me see that iphone
    let me play with it
    let me stick it up my ass
    put it in my mouth

  • uneedmoreppl

    worst boondocks episode ever…

  • kushroller

    ^U dumb shit. Catcher freeman was prolly the worst ever..

  • “Don’t you have enough money?” “Noooh.”

  • Danny

    This episode wasn’t that great. All in all it was an ok season. My fav episodes were The Red Ball The Fundraiser and Smokin With Cigarettes