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Jamie Foxx – Yep That’s Me f. Soulja Boy & T.I. [Tags]

blame it on Shake August 17, 2010

Photo: Shake (T.I. Live in NYC)

Pretty sure this will find it’s way onto Jamie’s upcoming album, Body. KC.

DOWNLOAD: Jamie Foxx – Yep That’s Me f. Soulja Boy & T.I. | Mediafire
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  • omar

    IT is disrespectful for TI to be on the same track as Soulja Boy.

  • KarolinaKidd

    Tip>>>>>any rapper that came out after him imo tip the most complete mc of his time

  • TRE



  • Ca$h!

    Soulja Boy? Why?

  • Dennis

    This Track Is Dope..
    Why Do Yu All Hate On Soulja Boy So Much.? I Always Wanted To know
    I Dont Listening To His Music, But I Dont Hate On The Guy.
    Why Lol Its Funny How Everyone Trashes On The Poor Guy.

  • Protege’s Are Wack

    Jamie singing like Trey on this song. It sound like Tip wrote Jamie’s verses too. Stop hating on Tip and Jamie.

  • Casper Wordsmith

    Jamie Foxx … He is that blind old singer, right!?

  • FakirWise

    It’s disrespectful for Jamie Foxx to waste his talent with this music.

  • omar

    Jamie totally ripped out Trey’s signature confused-heigh sound.

  • red

    Soulja Boy haters gotta move on. I HATE HATE HATED him for the past few years but I mean….At this point you need to get over it, because it’s not that big of a deal.
    If you must, just download the song and edit it so that SB’s verse is gone. Poof!

  • FuckYouSaySomethingBitch

    i just wanna know who’s behind YoungMoneyHD, paying for all these tracks then have them leak an hour latter with out tags. ha!

  • red

    Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes = YoungMoneyHD

  • LC

    Just so everybody knows, Shake is right, this is his single from his album.

  • beanie

    shenanigans? downlaod.

  • Pssssst

    jamie foxx? fuck outta here with this filthy cock loving coon. wheres max b?

  • ZAY

    jamie foxx talent? hes funny but anybody coulda done his hits

  • turftalka

    @Casper Wordsmith

    No, he was playing Ray Charles (a blind old singer) in his documentary. But nice try tho (/in sarcasm).

  • Musikfiend

    Jamie Foxx is too old to be making this type of sh*t, lol.

  • Rosinio

    I Like It Baby ..!! ;)

  • Dude

    Beat sounds like Hero from Nas