Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose - The Inspection (Mixtape)

Hosted by Statik Selektah. Featuring Jadakiss, Vast Aire, Punchline, Homeboy Sandman and more.

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  • WeezyFBaby


    & THEN GOT KILLED BY THIS CLOWN?!v=_CyN7VTnboc&feature=related


  • Pssssst

    wheres max b?

  • Pssssst

    aint no body checking for this bum nigga. wheres max b?

  • absolutely garbage get the fk outta here

  • Detroit89

    mazzi sucks balls i mean dissing jay electronica and the cool kids when he thinks he's hard core. i mean the i dont respect a dude who just hates skinny jeans because of dumb reasons. real rappers dont hate other rappers cuz of fashion, they have real beefs and real issues. If you dont like the trend dont be a part of it but dont shit on it thinking it makes u hot and promote your career. bottom line jay electronica would eat this guy alive but instead mic terror killed him anyway.

  • fsa

    lol did any of you listen to this shit?
    yeh mazzi done some stupid shit so, this is actually pretty good.


    LMAO!! this guy is trash. who the f*** did he pay to get on here? if you downloaded this, shoot yaself in the foot b. he's been garbage since day one. s.o.u.l purpose? more like so worthless, or no purpose... dear 2dbz, please stop posting this.

  • Darius

    I want to punch each of you in the face for hating this. This album is really dope. NY Minute 2 and All In Together are super dope. Homeboy Sandman kills his 16. Mazzi is dope. Don't hate the music until you listen to it. It's even worse than dissin' people for their fashion...

  • crimealdi

    Breezly Brewin' is on it...gotta download


    Breezly Brewin' and Vast make it worth the download.

  • Csmurf

    I know I'm MAD LATE. But damn ya'll dumb as hell. What's funny is that most of these comments rectifies Mazzi's diss. Watch Lesson A. He did it to show people that the audience is more concerned with beef rather than paying attention to the actual music. yup SMH God Bless America LMAO -__-


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