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The Cypher w/ Atmosphere, Prof, etc (Video)

blame it on Shake August 17, 2010

Mini movie style cypher shot by Dave Wilson. Featuring Slug, ANT, Prof, Tony Bones, Big Wiz, Meta, Mr. Snuff, Mike the Martyr and Carnage (on the beat box).

  • Meta was the best, hands down. Would’ve been nice to see Slug go in though.

  • shmokerchron

    super cool vid

  • whos the dude in the familia shirt

  • a squared

    that dude in the familia shirt is meta, dude got flows for days!

  • @NeverRunninOut

    Hip hop needs more videos like this!

  • Pssssst

    hip hop need biggavels. wheres max b?

  • Nasty cipher…sharp bars! indeed fucx w/ this link 4 Chi Hip Hop

  • slug needed to drop some bars mane

  • How I Got Over

    i just watched 7 minutes and didn’t hear a slug verse… that’s why i clicked play.

  • j_esh

    My boy Meta goes hard!!! holla at him on twitter @metasota

  • who cares

    that was nice. Was hoping Slug was gonna spit a bit but o well

  • tom

    im so pissed that i clicked on this and slug didn’t spit.

  • JL

    I’m dissapointed slug didnt go in, too, but the cypher was nice regardless. I need more of these

  • Onederin

    Chill out folks. It was still a good cypher.

  • slanginroccccs

    this is crazy!!! i love rap music.

  • Meta was the only one I thought could spit. The video was put together well, but w/out Slug rhyming it just wasn’t worth watching.

  • Y’all acting like the cypher slummed or something…

    Meta ripped it the best tho.
    Prof is just funny…

    I wanted to see Slug spit too… but it’s a good vid nonetheless.

  • We appreciate the love yall. We did this in 1 take. All off the top freestyles. I came with this idea to bring artists together and decided to make a video to live b boxing instead of an actual track. It turned out well. I would like to thank all the artists involved and Record Labels as well as Dave Wilson & Jesse Cairnie for shooting and directing this CYPHER. – Tony Bones aka Long D.O.E. Ent –

  • krazy wak