• http://www.facebook.com/ricochet101 Ricochet

    Meta was the best, hands down. Would've been nice to see Slug go in though.

  • shmokerchron

    super cool vid

  • http://gay.com poop

    whos the dude in the familia shirt

  • a squared

    that dude in the familia shirt is meta, dude got flows for days!

  • @NeverRunninOut

    Hip hop needs more videos like this!

  • Pssssst

    hip hop need biggavels. wheres max b?

  • http://myspace.com/ancientworksmusic pocket science

    Nasty cipher...sharp bars! indeed fucx w/ this link 4 Chi Hip Hop

  • http://twitter.com/LReyMIA L.REY

    slug needed to drop some bars mane

  • How I Got Over

    i just watched 7 minutes and didn't hear a slug verse... that's why i clicked play.

  • j_esh

    My boy Meta goes hard!!! holla at him on twitter @metasota

  • who cares

    that was nice. Was hoping Slug was gonna spit a bit but o well

  • tom

    im so pissed that i clicked on this and slug didn't spit.

  • http://myspace.com/dah2l JL

    I'm dissapointed slug didnt go in, too, but the cypher was nice regardless. I need more of these

  • Onederin

    Chill out folks. It was still a good cypher.

  • slanginroccccs

    this is crazy!!! i love rap music.

  • http://hiphopisbled.blogspot.com Sean Juan

    Meta was the only one I thought could spit. The video was put together well, but w/out Slug rhyming it just wasn't worth watching.

  • http://flavors.me/mdpdmv CRASHprez

    Y'all acting like the cypher slummed or something...

    Meta ripped it the best tho.
    Prof is just funny...

    I wanted to see Slug spit too... but it's a good vid nonetheless.

  • http://iamtonybones.com TonyBones Long DOE

    We appreciate the love yall. We did this in 1 take. All off the top freestyles. I came with this idea to bring artists together and decided to make a video to live b boxing instead of an actual track. It turned out well. I would like to thank all the artists involved and Record Labels as well as Dave Wilson & Jesse Cairnie for shooting and directing this CYPHER. - Tony Bones aka Long D.O.E. Ent -

  • http://t2witta ttransi3nt

    krazy wak