• fy4sko21

    this vid is extremely dope, those two put it down and hold it there

  • leprechaunmafia3

    What happened to Blu's tumblr?

  • thetruth

    which this would be made into a cd and not just a digital dl...dope dope shit

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    love this vid

  • Justice

    I never heard of these guys before 2dopeboyz posted the snippets of this album.... and i gotta say I'h a HUGE fan of them now... This song especially I seem to have a connecton with, and the video was just plain awesome. It really captured the song well. Thanks again 2dopeboyz for putting me on... CANT WAIT FOR THIS TO DROP!

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    not that it's relevant to this post, but he deleted it (re: blu's tumblr)

    love that the guys incorporated the (u) in - southern hemisphere spelling ftw!

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    dope dopeness