Tahiry’s XXL Eye Candy Spread

blame it on Shake August 19, 2010

Joe Budden’s ex lands this month’s XX Eye Candy feature. You can check the article here or you can hit the jump for more shots. I have a feeling y’all are gonna go with the latter.

For more (back) shots… check out Complex’s latest feature, A Guide to Tahiry’s Best Back Shots.

  • Young856

    I’d eat her ass like a crab…


  • y on the third pic her arm look like it been chopped or broken ??

    either way yea shes nice…but really who cares

  • 7

    Whaaaaaaaaaattttttt! Budden ain’t that dope to have had that.

  • T3M

    does she get costume fit jeans???

  • MEKANOMiCSx101

    bad photoshopping. amateurs. smh

  • Vicious


  • GRS

    It amazes me how thes hip-hop whores stay relevant. And while I’m in hating mode I’d like to say that I picked up the latest issue of XXL, and the first 32 pages are ads. American hip-hop journalism is a joke.

  • Ca$h!

    beatiful and sexy…nuff said.

  • JaySpaceE


    That sounds painful as you use an utensil to crack it open such as a hammer or item like a nut cracker. Then usually dipped in butter or sauerkraut. Doesn’t sound like something I’d wanna do

  • Ca$h!


  • She isn’t beautiful at all, it’s called Photo Editing. I have seen Tahiry in real life at Garden State Plaza Mall in Jersey and she is bald headed and has MAJOR cellulite. There is a difference between being thick toned and thick fat. Tahiry is thick fat and she has no titties.

  • VL

    Esther Baxter > Somaya Reece > Tahiry

  • GOD

    At first I was like… :|

    But then I was like… 8O

  • Pops

    Everything was meh, until the last pic.

  • gbreeze

    This bitch is not all that man 4 real….The bitch is border line fat. Im not saying I wouldnt fuck but shes average at best. Its one thing to have ass, but there becomes a point when ass is just nasty. BTW, dont think they didnt air brush all the cellulite on that hoes ass and legs….

  • in the second pic, u can see a bit of her ass from the front. i think once you cross that line, you’re what I like to call, “fat”.

  • WAGZ

    dat ass

  • Jon

    “smh at some of ya’ll niggas.. a nigga just mad sometimes cuz they aint EVER gon pipe.” – thoughts of Joe Budden, lol

  • Will

    seriously guys…

  • who cares

    last pic is mad nice

  • bloggers talk all that head but aint piping nufn…i’d fuc ima be honest

  • @ChicanoSD

    She the Baddest Rite now
    If she keeps up with the other VV’s in the game
    She gots to Hunger for more->>Music Videos uploaded everday
    Give 2Fucks what u niggas say bout her
    I keeps up with the Best Lookin’
    “She’s Married to the Game/She even got a Wedding Ring’

  • mP

    Ya’ll know the saying “a cupcake away from being fat”….lol.. nahh, Jk, she looks great!!


    are you visualy impaired

  • ruthless

    those pics are wack as hell

  • My doctor said i cant masterbate for 2 weeks!!

  • Gorgeous girl, crap photography, it’s not workin

  • mmkayy

    ahh just how i like her..face covered..ass out

  • FakirWise

    She’s good though not perfect, but these comments are from dudes that are straight up bitter cause they know they’d hit that the very second they got the opportunity. Y’all some weak, emotional people.

  • ro

    brooklyn standup!

  • VL

    @ Jammin,
    Would you not say bexter is one of the hottest chick That joe landed? from mo he upgraded over the years when it comes to picking his girlfriend.

  • DCB

    Some fags up above me…

  • yall niggaz SUPER-GAY!! talkin bout photoshop,cellulite..this is a grown ass,fine,thick,beautiful women and yall talkin bout her arm looks broken,so & so look better,she this & that…even if she throw yall da box yall wouldnt take it….fuckin flamers lol

  • *woman

  • Turk

    she’s a real fuckin woman. thats why she got cellulite. To
    hold that fatty of hers. Yall r hating ass losers who masterbate
    in front of the computer cuz u cant get a girl that looks half as
    good as her or else u wouldnt be so satly.

  • Teddy


    I just came…..


  • Idris

    Yall some idiots, this girl is bad.

  • Iambased

    All yall niggaz is gay…hoe she bad…she cute wateva…jealous traits ah female trait…bet yall chicks dnt look no were near ha!