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Shyne – TLF Interview (Video)

blame it on Meka August 20, 2010

Po talks about the fact he’s deliberately making himself sound rather awful on the microphone, Kanye and so-called “real rap.”

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  • mmkayy

    was real happy for this dude but now he’s just annoyin…

  • Kap-Pilla

    lol… this guy is starting to become a joke… smh

  • Your Father

    *DEAD* @ this nigga’s 1991 Naughty By Nature ass gear.
    Sounds like he re-recorded Roller Song, though…good start.

  • 9

    Does this nigga really think we believe he sounds like he’s been gargelling dicks for the past 10 years on purpose?

  • LOL, he doesnt “talk about the fact he’s deliberately making himself sound rather awful on the microphone”

    honestly, i wish he would touch on that tho… you made me watch this fuckin vid for no reason… i hate you, lol

  • I’m only leaving a comment so MEKA stops posting stupid shit like this. I hope shyne gets rapped by a pack of niggers..

  • Cage

    ^^ Rapped? it’s “raped”… Why the fuck is he wearin his scully like it’s 1999?

  • w3r3daf

    y he look like that

  • Eazy

    Get all those dicks outta ya mouth, fool…

  • @Cage

    His scully is like that cuz he’s been watching too many Brian Pumper music videos.

  • Maybe he is wearing the skully to cover up his pencil eraser shaped hair? Simple fix would be to go to a barber and get that shit cleaned up.

  • man

    U put this bullshit but u don’t post lupe wtf is up with that ….. comon shake

  • ^^ Shake didn’t post this, get off his nuts. Nobody gives a fuck about Lupe, he is old news and he cries more than he raps.

  • eaazy

    Lmaoo, shyne is straight JOKE. whos actually supporting this clown?

  • 11123

    ^ prob shake rite there

  • Yatti

    Wow this guy needs a fuckin stylist!!!

    Lupe this Lupe that. FUCK LUPE. Get off Lupe dick, you want Lupe go google him. Lupe is a crybaby he needs to stop whining. Sometimes I not agree with Shake & Meka posts but Lupe shouldn’t try to muscle arm nobody or accusing people of shit. So I support Mek & Shake for no posting or even helping to promote that nigga shit for pulling a stunt like this.

  • reel

    Word, you Lupe stans are fucking annoying. Dude isn’t even loyal to you fans…so why are you guys loyal to him? If he really wanted you guys to hear Lasers or any new shit he’d be leaking that shit right now for you guys. But he’s not. Why? Probably because he just doesnt give a shit about the fans anymore… yall are too dumb for still supporting Lupe after all hes done for you guys is drop that weak ass BMF shit last month.

  • Reality1989

    WHY ARE MEDIA OUTLETS STILL REQUESTING INTERVIEWS WITH THIS CLOWN???I mean C’mon was he really that relevant even before he caught that case?

  • ^^ Yes! he was very relevant and signed to the biggest name in hip hop at the time.

  • candyman

    Boycott Po(or) Shyne.

  • smh

    @derek jeter, Yatti,and reel
    Shut the fuck up. REALLY go play in traffic

  • wow…….let dude eat

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I really tried to take him serious, I saw his outfit, I started breaking, I heard his voice, I started breaking even more, I listened to the dumbass stuff he was saying, I got pushed to the edge, then I saw his retarded head movements, and I couldn’t control my laughter. His career is over…. it’s too bad shyne is going to war from a fucking island and got raped by a pack of nigggers


    sead at 2:43 like what did he say?

  • Omar

    hes wearing his skully like its 99 cos thats the last time this nigga was free

  • reel

    @smh you just mad I dropped that realness on your Lupe dickriding ass.

  • wack sh*t

  • Idris

    isn’t this guy Jewish?

  • I think his voice got fucked of sucking dick in jail. We need the old Shyne, cuz he wack as hell right now