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Wiz Khalifa Declines Tour w/ Drake

blame it on Shake August 20, 2010

If you were tuned into Drake’s Ustream session last night, you’ll recall Aubrey reaching out to Wiz Khalifa and asking him to join in on his Light Dreams & Nightmares tour. And while he respects Drake and is honored to be on his radar, he respectfully declined so that he can continue to build his own brand.

Just the fact of cuz even extending his hand and me being on his radar is tight, to me. It just lets me know that I’m doin’ what I need to be doin’ as far as stayin’ relevant and stayin’ poppin’. But I think to keep me poppin and keep me relevant I gotta stay buildin’ on top of what I’m doin’ and what I been doin’. No disrespect to cuz or anybody else who might wanna see me do some more collaborative things, but to keep buildin’ and keep my brand as strong as what it is, I gotta keep focusin’ on what it is. This is my first tour that I got comin’ up, the Waken Baken tour, I gotta at least kick that off and make that it what it is so we can do ten more.

Wanting to build your own star power really says something about someone’s character. And while this might be a missed opportunity to garner a larger fan base, I respect Wiz for his decision.

BONUS: 3OH!3 – Double Vision (rmx) f. Wiz Khalifa | Mediafire

  • ben

    word to this whole post

  • Kanye East

    young taylor money

  • much respect to Wiz. it’s all about the brand and your core audience that has been around from JUMP.

  • LV

    Much Respect man. This is an artist.

  • Blackaristocrat

    Wiz is focused man. Touring with Drake would have been a good look to get a female fan base, but he SHOULD NOT be putting is OWN tour that he’s headlining on hold to be an opener for someone else. Good move homie…

  • candyman

    i honestly done understand. IS he gonna be so dazzled by the audience numbers and stage lights that he’s gonna stray away from his sound/brand? He can still do him and tour with drake.
    anyway, not hating much respect to wiz either way.

  • Idris

    Semi-smart move. His fan base is the same as Drake’s though, might end up looking stupid.

  • Shy

    good decision.

  • Chipz

    on the real that was some g shit Khalifa did, being ya own man gets my full respect. Drake’s tour is just that, Drake’s tour, so I totally ovastand why Khalifa did what he did…respect from me…I still aint screamin “taylor gang”, naaaaaw, lol….

  • T0KS



  • jay



  • feining liquor often

    nice, seeing wiz in toronto. gonna be dope!

  • ab17

    ISNEACH.COM !!!!
    ISNEACH.COM !!!!

  • Scotty Rock

    That’s a respectful statement, yes. And it adds to his “independent” look but………………….DUDE YOU’VE BEEN ON ATLANTIC RECORDS LONG ENOUGH FOR A BABY TO BE CONCEIVED, AND FUCKING DROPPED OUT OF THE PUSSY. All these offers….and he declines, it’s for the steeze. Whatev.

  • red

    ^ I’ll be in Toronto for that show with my girl I can’t wait. I’ll be seeing him at RTB in NYC on the 28th too.

    Good decision by Wiz Khalifa. Keep your mind clear of a YM tour and keep doing you.

  • ab17


  • red

    Oh and btw fuck 3OH!3, I’ll give them a pass for Young Wiz though…

  • Nun.Hyer

    thats real shit. shouts out to wiz for that.


    Wiz is dat nigga

    He ain’t down with dat illuminati shit

  • Wreac

    “Taylor Gang or fucking kill yourself…”

  • red

    ^That’s because even Wiz Khalifa’s high ass knows that your Illuminati remarks are embarrassing.

  • Iowa1

    That was the perfect decision. He needs to continue to build him and to Idris, Drake and Wiz do NOT have the same fan base. Wiz is on a whole other level.

  • Iowa1

    Lookn forward to his show in late October in Houston. Going to be my first Wiz concert and the wife is going to go crazy as she has the whole Kush and OJ disc memorized.

  • DoubleTokable

    So basiccallly drake’s a wackass and Wiz doesn’t wanna tour with him HAHAHHAHA everyone in young money blowss yepp you to wayne you suck



  • tokyoho

    “We can do like some special dates or some surprise guest type thing, but I need 10 mil’, too, Drake,”

    good shit..

  • taco

    wake n bake Sept 30th Canoy Club UofI Campus … “yeaa biittchhh”- Wiz

  • And Won

    Feeling the music Curren$y been putting out but haven’t like a single Khalifa song yet. Nobody really talking about or listening to Wiz Khalifa, although I did like that latest video he put out with tha strippers.

    “keep buildin’ and keep my brand as strong as what it is, I gotta keep focusin’ on what it is”

    ^Not a smart statement, Drake just went platinum, so this dude just want to do 75,000 copies. That’s cool if thats what it is. I woulda opened for Drizzy and got that real money.

    Please no more Mac Miller. Taylor Gang down, Jets fool.

  • steez

    Wiz ain’t no copout LeBron.

  • lak3rzf4n

    roflmao nice shot at lebron, shake

  • Chuck Hamilton

    Good for you, Wizzy.

  • Wiz’s & Drake’s fan base differentiates from the fact that Drake’s fans go to his shows to scream for him to nut in their faces, basically. While Wiz’s fans, well, atleast half, go to hear good music. Mixing that up wouldn’t be nice.

    “Cause now them hipster’s have to get along with them hood niggas.”

  • Wiz Khalifa = the Epitome Of G-Shit

  • Shhhhhhh

    Trust me I kno a lot of females that listen to Khalifa all day and I kno a lot of females that be lightin up too so it wouldn’t of hurt Wiz to join with Drake….ANYWAY…Where’s Lupe??

  • Shhhhhhh

    Where’S Lupe??

  • :P

    ^^Shut Up. Pssssst>>>YOU

  • Manxter

    wiz was like fuck drake that nigga sucks at making music and he’s one of the gayest ‘rappers’ in hip hop. TAYLOR GANG OR JETS

  • And Won

    I know 2 people that listen to Khalifa, I’m really confused as to why people are callin his shit G. Does fake pass for real these days?

  • And Won

    Where’s Lupe and/or Nas?

  • Shhhhhhh

    ^good question

  • Lars

    real nigga “get ur paper never trust em”

  • it’s his career he knows whats the best for him but looking at it business wise it’s a head scratcher.

  • MrWill

    Nahhhhhh son. Am I the only one that thinks Wiz didn’t make the best decision here? It’s called EXPOSURE, and people like me go to shows and end up Googling the dope openers. Reaching a new demographic is the BEST way to build your brand. WK should’ve just said ‘I don’t respect Drizzy enough as an artist to second-string him on tour.’ Because if this is about brand-building, touring with Drake would’ve been a good look. #imjustsyin

  • T.G.O.D.


  • Dude should have went on that tour, but I understand, and respect the principle of it.

  • BrokenEmpires

    Get aids or die bitch. Taylor.
    thats that supa dupa flow drake stole from Big Sean

  • will

    haha i knew that would be coming just watch the waken baken tour is gonna be huge JETS TG BIAATCH STAY G WIZ DONT FUCK WIT THEM LAMES

  • l3lackstar

    @And Won: You act like we aren’t fans…there’s thousands of Wiz fans all over the US and in other countries too. Just cause you don’t like him doesn’t mean you should be a dick about it.

    Anyways, I think Wiz said that just to respectuflly not tour with the douche. Wiz & Drake fans don’t connect, they’re way too different so whoever said they were similar should recheck the fanbase.

    I respect his response to build on himself and for his homies rather then just go tour with Drake and get money. Wiz already has money…we see him flaunt it all the time. He wants to get money his own way, he’d keep a whole bigger % if he’s the headliner rather then the opener even with the caliber of Drake’s concerts.

  • someguy

    got to respect wiz for this one. plus he aint wanna do it because he know how wayne and baby are from curren$y….

    wiz can be big. he’s like a modern day snoop. its good.

  • Cj

    I don’t know how this would b damaging his brand it’s not like he is signing to a record label…and clipse is on the tour too..I understand the not signing to Rick Ross move but I don’t know y he wouldn’t go on tour to get more diverse fans and more money..but u gotta respecthis decision

  • DAME

    thing is… if you build a hype too big, people always expect 150% out of you everytime. Wiz just wants to keep things at his own comfortable pace.

  • jamal

    WIz Khalifa declines tour with Drake in fear of being labeled as a homo.

  • Joker

    Both these niggas suck who cares

  • jetsfool

    ^^^^ & so does ur mother jet & the gang FOOL!!!

  • Braniak

    Yeahhh Bitch! Good move by Wiz I respect dude for what he is a TRUE artist.

  • from Tac-Town WA


  • p. haze

    much respect. men stand on their own two instead of ridin another guys coat tails…G-Shit

  • hbisdope

    i wonder if the ‘curren$y vs. cash money’ thing had any influence also in his decision, probably not.

    can’t not respect dude. either way, he is making money. . . a lot more than most of you anyways. be real.

  • GOD

    Wiz is definitely smarter than he makes himself out to be. That was a good ass decision brotha

  • cj

    on the xxlmag.com its a interview with him it sounds like he doesnt want to be over shadow but he said he doesnt mind workin wit drake and maybe they can do some collabos..and he said another reason is this is his first big tour

  • ImThaOne!

    I gotta say I feel Wiz. I mean, touring with Drake is a huge opportunity missed with you know, collabing with him, being apart of a pretty big show and maybe writing a few joints while on tour and stuff, but he’s decided to build his own star power. That’s legit, not to mention he was already doing his own thing, drop everything to roll with Drake might not be the best move. Respect.

  • Joe.

    Wiz a real nigga glad he ain’t sellout and fuck with garbage ass drake just for money or a larger fanbase he keepin it real I respect him to the fullest. TGOD.

  • xb


  • tre

    10,000 thumbs up for wiz

  • jbob

    It’s gonna be a great sunday in toronto on sept 26th beleeeeeee dat, gonna be baken all day and through out the concert, strictly paper planes no bleezies.

  • TheJamaica420

    Drake fan base is a bunch of Girls, Wiz Ssys he loves Girls sooo? I don’t understand. The only difference between their fanbase is the Weed, it would have been a good thing for Wiz, put some money in his pocket so he can Fly out to Hawaii and get some that Maui Wowie shit. But W/E this nigga tryna start some kinda Tradition with this Wake n Bake Tour, I think he fogot Weed is illegal and The bacon loves Cuffn Weed niggas.

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    LOL @ Drake tryna hop on the Wiz hype.


  • Know Known Bounds

    Makes sense. It’s Wiz K’s first tour, and he’s got a buzz, might as well ride it out for himself to give the people going to those shows what they want. People going to Drake’s concert want to see Drake. Same principles apply here as with Drake not doing the XXLfreshmen cover alongside Nicki Minaj. They feel separated, so be separate. Drake really might have started something more than he realizes by that little slide move he pulled with Nicki. Like some highschool shit on the real. Too good then to be sharing magazine covers so now he’s set down the gauntlet for everyone to get there’s their way and call the shots. Or maybe Drizzy’s really feeling nice right now, so it would like he’s picking and choosing who’s good enough to stand alongside him now but what if it ain’t really good like that? huh? lmao. REACH!

  • J_EaRLy

    Ppl rep taylor and JETS like they bang on some G shit.

    Then again i was on stage repping JETS…

  • computeruser

    stupid move. wiz will not go far now. fuckin’ weed heads man. smh

  • k

    one cookie cutter rapper denying a tour with another cookie cutter rapper. oh no

  • LB

    although it would have built a larger fan base i’m GLAD wiz made this decision. TGOD.

  • ohi

    i respect wizzle man’s decision but it was a dumb move in my opinion. touring with drake extends his fan base by a ton. also, helps him cross over from just being an ‘internet rapper’ to being more of a household name. doing that is working on your brand and even making it stronger. but like i said props to homie.

  • Triso Boothe

    Much Respect man.

  • dad

    maybe wiz wants to make it is own way instead of simply touring with a guy who everybody knows to get a bigger fanbase… respectable decision

  • i respect wiz for this but if he never blows up he’ll regret this forever.

  • LandonMars

    i like how you say props to him on wanting to build his star power. but the same shit is happening to charles hamilton not being able to make b.o.b’s tour. and you already know how charles feels about that situation, considering he never got demevolist off the air strip. but everyone hatin on charles until he can freestyle for 27 minutes straight for XXL

  • Vicious

    Woulda been sick tho…

  • Yatti

    TOK & JAY SAME PERSON? Lol, typing both in caps right after each other just 3 minutes different. Revealed!

  • RFR


  • robertTHEallen

    that really was legit.
    he had to know touring with him wouldve made stupid money but it seems he cares about staying true to what he does

  • wiz is nasty and should not be on drakes undertoe…..kids doin big things on his own….and someone said he has the same fanbase???….no not at all…i did security at 2 drake shows in new england area…..75 percent was girls or gay dudes and shit….or dudes with their girls……wiz got different ppl at his shows….this just shows hes got alot in store for his real fans and he doesnt wanna have to garner success by jumping on someone elses tour bill.

  • youngscrew

    this is a good drakes a dick rider like jay-z he only wants iz on tour with cause hes whats hot right drake didnt want to be apart of the freshmen class 2010 now hes kissing j.coles and wizs asses and admited he took big sean flow i wouldnt tour with is lame ass ether

    end of rant!!!1

  • Taylor Gang Pete

    haha Wiz aint wit dat illuminati bullshit him nd Curren$y earn’d all my respect because they’re the only real niggas doing it, and not what they told to do like some senseless puppets..
    T.G.O.D. x JETS

  • keneeeee

    i agree with that comment above me, Wiz is a real nigga doin his thang, fuck drake, jay-z, cash money, etc, TAYLOR GANG OVER EVERYTHING. JETSSSS

  • keneeeee

    i mean young money*

  • redbone

    just checked out his new video, def illuminati, wiz a sellout bitch

  • Lil shock 92

    Real talk man wiz did they right thing much respect to him he is focus on what he is doin and he got alot of people supportin what he doin so all y’all out there saying he made a mistake shut up and let wiz work TGOD