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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Determination (Video)

blame it on Meka August 22, 2010


BTNH’s Uni5: The World’s Enemy is available now.

“Foe tha Love of $” > *

  • mjfben

    who cares

  • fase

    “thugish rugish bone” > lol pulp fiction

  • Jh1

    LATE !!! STFU and go listen to lil wayne mjfben fake ass

  • Eazy

    Better late than never…

  • Eazy

    Still, sick track. Wish it was on their Uni5 album.

  • AM

    they need better beats

  • ^ yea i thinking a dungeon family remix…with outkast on it…that wud be doppppppppeeee!!!!

    love this song anyhow

  • Your Father

    Uni5: The World’s Enemy was the most overhyped disappointment this year. What a coaster of an album that was. The new Bizzy Bone solo joint shits on it to the 10th power.



  • fase

    holy shit i just saw that every week!!!!!!! damn if only sean tape would drop, it would be a great day

  • nba2k

    Is there a download link for the track? Thanks

  • mjfben

    nah. i prefer wiz khalifa/spitta/big sean. real shit.

  • popo

    Bone are legends and much better than spitta/wiz/and big sean but this aint one of their better displays.

  • KoopstaMC

    Yo’ I’m wit cuz I’d rather hear Wiz Khalifa & Spitta IDK bout Big Sean tho’ or I’d rather Lil’ Ripsta over Bizzy Bone lol

  • mubz

    such weak shit. I’mma go back listen to E. 1999

  • Goopy

    YO Meka you should post that new Lupe Fiasco – Go To Sleep. It’s pretty dope.

  • Eazy

    Love tha Pulp Fiction reference at the end.
    The wallet that says “Bad Mother Fucker”.

  • Yatti

    @ mjfben — hey dickhead you obviously care if you posted.

    Bone Thugs forever to me the greatest group.

  • Unxpekted7

    fucking drop the shitty production and jump on some 9th wonder.

    who put a curse on this group called “shitty production consistently”

  • stevep

    good shit from them bone boys. its been a minute. i like the video too.

  • blehhh. they’re really ruining their legacy. just like lebron is!

  • How I Got Over

    Meka, get the fuck over “foe tha love of $”. you’ve said that on like 3 bone posts, and its not even their best track.

  • who cares

    yo but it is better than their recent shit ^^^