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Chris & Neef – Betta Find Ya Lovin’ (Video)

blame it on Meka August 22, 2010

I actually prefer to call them the Young Gunz,to be honest. Anyways, it’s just good to see Neef again. Here’s their latest set of visuals from their reunion tape, Back To Business.

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  • William M. Holla

    Young Chris uses lip balm, and Neef wears boxer briefs. Everything I need to see in a video.

  • Lars

    @William M. fuxs wrong wit boxer briefs????
    lol at the balm though

  • And Won

    Yo Lupe got a new song called “Go To Sleep”. Why isn’t it posted?

  • Manxter

    cause it’s not that good

  • Lars

    lol nigga said lupe

  • And Won


    cause it’s not that good

    Manxter said this on August 22nd, 2010 at 10:41 pm


    The song is much better than half the shit they post here, Lupe is who we wana hear though so WTF

  • Manxter

    I disagree

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  • kid chris

    who is that white girl??? she look good. how they still have money??

  • Yerptastic

    good to see them back

    nowwwwwww where’s that new entourage?(I know i’m impatient)

  • This video is pretty weak..

    ^Also, Boxer Briefs > Boxers.

  • David

    Their first album is highly slept on. Neef has improved though. And I think Chris deserves better

  • P.

    shake, you gonna have sunday soothing session up tonight?

  • mh

    this niggas workin they keep puttin out quality music…. i can tell wen niggas bout to be hot again and they finna blow realtalk chris change his style up homie serius about shit

  • And Won

    Chris deserves royalty checks from the past 4 Jay-z albums

  • bous

    anyone have a link to entourage? cant see to find a working one..

  • bous


  • Yerptastic

    I need one ASAP.
    But I’ll be sure to inform if I find one.

    Or shake could just hook it up.

  • good shit


  • Yerptastic



    my bad for filling the comments with unrelated shit


    http://www.megavideo.com/?v=U398AH1Y another if one the other one provided doesnt work

  • Unxpekted7

    Lupe Fiasco > Christopher & Weak excuse me Neef

  • Yatti

    They still have the YG logo so they should still be called Young Gunz.