• jd

    Jesus, it's like watching your parents move around up on stage.

  • T0KS

    lol @ jd


    lol @jd still dope tho

  • Lotlan

    LMFAO @ jd
    that's the truest statement ever

  • craigRmani

    lol @ Jd

  • ko

    lmfaoo @ jd nice one

  • AM
  • Lucky_Luciano

    Best track on the album

  • MEKANOMiCS x101

    HAHAHAHA @ jd thats real talk

  • Strange Famous

    My gawd, Chrisette Michele was playing Hype Man at the end.

    A ridiculous live performance, they might as well have just played the song through the speakers and just stood there.

  • shay

    i ova lives fa dis song