• IllicitMC

    Can't wait for this. Connected and Leave It All Behind are absolutely amazing. Plus their cover art is always on point!

  • dunk

    can't wait...

  • vito

    looks like another masterpiece, can't wait to hear the single

  • http://soulpsycho.wordpress.com Lily Kane



    mr. me to on the can't wait. I remember how hard it was (pause) to find Connected when it dropped.

  • DayO


  • e_money

    not really feeling this cover tho but the album will probably be dope tho

  • just kenny

    excellent year for music.

  • jay


  • bigswoosh

    Must have. Nicolay is a beast.

  • Idris

    Good stuff. Phonte.

  • http://mydailytop5.blogspot.com/ Dallas


  • A.I.

    I wanna hear track 9... You can't go wrong with Jesse Boykins III & Median who are too underrated...

  • A.I.

    Oops, I mean track 8...

  • Daniele

    can't wait.

  • mubz

    As long as Phonte cuts down on the singing and raps more

  • williamhsince83

    Shit is gonna be dope!

  • JJ

    number 8 is gon' bang

  • How I Got Over

    I love everything Phonte does. I also hope this has a few rhymes on it.

  • http://twitter.com/FUHNAHTIK FUHNAHTIK

    Foreign Exchange is a great thing.

  • http://www.thebackpacked.com Zach P

    Cover is fantastic. Im sure the music will be too.

  • stevep

    yea the cover is real dope.

    if phonte is rapping i couldnt be more excited, if he s singing they can miss me with that bullshit.

  • http://www.djtrackstar.com Trackstar the DJ

    damn, no muhsinah?

  • Nuri

    Definitely lookin forward to this.


    11 tracks jst aint enuff guys....nd more rappin dan singing but all in all...foreign exchange deserves a grammyfor every album


    nd more hip hop rappers like lupe nd ye shuld holla at nicolay for some beats

  • Uli fresh

    Im looking forward to it...and as much as i wanted to be like "Connected" i know it wont be. Just like "leave it all behind" A bunch of singing and cooing

    As long as your are rappin Phonte, if not, yes, miss me

  • http://divefm.com DJ Daz-One

    I still rock connected

  • http://twitter.com/MF_Timmy MF_Timmy


  • Carlos G.

    Love everything Hall of Justus Makes, have everything!!!! All the foreign exchange projects are classics, I do just have one request though... BRING BACK LITTLE BROTHER!!!!!