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(2)Deep: Freddie Foxxx – Don’t Fuck With A Killa f. Tupac [1994]

blame it on JES7 August 24, 2010

Click to enlarge. Photo via: Unkut

Received this supposedly rare track in my inbox a couple of weeks ago, and only gave it a spin a few nights ago. Words can’t really describe it, but the term horrorcore comes to mind. Featuring a verse by Tupac and Boston’s Ray Dogg, and utilizing the same sample found on Jay-Z’s Lyrical Exercise seven years later. It’s crazy to think that this was recorded amidst the escalating East Coast vs West Coast feud (shout out to Tim Dog), but you have to respect these two vets linking up together. 90s > *

DOWNLOAD: Freddie Foxxx – Don’t Fuck With A Killa f. Tupac [1994] | Mediafire

  • trublaze20

    wow is that really fuckin cloud strife there?

  • d

    wow….he made a mirror into a sword…lol

  • “cause im baaalllin”haha
    thanks for this_

  • donnie

    benzino is on this as well, he goes last

  • The_Anon

    Is that a Buster Sword I see?

  • :P

    Buster Sword FTW!

  • Mega’s Dead Man Walking used the sample before Jay’s joint.

  • this was BEFORE the east/west beef.. which started with Pac being shot.. he was shot nov 30, 1994.. and the beef started escalating in 95

  • @shience Actually, it’s been rumored that the “beef” was set off when Tim Dog released this joint: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwzeM2J3Emk&feature=av2e

    We’ll never really know though.

  • ouse1123

    “90s >” – the ninties defined hip hop in a way wit the beefs and the internet blowing up rap stars, but i tink 2010 is the return of hip hop

  • ^^was tge name of the song,,the link dont work

  • Dat Dude Chris

    yall posted this 2 years ago

  • knowone was the name of the song the link dont work

  • HOT!!!



  • do

    i love the piano in the background

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Oo dam my bad, knowone posted this n hes coo cuz he posts all da old classics. He wasnt on here wen shake or meka originally posted this as an unreleased song. Surprised he never heard this before tho…

  • Complex

    Dayum, Pac went off on this song. And yeah Benzino is on here, his name was Ray Ray at the time.

  • b00ger

    This leaked a couple years back. Benzino recycled the verse for “Trying to Make It Through” off one of his shitty albums.

    It sounds like it was recorded more like in ’93 or very early ’94. Back when ‘Pac was still kickin’ it with NYC people (Live Squad, Biggie, DJ Ron G).

  • GOD

    LOL @ that picture.

  • jshine

    is that cloud’s buster sword??? LMBO *claps it up*

  • jshine

    AND a deadpool blade???

  • Thug T

    This is off Freddie Foxxx’s Crazy Like a Foxxx album realeased in 2008.

  • uzi

    final fantasy ya bastidz

  • straightkillah

    damn, i aint no so many ppl were on that final fantasy shit here…

  • Deucez

    LMFAO @ the Buster Sword. Funny shit

  • And Won

    That’s a badass Cloud Strife Buster Sword. Hell yeah!

  • How I Got Over

    This has been posted before

    And if people didn’t already know, RAY DOGG WAS BENZINO!!!

  • drm

    lmao dude has a mini buster sword *dead*