• Drew

    Doesn't surprise me that Electronica isn't on the track now...Dudes a fuckin Flake...The song is completely sick tho Black Milk is the truth

  • http://www.oipolloi.com London

    was that blurb supposed to be serious?
    they pick probably thier worst lines in a while and praise them?

    but when they say something dope complex r nowhere to befound..
    if any1 is conviced it wud be album of the year off that blurb id b suprised.

  • no

    i dont doubt that the song is crazy dope, but those lines could have been writing by a 5 year old

  • Unxpekted7

    I really dont think Jay matches the style of that track. I cant of find it embarassing that cats think Jay is something new. The guy is fucking dope I listened to him before 2dope even mentioned is name within a year. But seriously Killah Priest anyone? His genre has been done more than trojan condoms in the underground.

  • http://www.twitter.com/rosaliiinda ro

    this write-up is weak.

    the okayplayer track by track is much more insightful.


  • dmxeatsbabies08

    jay electronica cant touch elzhi lyrically fuck that

  • TheREALSlim64

    why are we talkin about Jay-E again?

  • red

    Hmm this might be a CD i actually pay for...

  • Golman

    Already preordered. Can't wait!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/@kamus365 KAMUS

    Jay Elect wouldnt have made it more dope bc Elzhi & Royce are both nicer than Jay E...but thats not takin nothin away from Jay E tho. El & Royce are jus that nice!!

  • FIO

    Royce nicer than Jay E? You're doing something wrong. No shots at the 5'9" baller.