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Black Milk – Album Of The Year Preview

blame it on Meka August 24, 2010

Much like they did with Pilot Talk, Complex got a chance to listen to Black Milk’s upcoming album.

“Deadly Medley” f/ Royce Da 5’9″ & Elzhi

Complex says: This is the one song that everyone couldn’t wait to hear, and thankfully it delivers on its promise; the beat is laced with a smooth old-school sample and all three D-Town representatives hold their own. Royce as always comes nice with the one-liners (“You can’t take the heat get your ass out the kitchen/Matter fact take you ass back in there and wash these dishes”) and Elzhi holds his own as well (“Pockets go green like it was Earth Day”). The only drawback is that Black Milk told everyone that Jay Electronica was originally supposed to be on the track, which means we can’t help but wonder how much greater it actually could’ve been.

READ: Black Milk – Album Of The Year Preview

  • Drew

    Doesn’t surprise me that Electronica isn’t on the track now…Dudes a fuckin Flake…The song is completely sick tho Black Milk is the truth

  • was that blurb supposed to be serious?
    they pick probably thier worst lines in a while and praise them?

    but when they say something dope complex r nowhere to befound..
    if any1 is conviced it wud be album of the year off that blurb id b suprised.

  • no

    i dont doubt that the song is crazy dope, but those lines could have been writing by a 5 year old

  • Unxpekted7

    I really dont think Jay matches the style of that track. I cant of find it embarassing that cats think Jay is something new. The guy is fucking dope I listened to him before 2dope even mentioned is name within a year. But seriously Killah Priest anyone? His genre has been done more than trojan condoms in the underground.

  • ro

    this write-up is weak.

    the okayplayer track by track is much more insightful.


  • dmxeatsbabies08

    jay electronica cant touch elzhi lyrically fuck that

  • TheREALSlim64

    why are we talkin about Jay-E again?

  • red

    Hmm this might be a CD i actually pay for…

  • Golman

    Already preordered. Can’t wait!!!

  • Jay Elect wouldnt have made it more dope bc Elzhi & Royce are both nicer than Jay E…but thats not takin nothin away from Jay E tho. El & Royce are jus that nice!!

  • FIO

    Royce nicer than Jay E? You’re doing something wrong. No shots at the 5’9″ baller.